hi guys I want to have a conversation
with you about something that you should consider when weighing up working
holiday visa versus student visa of course in Australia you’re going to need
to work you’re going to need to make some money so let’s think about what an
employer would be thinking about when you come to them and ask for work now
under a working holiday visa you can work with the same employer in the same
location for six months but under a student visa you can have work rights
with the same employer as long as your student visa is valid which can be two
years three years five years depending on how long that is now one of the
restrictions of a student visa is you can work a maximum of 40 hours every two
weeks with unlimited working hours during your course breaks on a working
holiday visa you can have unlimited working hours but only for six months at
a time so let’s think about what an employer wants when you come to them and
ask for a job do they want someone who’s stable do they want someone who’s
committed or do they want someone who’s going to leave them after six months the
reality is many working holiday visa holders find it difficult to get
professional jobs in Australia because their employers know that they’ll only
be here and with them for six months but those on student visas can get
professional jobs because although they may only be able to work around 20 hours
a week they’re going to be with that employer for much much longer so a
typical working holiday visa holder will generally get jobs in construction
hospitality jobs with high turnover all right that’s fine if that’s what you’re
looking for but if you want to get a professional job if you want to get your
start in Australia ensure that you’re committed to your employer a student
visa is the way to go because although you’ll have
restrictions on the number of hours you can work in a week you can stay with
that employer for many many years you can show loyalty you can show that you
can bring value to that organisation over a long period of time and then you
can have a chat about more permanent options for you to stay in Australia
these include things like sponsorship where a company will sponsor you for two
years or four years to undertake a specific role so you can continue to
stay in Australia and enjoy the experience down under it’s not an easy
decision to make so it’s important that you talk this over with a professional
have a chat with us at go study Australia we talk to thousands and
of people looking to live work and study in Australia every single year we know
all the details of the working holiday visa the student visa and what it means
for you so before you make any decision contact go study have a chat we’ll work
out what’s best for your goals and your outcomes and we’ll make sure that you
find success in Australia we’ll see you down under you

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