10 Southeast Asian countries with the Most Powerful Helicopters (NEW VIDEO)

10; Brunei Total Helicopter 9 9; Cambodia Total Helicopter: 17 8; Laos Total Helicopter: 30 7 Malaysia Total Helicopter: 71 6; Singapore Total Helicopter: 78 5; Myanmar Total Helicopter: 86 4; Philippines Total Helicopter: 97 3; Vietnam Total Helicopter 140 2; Indonesia Total Helicopter 192 1 Thailand Total Helicopter: 304

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  1. อันดับ​4 ไม้มีเรีอด่านาม​ แต่อันดับ​5 มีเลีอด่ามามม้าข่ามาก​555555555

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  3. ถามว่าประเทศไหนซื้อแพงที่สุดดีกว่า

  4. Ang Vietnam binayaran ng America sa damage na nangyari sa guerra between Vietnam and US;; kaya may pambili Sila ng helikopter na high-tech.

  5. ไม่น่าเชื่อไทยมี ฮ.เยอะกว่าใคร เยื่อมเลย

  6. What a silly video! It got everything mixed up. Did the person doing this video just threw dice or did he do a thorough research as to which country has the most powerful helicopters. In one instant the video shows a country with UH1H in better ranking than a country that has got Apache Attack Helicopter in its arsenal. What a fucking joke is this?

  7. Indonesia is most powerfull,that country already have 20 attack helicopter made by them,they call it siluman flying angker model 01,that chopper is invisble & speed 5000km,that country already claim the first helicopter flying over space & first one landing in the moon.indonesia attack helicopter dont use any type of weapon but they use black magic attack as a gun.some expert said that helicopter can swim like a bot & operation like submarine,,

  8. Most powerful helicopters does not equate to most number. You can have 100s of junk which can't even compare to a modern piece of advanced helicopter. I'm really surprised and amused by the result.

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  10. Indonesia fregate nya peringkat 2 terbnyak skrg helicopter pringkat 2 trbnyak lagi
    Smoga naik ke pringkat 1 bnyak nya alutista modern nya
    Salam komando anak kolong🇮🇩

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  13. The most powerful helicopter is Russian mi-27…..it has 3 50,000 hp engine,..so most powerful. Or are you talking about the most helicopter in the fleet??? Bed video, very confusing.

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  17. better if you narrate in english so we could understand each other after all you are requesting viewers in english to comments. Thanks!

  18. Lol why did you only showed the huey for Philippines when we have other nice looking ones like the aw-109, aw-159 , s-70i blackhawk and the ah-1f cobra?

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