15 MOST Common NYC Tourist Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) !

What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from the Harbor next to Brookfield Place In the Financial District And so many of you out there are visiting New York City For the first time And a lot of you run into very common issues Today i’m giving you all 15 Common Mistakes Tourists make Visiting New York City Make sure to check out my other New York City playlists linked down below In the description For even more ideas, tips, and tricks for your next trip to the Big Apple Here we go A lot of people arrive to the area airports And they think that their best option is always to take a taxi Or an Uber to their destination in the city I’m here to say.. don’t be afraid to try public transportation Especially if you’re traveling by yourself Maybe just two people My friend Jacob Carlson did an amazing video about how to get from JFK Airport To Manhttan The cheapest possible way Using the subway You can also do the same thing from Newark Airport in New Jersey You can take NJ Transit directly to Penn Station In Midtown Manhattan These options will save you a lot of money Now if you’re a big group of people and you have a ton of luggage Taking an uber or taxi may be your best bet But don’t be afraid to investigate taking public transportation as well Not leaving the Manhattan Bubble Ironically i am filming this in Manhattan But if you’re a fan of this channel You know we like to explore outside the major tourist areas I would just hate it for someone to visit New York City And only stay in that midtown Manhattan bubble I know a lot of the attractions are there But New York City has 5 boroughs There are so many different things you can see All over the place Step outside of that Manhattan Bubble Go to Queens Go to Brooklyn Go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx Check out Staten Island Don’t be afraid to explore Because New York City is so much more Than just Manhattan Not wearing comfortable shoes Guys I have borrowed the beautiful Team Adriana to join me With the female perspective on this common tourist mistake Not wearing comfortable shoes Guys I have checked my apps before About how many miles I’ve walked on a given day in New York I live here I’ve walked 6 miles, 8 miles It gets pretty crazy when you’re traveling And exploring non stop For you men out there Highly recommend you pay close attention to what you’re wearing On your feet Bring only your most comfortable shoes at least.. During the day From the female perspective what would you tell the women out there I’ve seen a lot of women trying to look really really nice And fashionable with their clothes in new york Because of course it’s New York You want to look nice in your pictures But they don’t realize how much they are going to walk So I suggest to bring nice shoes But comfortable at the same time. Because you’re going to walk a lot.. New York has so many super super popular attractions And you should definitley pick and choose which ones you visit But I also want to encourage you to not just go to the most famous spots Like the Empire State Building The Statue of Liberty etc Check out some different spots We did a great video on this channel for example About the 5 Best Museums that you’ve never heard of My personal favorite on that list Was the transit museum Awesome place And so many people have never even heard of it Don’t just stick to the tried and true Look for some different things in New York And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised Not having enough cash Pretty common problem Ooo guys look who just bombd the video Tal from the Traveling Clatt He has done so many cool guides to New York City Make sure to check ous his channel And he’s going to be taking over for the next two common tourist mistakes Tal take it away You were saying not having enough cash And that is something that I’ve learned very fast here in New York City You would think because it’s such a big and developing city That you’d be able to pay with everything for card And everything with a card Or with electronic payments But that is not the truth What so ever in New York City Because New York City is such a condensed place There are a lot of small businesses That charge you cash only Up until a certain limit. A lot of places have a $10,$15, maybe even a $20 minimum This goes for bars Bodegas Convenience stores All kinds of things Even fruit shops Vegetable shops Grocery stores You really want to make sure that you have cash on you at all times I have a weekly budget of at least $100 in cash I would recommend to a tourist as well Have at least 100 maybe 200 dollars in cash at all times You never know when you’re going to need to use it This also happens for emergency situations But you always want to make sure that you have At least some bit of money in hand with you at all times because.. It really is a place that uses cash pretty frequently Alright our next thing not do here in New York City Eating at chain restaurants Here’s the deal A lot of people I understand come to New York City Especially if it’s your first time.. if you’re coming outside of the United States You’re coming here for the first time To America You want to experience the fast food… And that involves eating at American McDonald’s Or Burger King Or KFC Things like that That are popular American kind of fast food spots But.. I will remind you that while that’s okay to do Especially if it’s your first time .. New York City is the epicenter for international food In the United States It is home to.. so many different cultures And cuisines All over the world That exist right here in this city And there’s so many amazing spots to try all this food I highly suggest if you’re coming here Especially if you’re a foodie Try and kind of.. experience more of a diverse cuisine culture When you’re here in New York City Travel to the different parts of Queens Travel to the different parts of Brooklyn And Manhattan That offer you those crazy ethnic dishes From all over the world You can get things like.. Tibetan, Malaysian, Chinese,.. Anywhere from Mexico to Argentina To Venezuela All that food exists right here You can get everything you want And especially if you travel to places like The Bronx and Queens You’ll be able to find street food Of these different countries And nationalities Which is something that’s pretty rare in American Cities in General Just walking around being able to buy street food from street vendors And the food is incredible I can really tell you As someone whose traveled to a lot of different countries Around the world The food here in New York City Really is on another level Especially for the United States Stay in your lane Now this describes moments where people are walking down the street And all of a sudden they need to stop check directions on their phone Or to look up at a building And you’ll have 3 or 4 people just bunching the sidewalk And your inconveincing the other people Walking behind you Who are also visiting New York Or live here And let me tell you There is nothing more annoying Than seeing a little traffic jam, congestion Because a few people are just blocking traffic As my friend Evan , a native New Yorker Always likes to say Pull over Stay in your lane And let other people walk by If you need to adjust something If you need to check on a map You’ll make everybodys lives.. a lot easier This isn’t even a common mistake in New York City I’ve personally done this myself In my own travels around the world Trying to do much in one day New York City has so much going on You could be busy from 8 AM to 8 PM every single day But my fear is that you are going to miss out On actually appreciating things On actually enjoying your trip If you have a schedule.. that is just chock-full of activities Non stop I recommend not planning out every single detail of your trip before you come Leave some open space Leave some time just to relax in your hotel Or your Airbnb Trust me you’ll be much happier If you do that Their are a lot of common mistakes That tourists run into with the New York City subway system One of them is whether or not to buy a 7-Day Unlimited Card Which costs 33 dollars It’s an incredible value, but you have to make sure that you’re actually going to be utilizing it enough If you’re going to be jumping all over New York Between the boroughs Definitley get an unlimited card But if there’s going to be some days where you’re just staying in a small area. Not taking the subway Then I don’t think that you should buy it Definitley factor in where you’re going to go To decide if you need the unlimited card or not Tip number 2 Whenever you’re going to the subway Have your card out And ready to swipe it The second you get there Because you don’t want to be standing right in front of a line And you’re fumbling in your wallet And people are behind you getting angry Always have the card Ready And the third thing.. I would say is.. Make sure to download the app Citymapper I actually had a few of you guys out there recommend it to me I didn’t even know about it This thing gives you such a good route of New York City It breaks down everything Where on the train you should board What time a train is going to come Even walking directions when you get off the train. Make sure if you come to New York That you have Citymapper installed On your phone Not Google Maps And no they did not sponsor this video I am just that big a fan Of that app If you’re a viewer from North America You can skip this segment But there is nothing that frustrates foreigners visiting the United States For the first time More than tipping And it’s actually something I’ve never really talked about on the channel before So i’m going to address it for the first time here The reason that the tipping culture exists in North America Is because many service workers Make less than minimum wage And have to rely on tips, to survive I’m not saying it’s the right way to do things I’m not saying it’s the wrong way to do things But it’s the way it’s done here The biggest place that you’re going to run into tipping Is at a restaurant And my rule of thumb here. Is that you take the pre-tax total And add 20% to that If the service is good As your tip Is the service isn’t so good You can leave 15% If the service is absolutely awful Talk to the manager There’s a lot of other places that you will Have to tip.. Let’s say if you like going out at night At bars I generally tip at least $1 per drink $1 per beer That I order If it’s a cocktail.. you may want to tip even more than that Other spots.. if you’re taking a taxi.. tip at least 10% Of the total If you’re in a hotel.. And you have someone bring your bags to the room Tip minimum $1 per bag Guys this one might sound obvious. But check the weather Before you go out in the city The weather in New York is absolutely crazy Today for example Almost 60 degrees But super windy If I didn’t check the weather I would have went outside maybe in short sleeves Tal whose filming this right now Is wearing sandals and freezing right now I repeat, Tal is absolutely freezing There’s spot showers all the time I recommend you always have a little umbrella Especially if you’re a lady and you have a purse Just put a little umbrella in there So you’re prepared for all of the eventualities.. in the winter It can be super cold In the summer it can be super humid Just check the weather forecast Before you step out.. believe me I know that it’s a bucketlist activity To say you went to a broadway show on your first trip to New York City. But you don’t have to spend a ton of money doing it We’ve covered this before On the channel But there’s some great apps that you could use Like Today Tix Or the TKTS app And you don’t even have to go to broadway There are so many talented performers There’s an overabundance of talented people here Off-Broadway Off-Off Broadway You can save a lot of money Going to them And still have an amazing experience Watching world class theater There’s always so many really cool events going on in New York City I think to many tourists just worry about hitting The main attractions But why don’t you download an app like..Time Out New York And find out what festivals are going on What shows are going on What carnivals are going on Street fairs There’s always so many really neat things to do in New York That don’t just involve going to the tourist sites Make sure to check them out One of the biggest expenses you may have coming to New York Is hotel Accomodation I did a whole video which I highly recommend you watch About booking, a cheaper stay in New York City But you are going to spend the most money Coming here during peak seasons And staying in mid-town Manhattan At a big a name hotel Your best bet is don’t be afraid to stay outside of that Midtown Manhattan bubble Get an airbnb in somebodys apartment in Queens In Washington Heights In Brooklyn You’ll save 50% or more And you can put that money into actually doing things Around New York And shameless plug if you want to get $40 off of your first Airbnb Stay Make sure to use my referral code Down in the description . This one’s actually more challenging than you would think Finding a public restroom in New York City Highly recommend you use the bathroom before you leave your hotel or Airbnb And better yet Download the app sit or squat Which tells you the location of many, many public restrooms in New York If you’re in doubt.. Just about any bar Any restaurant Any hotel Will have a bathroom inside But just in case Use the bathroom before you leave One bonus tip for you guys courtesy of my friend Evan Whose is a born and bred New Yorker He told me If somebody asks him for directions And just gives an address.. let’s say.. 1500 Broadway It’s pretty tough for him to tell you where to go Better yet Give a cross street Like Bleecker and Broadway And people that live here Will have a much easier time Telling you where to go Guys tell me down in the comments if you’ve made any of these mistakes On your first trip to New York I’m curious And be sure to check out My other New York City Playlists as well Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time What part of New York City will he show us next? Tune in on the next episode of Jonathan Barr Jonathan Barrio

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  2. why would you go to the most toxic tourist attractions with tons of other tourists thats there to take selfies etc.. i'd go down to the lower east side and try to get a glimpse of the true and old NYC

  3. Damn, I wish every big city had a guide like you. So far I've only found Honest Guide Prague and you. Subscribed! Keep up the good work 😉

  4. If someone is giving me poor service trust me I ain't tipping.
    Also a dollar tip per beer is insane pay your workers a decent wage

  5. im the only human that goes to nyc and does't visit central park (actually inside), the met museum, the brooklyn bridge and chinatown!! biggest regretss everr

  6. 20% of total bill for tipping? 15% if service is little bad? Do you guys tip for asking directions too? Nah thanks …… I'll rather visit visit Japan

  7. My first visit was a year ago, and I wasn't sure if I was doing the right things, but I'm going to New York again in December and can't wait😍❤️

  8. Jon, you are so balanced and rational in your videos. I have a list of NYC tips and recommendations that I like to share with some people. I link to your YT channel. I’ve lived in the metro area most of my life. Don’t change a thing. I don’t like unwarranted hype or scaring people. You do neither.

  9. I pretty much agree with taking public transport from the airport if you are travelling light – done it twice now and will do so again on my next visit in 2020. It's quicker and cheaper. However, I have to take issue with Air bnb, which is mostly ILLEGAL in NYC. Bookers also run the risk of falling victim to scammers. There are plenty of hotels in the City to suit every budget, so don't take the risk of turning up after a long flight to find that the accommodation you 'booked' and paid for does not, in fact, exist.

  10. Some tourists yesterday asked where to get the 1 train in Queens ( for anybody who doesn’t know the 1 train isn’t in Queens). So this was in on Steinway street which is the second stop coming from Manhattan, I found out that someone told them to take the R train to the 1 train in Times Square looks like they took the train going to the wrong direction. So tip make sure you are taking the train in the right direction.

  11. The tipping part killed me…if I am satisfied with the service and the food quality I am generat tipping at least 10%. This is a bonus, people need to do something for it, the fact that staff is not earning minimum wage requires a law/action/a different career, not client's good will of giving them something extra.
    I appreciate though that at least the 20% is not incorporated in the bill like it happens in the UK on occasions (!this infuriates me)

  12. My wife and I are going to NYC in three weeks for the first time. We’re so excited and appreciate this video so much. Thx. We’re 50 years both of us so the walking part won’t be the preferred transportation however we’ll bring good shoes anyway 😂

  13. And Houston Street is pronounced Howstun. Not like the city of Houston. If you pronounce it like the city of Houston, New Yorkers will look at you like you have 9 heads.

  14. Just back from NYC and visited New York Public Library (42 st – Bryant Park). It has appeared in many movies including "The Day After Tomorrow". They do free tours and the inside is amazing.

  15. Good tips but did we really need a woman to tell women to wear comfortable shoes? 🤔 I'd take that same advice from a man.

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  18. Enjoy your videos just wondering though if you you maybe know someone in a wheelchair and could do a video of sightseeing or getting around going to places that are wheelchair friendly

  19. all this it’s so helpful
    i always bring two phones with me so battery life no worries for me lesson learn
    thank you for posting again!

  20. Ugh wish I would’ve seen this video before my trip. We used google maps and we kept getting lost and disoriented. Thankfully a very nice random guy told us about MYMTA app and it was a huge help, but I’m sure the app you mentioned would’ve worked great too. Wish we would’ve brought umbrellas. THE SHOES!!! I brought 5 pairs of shoes (including a pair of heels!) and I only ended up using my comfy running shoes and comfy boots… I wished I would’ve left the extra pairs of shoes at home to make room for souvenirs lol. Wish I would’ve known about the broadway tickets, we definitely spent too much on them. Great video by the way!! I subscribed so I’ll be more prepared next time I visit 😊👍🏼

  21. Man, as a European this tipping thing is actually irritating me, even hearing about it ticks me off. We tip if this service was extraordinary, not just because we have to pay for someones wage

  22. after watching your video ,I'm hoping to not make any mistakes . thank you for informing those who are going to NY FOR THE FIRST TIME …..

  23. I love NYC and I've been this year and coming back next year. I tip for everything if anything I over tip. The thing that confuses me is how can service staff get paid less than minimum wage. Surely they can't be paid less than a minimum amount. In the UK company's have to legally pay employees minimum wage if its a minimum wage job 🤔

  24. Lmao 20% tip? thats quite a lot considering how many there are of you dining and what you order, In the uk we mostly tip 10% more if you're very generous and nothing if you're a stingy wanker or the waiter has been nothing but slow and rude

  25. Love this video! I wish I saw this the first time I went to NYC. I wish I kept cash on me and knowing how to get around.

  26. Excellent video, thank you. We're there in February so warm, waterproof clothing and sensible shoes a must! Great public transport tip, especially from Newark. Looking forward to checking out all of your channel.

  27. UPDATE: The 7 Day MetroCard no longer available. Also, the MetroCard is being phased out by late 2020. The OMNI system will be system wide at that point.

  28. But you have to go to the landmark attractions in Manhattan if you're a tourist who has never been to NY before when you are on a limited budget with limited time. I'd kick myself if I neglected to see times square and many of the main things because a local suggested I try staying at a hostel in Soho or eat at some joint in Bensonhurst Brooklyn or something obscure. I grew up in Chicago and I know how thinking you are going to do a ton of different things in one day is totally unrealistic especially when one thing is in one part of the city and the other is in another, because it takes time to get from one place to another, you have to wait in lines, wait for tables, and you can never do as much as you think you will just logistically in one day and it's tiring. And, that's with me knowing the city and knowing where things are in relation to where I am at any given moment and how to get there, and how to use public transit, and just having my bearings, but it would all be foreign to me and confusing and overwhelming arriving in New York and not having those bearings, and that learning curve to kind of get going and finding places would take a little time as well. Of course I guess I could just jump in a cab or Uber and tell them to take me to where I want to go but not if I am on a small budget. I'll want to take the subway in that case and it takes time to learn the subway lines. So, if I have 3 days in New York, I'm thinking I'm getting a pizza at Johns on Bleecker, also eating at a good Jewish deli, seeing Rockefeller plaza, empire State building and going to at least one of the skydecks in the city, seeing times square, seeing the statue of liberty, seeing the 9/11 memorial, seeing central park and I know as someone who lives in a large city that you can't do all of that in one day, maybe not even two or 3, assuming that I'd be spending significant time at each site once there and finding food nearby at each one. I think to get out into the other burrows would have to be on a 2nd or 3rd trip. Too big of a city with too much to see. On my 2nd trip, I think it would be all about a food tour. I'd be going for the food mainly. Seen big buildings, ridden subways, been to top of tall buildings, been to museums. I'm there to walk around in a drunken stooper with a full belly😁 And I am not a musicals/theater kind of guy and if I got off the beaten path at all from the main attractions itinerary, it would probably be to go to a late night stand-up comedy club. Doing all that would be a full enough trip for me.

  29. Making my first visit to NYC (and the US) in mid-Jan, and this video has given me a huge amount of useful information. Thank you so much! 🙂

  30. I was in NY last year and it was an amazing experience. I will probably go back there next year to enjoy that lovely city. Thank you for everything. Greetings from Spain.

  31. Perfect videos 👍
    Im a native NYer and first video I see with real and useful suggestions. Good job. 😊
    Disclaimer: found this by accident, and dont know these people filming. Impressed. Thought it was going to be another short that offered no real advice.

  32. Any suggest where and what to do on X-mast and New Year in NYC? Is it possible to visit Niagara fall in the winter ? Thanks for the tips

  33. I think that a lot of people are afraid staying off Manhattan because of the high crime rates. Like wandering off to Bronx by mistake, people are afraid of getting shot.

  34. Don't slow down when the traffic light turns yellow…..SPEED UP…if you don't wanna be rear ended!! Everywhere else yellow means slow or proceed with caution… In N.Y…. speed up

  35. If you're brave enough to drive ( wouldn't recommend it) make sure you have a can of Fix A Flat.Youre bound to catch a nail or a pothole.

  36. Don't smile so much….One thing New Yorkers hate more than ANYTHING is seeing smiling faces.And don't say hello or good morning to strangers….they will look at you like: "Who the F*** are YOU??!!!" You wanna try to blend in.So put on your " I just lost my job" , " my significant other just cheated with my best friend " face and keep your mouth closed.Less chance of being a victim.This advice is coming from someone who grew up in The Bronx and still resides there.Thank me later.

  37. নতুন কিছু পেতে আমাদের পেজ এ Follow করে রাখুন

  38. When I was younger, the customary tip was 10%…then it went to 15%….now it's at 20%. Our tipping culture is ridiculous.

  39. One of the best things I did the first time I visited NYC was to get a tour by a Big Apple Greeter. It's a volunteer service and the guy that gave us the tour had us feeling like locals by the end of the day. https://bigapplegreeter.org/

  40. Love your channel and all the useful knowledge you provide, I live a little over 3 hours away from NYC i want to take my wife and my two boys there and site see and overall experience Gotham city in it’s glory. I’d like to take my own vehicle but I am skeptical. Do you have any useful recommendations?

  41. Hey there! I'm enjoying your NYC info. I live here and there's a lot of places I didn't know about I'm excited to venture. I'm also shaking my head in agreement and chuckling at some of your suggestions. New subbie 😍

  42. Will people be annoyed if I take a lot of street photos, I'm coming alone as a tourist and I like to take street photography, the Japanese don't mind it but I am afraid I get told off in NY.

  43. I agree, take loads of cash, cause everybody wants a tip, from housekeeping down to the guy who gives you directions, plus everybody seems to have a cup for tips.

  44. Mira que me gusta NY, pero lo que no es cierto no es cierto. Eso de que te quedes en tu lado para "no molestar"….. Pues no hay New Yorkers que se paran con el movil y hacen espectaculos molestando en la calle. Lo que le pasa a los New Yorkers es que les molestan los turistas en general. Eso si, que no dejen de ir pero que no molesten. Como los mismos habitantes de NY dicen, no hay persona mas antipatica que un nativo de NY. Por cierto, las propinas. Puede ser una costumbre muy americana en general pero cuando dan un servicio de pena (que en mucho sitios es asi, penoso) y te veas obligado a dar propinas "por no tener problemas"…. Si eres mal trabajador y no te ganas las propinas, por muy americano que seas, lo que eres como se llama aqui en España es un JETA, lo pueden traducir como un "caradura". En general la gente es bastante agradable en NY plero hay muchos que se creen el ombligo del mundo. Sres, ley de la gravedad, todo lo que sube baja, aunque tarde mucho en hacerlo. Recuerdenlo!

  45. Yes I tried to fit in too much and had a packed schedule that I could have done without. I also stayed at a main hotel in Manhattan but I won’t next time thanks to the advice given here. Most of the advice given here I found very interesting and will use it on my next visit. I was only there for four days before. I loved the city and feel I’ve learned a lot from this advice and look forward to returning. Thank you.

  46. Our (i'm travelling with my 33 year old Down Syndrome son, so we are covering a lot of what he wants to do, until New Orleans. THAT"S MINE) first trip is coming up in October 2020. We are going to NY mainly for the Nintendo store (my son is a HUGE Pokemon fan) also to go to a Broadway show. We are hoping Wicked, Frozen or Aladdin will be on (he is a huge musical fan and LOVES Disney) but aparrently they aren't known more than about 6 months in advance. The tipping was a great help as I knew minimum wage in the US sux and we would need to think about this, carrying cash as well was good to hear about, I rarely carry cash on me so knowing this was really good.Thank you for the tips, if we ever get there for a longer stay the hotel and public transport tips will be good.

  47. Also for the bathroom tip: Please don't give a hard time to the workers and ask them personal questions like "Where do you go then" because where they go is not your concern. It's just a health law that in order to have public restrooms restaurants need to have at least 20 seats or more.

  48. I always wanna punch a new yorker in the mouth i though they have attitude. But after you mention stay on your lane and train card purse diging i understand new yorkers now. Common courtesy is used and if stupid person blocking the path just to tajing pictures or digging on purse to get the card, get the fuck out of the way, stupid fucking idiot your not the only person in NYC. This youtuber is nice person but i translate what he meant. lol thank buddy for the info

  49. Not carrying enough cash… well money laundering and and drugs are cash only… so yeah I understand why… just don't pay in such places, if you do you're part of the problem. Lived in Manhattan NY for 8 months never had that problem…

  50. 3:44 Just wanna add a smart tip with the Cash comment. "ESPECIALLY" for the first time visitors. NYC is a very large city composed with many different ethnicities, cultures, and languages. That's part of the greatness of the city. "But" also bring some of the problems like money exchange scam. Does it sounds like from Bible~!? Visitors may face is scam on exchange "cash". Make sure you do bring that "$100" in 20, 10, 5, and in singles so you do not need to rely on strangers/vendors to break the $100. Now as a native Manhattanite, we usually put that "cash" in front pockets only and in different spots/pockets on your body, never the back pockets. You'll thank me later wherever you may go on earth. Don't panic, NYC, my home city is "generally" a very safe city compares to Paris or Rome.

  51. There is nothing more infuriating than #9 at 6:34. I’m from the South and people do that a LOT here—driving and walking. That’s why I like visiting NYC, because people there are more considerate of their surroundings and move much faster.

  52. Let me tell you that since I've moved away from my hometown of Bklyn, the thing I miss the most, is the FOOD. It's so diverse! And most times, you can get these foods late at night, 7 days a week. OMG, the food, I miss all of it. Especially pizza and bagels, nobody does pizza like NYC.

  53. Just came back from our first trip to New York City (which was also our first visit to the United States). Can say we made a few of these blunders. We used a cheap shuttle bus from JFK to our hotel – it was disorganised and slow. We ate a lot at McDonalds because we were overwhelmed, couldn't be bothered thoroughly researching places to eat and McDonalds was familiar. We scheduled too much for each day and ended up only doing the best and most important things (we left with about five planned activities we never got around to). We didn't look up any events that might have been on. To be honest we're not sure if our travel agent got us a good deal on the hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton Times Square and personally I don't regret it at all. The location was second to none. Regarding the bonus tip, I live in an Australian city where the streets are all named after people, even in the CBD. But having spent a week walking around New York, I absolutely love the numbered street and avenue naming system. It makes life far easier when all you have to do is identify the best intersection, and use the increasing/decreasing numbers to guide you there.

  54. Ridiculously generic advice. Bring enough money with you. Watch the weather. Don't only go to tourist areas. Give me a break. That advise is true EVERYWHERE. If you want to give advice that is helpful, discuss specific actions that can help within NYC only.

  55. Please get rid of the irritating background music. It is unnecessary and after a while it gets truly nauseating.

  56. The first mistake is going to that liberal cesspool in the first place! How do I know about liberal cesspools—I live in one, California,
    where the most egregiously stupid run the place and even more egregiously stupid keep voting for them.

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