Мама “fly’s” an aircraft (Part 1)

OK we’ve tried this once. Now let’s make sure the microphones on. Oah Yes it’s on. We’re good. Привет (hello) My fellow Slavic comrades! Today we are playing Extreme Landings. Yes another flight simulator. Because y’all know I like aircrafts. But this time we have Мама with us! Say Привет (Hello) Мама. (Desperately tries to say Привет.) As you can hear she is only partly Slavic. Ok Мама Click “land now”. Мама: Land now! Бйрон (Me): Now Click Start Мама: “Start”. “Normal”. You might want to hold the brake.(or at least I think so. The plane caused a lot of interference and none of this is scripted. Subtitles won’t return until 1:12) Бйрон: It’s over there Мама!(due to interference subtitles will not return until 2:54) Мама: No I said go UP UP!!! Бйрон: That is OK. We can try again. Мама: I didn’t make it 🙁 Oy Мама We need to recalibrate! Мама: Ya Ya No more!!! (subtitle return: 3:47.) Didn’t work out this time. Well We go back to the motherland!!! Бйрон (Who is trying to speak at the same time.): Well tomorrow (corrected myself) Or I mean next Wednesday We can give you some flying lessons. Мама: “Oke Doke.” (???) Бйрон: Goodbye my Slavic comrades! And don’t forget to stay Cheeki Breeki

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