🌼FitAir Portable AIR PURIFIER TRUE HEPA FILTER – PHONE APP (Armband, Desk, Travel) Review 👈

hey guys device I’m wearing on my arm is
an air purifier it even has a HEPA filter it can also be used on your
desktop or other surfaces as convenient personal air purifier this is the FitAir portable air purifier it has a HEPA filter as you can see I’m wearing it on
my arm now to allow myself to enjoy some clean purified air wherever I go it
comes off the armband so I can fit on any surface and have a standalone option
all right so I’m going to take this off to show you what it looks like in its
own standalone position it locks on and off on the stand right here you just
twist for it to come off very very simple now it comes with the box and
inside the box you have your own armbands with the stand
you have another filter and you have your charging cable which you can plug
into your computer or in an adapter for your cable if you have another one like
this it also comes with a very helpful instruction manual and it is not very
long and it has plenty of diagrams to show you what you need to do now all you have to do is combine the
devices which you do by twisting and turning which is very cool now I can get
them to the close-ups to tell you a little bit more so here we are
this device features a HEPA filter that is a true h13 medical grade filter it
removes microbes to a ninety seven point eight percent efficiency so this device
as I said earlier charges via USB one charge lasts up to six hours of complete
operation now what’s cool about this device is that it has a phone app all
you have to do is go to your instruction manual and on your back on the back it
has a QR code if you’re an iOS user you use left one and if you’re an Android
you use the other you download the app it’s very simple all you need is
Bluetooth now I have it right here alright so here you have the app it
tells the devices battery life how much of the filter remains right now it’s at
99% it shows you how much pollutant has actually been taken out of the air which
I think that was really cool and really useful to know you can also turn the
device on and off and the wind power you can adjust that so I’m gonna turn the
device on BAM there you go right there I’m going to make it a higher wind speed
Wow now it’s on its lower there are three
wind speeds actually low medium and high of course you can adjust it to your
liking as you beutel the pollutant number has
already gone up since we started using this this is crazy in case you weren’t
able to see here is a better look at the screen as you can see there is the
battery level in the filter level and on the bottom you have your power and your
wind selection where you can go from low medium and high there are only three
options there so I’ll tell you a little bit more about it so this device comes
with an extra filter as I said earlier and all you have to do is twist the top
and take it off to exchange your filter for the newer one inside the filter
lasts anywhere from one to four months depending on the level of pollution in
your surrounding environment you would see a very dark ring look on the filter
if it is pretty bad as I showed with the app there are three levels of airflow
you can change the airflow manually on the device you can smooth this knob to
your desired location to figure out which one where you would like your
airflow this device only weighs five point six ounces that are so light and
very easy to carry around that’s why it’s perfect for around your arm or in a
little spot in your room you could place it in your car wear it on the bus train
or plane even keep it on your desk or by your bedside I think it’s pretty useful
especially if you have a newborn as well you want to give them some nice clear
air as they’re growing so here’s an even closer look at this as you can tell it’s
a small sleek design you have your filter on the top and some more airflow
on the bottom all you have to do is push this button to turn it on or you can
turn it on the app as well – turn it off – you hold
it down takes a little bit but turned off on the back you see where you can
plug in your charger right there very convenient you can separate them to put
it on the stand where you can wrap it around your arm and take it anywhere
you’d like this is such a very lightweight versatile small air purifier
and that’s what’s so great about this usually you have these big clunky long
ones this is something you can take anywhere you go this is something
personal and not anything I’ve seen before ever so be sure to check the
description to find out more about this product also be sure to subscribe and
like this video also keep your comments coming since we like those a lot thanks
for watching guys

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