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Hi guys! This travel guide is brought to you by a real
local! Si! Sono Italiano! We’ll guide you through: INTRODUCTION:
1) Lake Como, the town of Bellagio and Secret spots with zero tourists! 2) Famous Villa del Balbianello where James
Bond and Star Wars was filmed 3) Milan with its signature Galleria, the
main square piazza Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, Free entrance to private rooftops and Italian
pre-dinner aperitivo. 4) Top cheap LOCAL eateries with no tourists. 5) 4 must visit architecture masterpieces
all close to each other 6) Bolzano and Merano city on the border with
Austria with fun train rides over the mountain ridge. 7) Angera town on the Maggiore Lake. Going to touristic places, following beaten
paths is boring! We don’t like boring stuff ! We take you to secret places that nobody knows! Enough with the pay this and pay that! For cheap car rental, accommodation and best
time to visit, maps and more, please skip to the end of the video. We recommend starting straight off the bat
with Lake Como! Not sure if you know but Lake Como is where
George Clooney had his summer residence since 2002, where many James Bond Casino Royale
and Star Wars scenes were shot! Lake Como is the third-largest lake in Italy. At over 400 metres deep, it’s one of the deepest
lakes in Europe. The bottom of the lake is more than 200 metres
below sea level!! Lake Como has been a popular retreat for aristocrats
and wealthy people since Roman times, and a very popular tourist attraction. It has many villas and palaces where many
famous people currently live. One place we absolutely recommend going to
is the Villa del Balbianello in the Lenno town: This Villa used to be an ancient monastery
from the 12th century. The history behind this Villa is insane, it
hosted important writers and protected politicians. During the Red brigade assassinations, the
underlying tunnels of the villa were used as safe escape passages. Why is this Villa so famous? Hollywood! This scene from James Bond Casino Royale was
filmed here in Villa del Balbianello. And this scene from Star Wars the attack of
the clones was filmed right here! Beautiful! Let’s sight see this place together. If you’re not interested, skip this video
for 1 minute. Total price for visiting this villa is 20
euros. If you only want to visit the garden then
it’s only 10 euros. if you’re an instagram maniac, this is where you have to take pictures In the area surrounding Lake Como there are
several farms which produce goods such as honey, olive oil, cheese, milk, eggs and salamis. Visitors can typically visit the farm itself
in person to make their purchases. In 2014, The Huffington Post called it the
most beautiful lake in the world for its microclimate and environment. Lake Como has a “Y” shape and is popular for
its landscapes, wildlife, and spas. It is a venue for sailing, windsurfing, and
kitesurfing. This place is just outstanding for it’s beautiful
architecture and nature, wonderful example of symbiosis and mutual respect between men
and environment. If you have time, before going to Bellagio
which is our next stop, do some trekking here at Lake Como Greenway. You can follow the path up to the above hills
and stop at several monasteries or restaurants. You’ll find many small little farmers selling
their home made products. Try this place: alpe di lenno ! We recommend reaching the San Benedetto Monastery. It’s 8.2 km however it’s well worth it! The place is extremely rewarding. To reach Bellagio you can either drive there
or take your car on the ferry from here: Cadenabbia ferry terminal. Bellagio is a town within Lake Como. If you’ve enjoyed the views so far, believe
us it’s about to get way better. Bellagio has always been famous for its location
upon a tip of land that divides Lake Como in two. Since the town is located on a steep hill,
as you walk up the alleys and you turn towards the lake, you’ll witness the best postcard
view ever. It is unique during daytime, night time but
mostly during sunset. It’s just incredibly romantic. Our top favorites are walking through the
town and: 1) Taking this signature picture of Bellagio
once you reach the top of this alley. This is the place we recommend for that perfect
picture. 2) Taking a coffee at Bar Sport in the main
square next to the San Giacomo Church: grab yourself an italian espresso ask for “caffè
lungo”, don’t add any milk or sugar and have it by the tables outside. Relax and enjoy the the quietness! Alternatively take an Aperol Spritz if the
weather is hot! 3) We recommend antichi sapori Bistrot. This place has pizza for 7 euros. That’s a bargain! 4) Walk to The punta spartivento Observation
Deck and witness the dramatic views and relaxing tranquility this beautiful lake offers. Be Italian and smoke a cigar! We recommend antico toscano. If you’re a fan of instagram, this is a good
spot. Trust us! 5) Visit our secret spot for the best sunset
ever to be seen. And it’s zero tourists guaranteed! We’ve never witnessed such a beautiful sunset
cause it’s a double sunset, one above the mountain range and one reflected in the lake. It’s truly majestic and humbling. Go to via valassina and turn up to the hill. Walk up the stone paved alley till you reach
farmer fields. To your right you’ll find a field with olive
trees going down a steep hill towards the lake. Take your wine and food here and enjoy the
best pic nic of your life! We felt like this moment made the entire holiday. Not exaggerating. Support us by liking, subscribing and sharing
our videos! Motivation is our key to success and we need
a lot of it! Before you leave Bellagio, you must try: The traditional dish Tóch. Eaten with a wooden spoon, it is made of polenta
(in english boiled cornmeal) mixed with butter and cheese, accompanied with dried fish from
the lake, cold stuffed chicken or home-made salami. Since there’s so much content to fit in one
single episode, we’ll be doing a 4 episode travel guide. You can find all of our episodes in the link
here, in the upper right corner. Every episode is curated to maximize your
time and travel efforts. You may modify our itinerary as much as you
like but it might not be as efficient. Our Top priority is FIRST, to save you money,
SECOND, get you to live the place like a local and THIRD, to enjoy the most without compromises! Best period for this holiday is in June or
September. You need about 7 full days to do it all and
you’ll need to rent a car. Without it you’ll be traveling by bus or train
and it’ll cost you more money and time. So DON’T! If you want to rent a car, we recommend economycarrentals.com
or rentalcarsdiscount.net . We’re not paid to say this. It’s just super cheap and we want you to save
money just like we did! We paid 70 Euros for 10 DAYS! check this receipt if you don’t believe us That’s 7 euros per day! Just make sure you read the fine print 100%. Once you have a car, add the locations we
visit on this travel guide to google maps and download the offline map. To add the locations from this episode make
sure you go to the video description below and click on the map link we have provided
under MAP LOCATIONS. Either print the map or save each location
on your phone by tapping each red marker on on the map scrolling down and tap view in google maps then tap on the place name
and finally tap save. DONE. Once you’ve saved each and every location
on the map, open google maps and tap the option tab with the three lines on the upper left
corner. Tap on offline maps. Tap on select your own map. Drag to the area you want to save until it
covers the area we visit on this episode. Zoom in or out depending on how much of the
map you want to save and once ready, tap download. Once you visit this specific area you’ll be
able to get car navigation without internet connection! Usually it’s very accurate and makes travelling
smooth and easy. Cool tip huh?! This is only the first out of 4 episodes to
this travel guide! I’m from Italy! There’s no way I’m letting you out of my country
without doing cool cheap things. And I promise you, you’ll never get ripped
off ! Promise you We’re trying to reach 2000 Subscribers and
only your help can make the difference! Subscribe, comment, like and share if you
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a look at our popular low cost travel guides here. Check our entire free Emirates MasterClass
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below! If you have any other questions just ask and
I’ll reply! As always it’s my pleasure to do videos! Hope you liked it! Keep it rolling guys! Bye!

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