oh my gosh we are at 100,000 subscribers which I didn't even think would be possible this soon let alone at all we started doing YouTube videos for people who attend my programs to be able to learn more afterwards if they wanted and then it just exploded into something like I couldn't have imagined or guessed so I want to thank all of you for all of your support over those last like year and a half we wouldn't have been able to do it without you thank you to those who have subscribed to the channel and thank you to those who aren't subscribed but still watch our videos we appreciate all of the support that you've given us in order to celebrate we'll be doing an updated reptile room tour today we'll be doing a tour of this room because most of our reptiles are in here and next week actually in a couple of weeks we'll probably have something in between we'll do a tour of the reptiles in the rest of our house last time we did a reptile tour it was about a year ago when we celebrated 1,000 subscribers and a lot of things have changed since then it's got a lot of exciting projects now and I can't wait to share them with you today before we get started I just want to mention that we do house a lot of our reptiles in these rack systems and I know there's a lot of controversy on using racks and a lot of people don't like them but that's because there's breeders who kind of take them too far and they take advantage of the convenience factor of racks by putting too big of snakes in too small of bins with only a water dish and we're not a fan of that either so we strive to make sure that our snakes have enough space to slither around and explore we use substrate that encourages burrowing behavior we also have at least one cave in there for them to hide in along with several objects to provide mental stimulation in their environments so hopefully today's tour of the rack systems behind me can prove to you that it is possible to keep snakes happy healthy UNCHR amped and mentally stimulated interact system and by the way a lot of the snakes that we have like multiples of I'll probably skip over some of them because I don't want to bore you with five bull snakes that all look the same because these top four bins are all bull snakes and there's a reason why we kept all of them let me show you just a normal-looking one for first in here we have what's this is Tina that's right hey Tina now this is your average looking bull snake they have these speckles on their bellies they have that pattern on their dorsal side or their back spots on their head you know kind of get a good idea of what they look like she was part of our first clutch of bull snakes and also in that clutch were almost all normal-looking bull snakes – this one right here this is strike me he is looking at us right now I'm gonna pull him out yep he's sucking back in this is stripey and his name kind of gives away what he looks like but compared to the normal bull snake that I just showed you Tina he's got a I feel let me take him out here you're fine you're fine he's got this white belly and these stripes kind of a partial stripe down each side of the belly along with stripes near his head and kind of a unique dorsal pattern down his back and because of this snake in that clutch we kept the rest of the females in the clutch so that we can breed him to them when they get old enough and also breed him back to mom to see if his weird pattern here is genetic or if it's just an individual abnormality with him now it may sound weird that we're planning on breeding him with his sisters and his mom but in reptiles this is normal in the wild the reptiles or the snakes don't disperse from each other as much as like mammals and birds do so it's just fine for them to interbreed for a generation or two and that'll be enough for us to know whether his pattern is genetic or not these guys are a couple years old now we could power feed them so that they would be twice the size they are right now and by the way power feeding is feeding a baby snake like every three days or so to make them grow up faster we decide not to do that because power feeding decreases their lifespan dramatically so we're just feeding them at a normal rate so that they can grow at a normal rate and when they're ready then we'll try breeding them let's put stripey back he's our special little guy and here's these two more bull snakes sisters from the same clutch this one I should point out though this is Heather dreaded Heather how are you today she is sassy got that tail buzz going so probably if I even just try to handle her want to try to either strike or spaz actually you're not being two-bit are you getting over your feistiness she takes after her mom with her attitude but a lot of bull snakes if they're sassy when they're young will usually calm down when they get older because they're not prey for as many things so they they get a little more confidence all right you will put you back I won't show you the last bull snake in this group because it's just another bull snake Jane's in here just another normal looking bull snake underneath them we have a unique species these are our egg eating snakes we have two females in here we unfortunately do not have a male we are looking for a male so that we can breed them again like we've done in the past egg eating snakes are awesome because they have no teeth but they are very specialized eaters they only eat eggs of course they swallow the egg crack the shell back here or so where they have some enlarged back vertebrae that crack the shell open they drink the juices and then spit out the shell again so in order to feed them we just scatter around quail eggs or appropriately sized eggs for the snake and as they're eaten we just simply replace them there's one more egg eater in here since they have no teeth they can be housed together they are not cannibalistic at all eating only eggs here is our first egg eating snake this is eggs Ian Ayre sorry eggs Ian toothless and she is a nice big this is a daisy pal – Stassi otter in case anyone's curious on what exact species they are we're really hoping to be able to produce more babies in the future next to the egg eating snakes are our eastern hognose snakes a male and a female male here will be on a feed my pet Friday here pretty soon if he hasn't been already this is my first or was my first eastern hognose these are notoriously sassy as well they'll hood up on the size of their head trying to imitate a cobra really just a bigger more intimidating snake and I got him from a kid at Petsmart when I used to work there he took the snake from the wild and was trying to feed it throughout the fall and then when he wouldn't eat he came to me concerned and then I realized oh he's trying to eastern hognose snake and it's wild cut so no wonder it doesn't want to eat so I traded him for a king snake I had at the time that was a great eater and over the span of about three years he is now this one is now on unscented rodents which is quite the feat for eastern hognose –is his name is sparkles because I let a little girl named him and that's probably the last time a little boy he is a boy the female next to him is a bit smaller she is really sassy look at that hood you are so intimidating oh my goodness I am so scared her name is tres she came from someone's barn they had a clutch that they wanted to kill and a friend of mine took them in and once thanks her in captivity for so long you don't want to rerelease them but he couldn't get her to eat either so he gave her to me and she's doing great she doesn't want to eat so I do have to force-feed her unfortunately but that's the same thing I had to do with sparkles so with enough time she might turn around to if I push it too far she plays dead and I don't want to do that and I have to wash my hands because that eastern hognose must all over my hands so hang on underneath them are a couple Western hognose snakes oh they're out and about ready to stay hi hey buddy so are you pooped – lovely alright we're gonna have to clean that up so this is the male this is a green line we're pretty sure pastel we know he's a pastel but I think he's got green in him – but this one is the female she is gonna shed look at that yeah she's got that nice light-colored belly and although they are considered pastel morphs I think they look just like normal so we'll probably sell them as normals to be honest maybe some babies will have a green tint thanks to dad future dad but who knows there's still a little bit young to breed she's getting really close so maybe I'm sure by next spring we'll be able to breed her they're also hit toffee belly so we'll get some morphs out of them at least by the way a really easy enrichment and cheap enrichment toy would be PVC tees because they kind of slow they're in and out of those they seem to enjoy them we'll put them back you can also get tile samples from like Home Depot they're free and you can use those as enrichment next to them is our mail color hog nose snake now these always burrow down to the bottom so in order to find a hog nose or a tricolor you have to look underneath and find their belly there is hey hey buddy oh and he's he's slinking away the tricolor is our beautiful species of hog nose they are a tropical species as well so I give them more humidity retaining substrate like the this is particularly eco earth and Cypress bedding combined here's the tricolor really cool little snake kind of an iridescent look in the natural sunlight some of them will lose the red as they age but as babies they're pretty much all very brightly colored and he did retain that beautiful red coloration into adulthood – he is breeding sighs he's a small adult male but he can still get the job done and will show you his girlfriend later on next we have more hog noses there's a lot of Western hognose in this rack these are a couple cuties over here we have a condom morph hognose these are both girls future breeders still too young right now though of course she's got that nice solid black almost solid black belly which is a sign of a Conda along with the white wall alongside her belly and beautiful reduced pattern on her back she's also head albino so she has the potential to create albino condos in the future next to her is one of my favorite hog nose is this I'm really excited to be able to breed her when she's big enough she's got an attitude right now but that's okay this is a twin spot albino she's got some moss from her humidity box on her now being a twin spot means that instead of one large central spot down her back she has two smaller ones side by side and you can obviously see the albino color in her she is a little bit too young to breed of course so probably next year we'll be looking at breeding her she's a good eater so she'll be able to grow pretty quickly now with most snakes I would not recommend keeping a humidity box in their enclosure at all times just use these as soon as the snake goes into the blue phase where their eyes get cloudy until the point where they are done shedding and then remove it because a lot of snakes will refuse to leave their humidity box and they can develop scale rot issues along their belly particularly so I only used while they're shedding some people use them permanently or keep them in there permanently which can work depending on the snake but I recommend against it next we're about what halfway down have we done with this wreck this is probably one of my favorite hog noses her name is bacon she's the one that goes to programs with me she actually ate at a program about an hour ago you can kind of see a lump in her and by the way yes it's fine to hold snakes after they eat depending on the snake some you look at him funny they're gonna regurgitate but some you can hold them like this and they're just fine she is another condom worth and she's actually the mother to the clutch we had last fall she's got that beautiful black belly and that nice reduced pattern as well just like that other Conda had but she's not het albino or anything Jones de Conda but she's the mother to the super condo we had last year very very friendly hog nose snake she was she had a surprise clutch I wouldn't have read her this small purposely so we're actually giving her the rest of the year off and we'll breed her next spring when she actually is a good size to breed what happened with her was we had them in a container like this with the divider like what our Easterns have and the male snuck underneath one night and I guess that's all it took and she became grafted and had eggs about six weeks later so we weren't expecting that clutch but they're cute nonetheless down here I think we're at and this one's ready to come out too we have a male-female pair of head snows in this one this little female is one of my best eaters she thinks everything moving is food including fingers so I'm probably just gonna leave her in there being a head snow means that she is both het albino and Higgs antic so being paired with this male over here who is a bit younger still who was also head snow means that they have a chance of creating albinos eggs antics and snows in the future and there she goes underneath them is another male-female pair still too young to breed but it'll be a future project and we have one hiding in his tube they love these this is another great cheep enrichment toy and there is so these are hid exam thick and 50% hit ghosts so they kind of have a nice red color this is the female the mail is over here so just another pair of hognose snakes actually she's more red that's really pretty yeah I haven't really seen them side-by-side like this uh yeah just another pair of hawk noses well ah she's it's not you cooties now she's hissing at him boys ooh boys yeah you're too young anyway that's okay hey cutie that's an adorable little face sticking out of the tube and here she goes oh he skipped huh skip this one here we have a black rat snake who thinks everything is food pull him out pull her out here she might tag me I don't know she loves to eat so she bites me it's not that big of a deal but black rat snake this is one of our native species and I have her so that I can use her in education and teach kids about yet and other species they can find in their backyards but she's still a little young to show off those features so she's not incorporated into the programs quite yet she looks like a snake yeah she does look just like a fox any corn yeah by the way one of the tell-tale signs of a rat snake is a white jaw bright white jaw beautiful you can go back in there and this little hog nose is also in shed if she hasn't shed already she's really close nope nothing yet she is actually one of my first hognose snakes she's hissing right now yeah whenever she's in shed she gets angry at everything she's hit pink pastel so it's another form of albinism and I'm really excited to be able to breed them in the future she was a pretty poor ear for us though for a while so she's a little behind schedule as far as growing goes but she's catching up now that she's a better eater again put them back then we have these two now I'm gonna skip over this one for a second to introduce you to candy cane if you haven't met her yet candy cane is one of my original snakes she's got an interesting story she is also in shed yeah she's really dull colored right now you can actually see the white outline of her old skin getting ready to come off she was earlier today in a humidity box she loves this thing but candy cane is an albino Nelson's milk snake she is one of the friendliest milk snakes I've ever met mostly because I've had her since she was a hatchling she came from a breeder down in Kentucky that bred so many baby snakes corn snakes and milk snakes to be exact that whenever he had a baby that would refuse to eat he would donate it to the local zoo I won't say which zoo but that Zoo would take in these unwanted baby snakes and they would freeze them and the breeder knew that they were doing this they would freeze those baby snakes and then solve them one by one to feed to their cobras that lived at the zoo so it's a good way to recycle snakes that are sick or maybe they're born with a genetic abnormality but for this snake she just was a poor year at the beginning and thankfully I had a friend that worked at that reptile zoo and he received a new bag and new shipments of baby snakes and he called me up and he was like Emily do do you want a snake from this bag I'm like yes pulling out and save it for me so we pulled the candy cane out of that bag brought him home to me and I've had her ever since she was kind of a picky eater at first but now she eats like a champ so she's a little smaller than she should be for her age probably because she didn't eat well at first but it's still better than being cobra food right yeah I think she agrees the reason why I wanted to introduce her first is because kids at my programs always fall in love with candy cane and they want a candy cane of their own so what I'll occasionally do with the families who are serious about getting a pet snake is I will teach them everything they need to know about set up everything that's required and once they're ready I will line up a snake for them to adopt I'll usually keep my eyes open for snakes for sale like the kind of snake they're looking for and when I was at the Tinley reptile show back in March you may remember this pickup from that show and in a previous video I found a family who wanted a candy cane I found them in albino Nelson's milk snake of their own oh I see a tail oh I see so far this milk snake same species same mutation as candy cane he's going to go everywhere let me find him first ah there we go so another beautiful albino Nelson's a lot more yellow I've noticed compared to candy cane but still a really nice snake we picked up this one for a family that lives probably about five hours away from me but I'll occasionally make trips to do library programs near them so next time I'm doing a trip is in July so I'm just watching over the snake for them and when I make a trip out there way next I'll drop them off at his new home so we just have him for the time being we're just kind of boarding him till he goes to his forever home all right you can you can disappear again there he goes such quick snakes – almost done with this wreck in here we have a couple more hog noses so I won't go over them very long they don't really have unique stories we just bought them for breeding a couple of years ago I have the condom morph that is the father to the hog nose as we had last year so there you go here's our male breeder condom morph hog nose snake he's gonna disappear I ran out of Aspen fibers which is what I usually use for bedding for the snakes but when I was cleaning last week I ran out and so I had to use this paper-based bedding which is what I've been using for nearly headless Nick because it's nice and soft but I did not recommend it because all they do is they dry it in their water dish and it sticks to everything so if you're trying to find a bedding to use for your snakes I wouldn't use this I think it was Katie brand just stick with Aspen it's a lot better and plus it retains tunnel shapes – this is the male hid pink pesto it's gonna be paired to the female right up there someday when she's big enough but you know he's just hid so he kind of looks like a normal snake and finally we have Walter the bins kind of get sticky the further down you go Walter is the snake from the isle of snake bite me video he just wants to eat everything he's an old man he's in his mid-20s and he came from someone who kept forgetting to feed him so he was really thin when I got him so I don't blame him for just wine to eat everything that gets close to his mouth but I don't handle him much because of that I've tried getting him over the bite Enis but hey he just wants to continue eating fingers and that's okay we still love him he's a great snake but we just don't handle him we're done with this rack but since we're on the floor anyway we're gonna start at the bottom of the next rack these are much larger bins these are 60 quart Sterilite totes at the bottom here I have a mail-in shed everything's shedding right now in shed rats corn snake it's a mix that is het scaleless I think you're in blue yep we're in blue who are in super blue right now this is going to be the future dead to scale this baby snakes he's got the tail buzzin going and I don't blame you can't really see right now so I won't bug ya female is another bin they've already been paired so I'm hoping the female is gravid but only time will tell with the female next review they're coming up they want their food next we have mrs. Wilson this is the mother to the clutch of bull snake eggs we just recently got there we are we're a little bit underweight as you can see since she just recently laid those eggs and she's doing fine she's eating like a champ so that's good I'm not gonna bother her though because after all the stress she just went through after laying those eggs or while laying the eggs she deserves a nice long break this bin will be interesting there's two legless lizards in here one's name like last but I need a name for that one still ones very friendly and that one the new one is not so friendly I have food for them let's see if I can make them calm down or come right out I'm gonna need like a lid or something like most lizards will always make a mess of their water dish since they are so active like every day I'm switching this thing out because they just fill it up with bedding we got the male males in his cave which is a good thing because he would just be a terror if he was out here's our female for pretty sure female she'll do some barrel rolls in my hands this is a European legless lizard or a shell to pusuk they're also called glass lizards because it was once believed that if you held one it would shatter like glass which is obviously not true not true these are a really unique reptile in that they have no legs but they are not snakes the reason why they lizards well as a few reasons actually if you look towards the back of her head she has ear holes which is a lizard trait look hopefully you can see it they're legless lizards also have eyelids so they can blink which is you know snakes can't blink their tail also begins way up here on legless lizards whereas a snake's tail would start way down here and if you look at an x-ray or a radiograph the rib bones go only to where the tail is on legless lizards and snakes the rib bones go all the way down to where their cloaca is and they have this lateral groove along the side of their body as you can see as she's rolling she's showing up both sides of it this allows them to expand when they eat large meals or when a female is gravid and has eggs you are just so active oh and the male oh well we're going to that come down yeah let's give you food and then I'll put her back they have dog food today where that is calcium dusted there you go they love the dog food they like eggs but we're not gonna watch him eat because the male's just gonna come out at us the trick is getting the female out without getting bit by the male and this Ben we have my favorite snake this was my first snake ever this is Janet I have a huge soft spot for him he's retired from programs because he's starting to get up there in age but he oh my gosh when he passes which hopefully isn't for many many years I will be so sad when he passes but he is an awesome snake he was abandoned in someone's apartment somebody I guess didn't want him anymore because they threw him in a box and left him in the closet when they moved out and the next person didn't see him until they moved in like six months or so later so he was very very skinny when he was found and then surrendered to my local Herpetological Society where I promptly adopted him and thankfully both snakes are like garbage disposals so he ate like everything for us and over the course of like two three months or so he gained most of that weight back and now he's the father of all the bull snakes we've bred so far now the eggs so far this year there's some from different parents but all the babies here are from him so you are stripe he's dead you have that genetic morph that caused stripy to be stripy I don't know we'll find out bull snakes usually have a big attitude but this one is the friendliest bull snake I've ever met which is why I'm so fond of him he likes to just sit and lick things – yes he loves licking sticks he'll sit and like lick a log for 20 minutes before moving on so I don't know what's going on in his little mind but it keeps him occupied that's for sure sit you back I love you Jan oh by the way we named him Janet because we thought he was a girl at first so that's why he has a girlish name he doesn't seem to mind though I do have these signs in front of a couple of the bins because it prevents the snake inside from nose rubbing I've found it really reduces that behavior and nose rubbing isn't a good thing because they can eventually rub their nose raw so in order to curb that behavior you need some sort of barrier like the sign next would be the new giant Madagascar hognose one of them anyway at the most recent Tinley show we picked up a male and two females this is one of the females out of quarantine now I have not done a care video on these guys yet because they have not been eating regularly for me quite yet and I want to wait until they do that before I do a care video but they look good still I just wish they would eat better for me but they might still be acclimating so we'll give them a little bit more time this is the largest species of hog nose snake and that the females can get upwards of like 7 feet I mean this one's probably about 3 and a half feet right now so she could double that size before she's full grown here we have Vulpix this is one of my Western Fox necks and there's a little male in the cave as well he is adorable this is one of the few species you can Co have or house together Fox snakes are one of the most docile species of snakes out there they might buzz their tail a little bit if you find like a wild one but after a couple minutes they calm right down and they're like this tame Volvox here is the biggest Fox neck that I have at the moment I used to have another Fox snake but she unfortunately passed away due to old age so now she's my main breeder female this snake was found in a box at the end of someone's driveway originally in the Box said free snake on it so a friend of ours picked her up and didn't want to keep her so we ended up taking her off his hands but when she was first picked up she had this huge wound on her back and you could see her back vertebra actually sticking out through her skin and her scales so after it's taken about two years we've had her now but the the wound has actually healed over and there is quite a bit of a scar but it doesn't seem to face or one bit pull out this guy this male is a captive bred male from one of my friends so that they're unrelated and I always want to get captive-bred whenever possible he will be big enough to breed hopefully next year the tough part with fox Naik's in breeding them is they like it really cold you have to cool them down to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit for a good three months before they actually want to breathe in the following spring many people were Broome ate their snakes at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and if you do that with fox snakes you're not gonna get any breeding behavior out of them at all they need it really cold it's kind of surprising the cord back here by the way is the probe to the thermostat and we have our thermostats hooked up to multiple bins so we'll put the probe in the middlemost bin in the series that it controls so that it takes the median temperature and it can read that temperature and adjust as needed up here I won't take him out this is just another bull snake he is Janet's replacement since Janet is now retired from programs this is Stanley round Stanley he is still in training he's kind of skittish but he doesn't bite he's just a little Wiggly and he's not sure what to think of the camera up here is creepy cooter cooter hey buddy he is from the previous video he's a rescue he's still he's actually looking a lot better this guy was another apart apartment abandoned snake super skinny when I got him in shed of course he's going in the shed right now – he is a blood-red mutation corn snake and corn snakes being in the rat snake family also typically have that white dress he is very friendly a great eater he was just neglected in his previous home and his spine still comes to a point or his side's come to a point which is a sign of him being a little bit underweight still but we're still working on it and he's gained a ton of weight since we first got him and he's been part of our programs he is very willing to eat a mouse in front of an audience which the kids get a huge kick out of we won't be using him for breeding though because the blood red mutation of corn snakes typically has neurological issues he doesn't thankfully but we wouldn't want to breed snakes that are known for having genetic issues you know so we won't be using him for breeding next up is actually I won't take him out that's just another giant Madagascar hog nose but he's kind of a pain to get out of the bin so I'll leave him in there up top we have mr. Wilson he's the father to the bull snake clutch we recently had and it looks like he pooped even though I spat cleaned just this morning I think he waited until I cleaned and then he decided to poop so let me there's a bag somewhere around here there we go now that's clean here's mr. Wilson he is a hypo albino bull snake and he is hit Whiteside and hit eggs antek so he has all sorts of genetic mutations going on both color and pattern mutations he's the father of a clutch that's currently cooking and we're yeah two clutches that are currently coaching cooking and they'll be hatching in about three or four weeks so I can't wait to see what his babies look like when you got him specifically for breeding purposes because of his genetics and I'm really excited to see what turns out of it he's also prone to nose rubbing so I cover up the front of his – okay we're done with that wreck now on to the last big wreck in this room a lot of hog noses over here this is a normal female she is the mother to the clutch of 14 eggs we have cookin she has a ravenous we've been feeding her twice a week to get her weight back up and she could eat every day if we let her but twice a week is good for you we don't need you getting fat next to her is a condom or female we're hoping to breed but she's a little too high-strung so I don't know if anything took but geez pretty nice little rusty red color if she doesn't want to breathe this year maybe she'll be big enough and feels secure enough to breed next year then we have just another corn snake another Fox snake you've seen plenty of those and here is something different this is a tricolor hognose snake come here now I have her on Aspen because one of my hog noses or one of my tri colors was showing some signs of scale rot in the tropical soil so I'm kind of doing an experiment to see what soil I like the best this is an adult adult ish female tricolor hognose snake we've had her paired with our male several times but I have my doubts on if anything took she's chunky but I think she's just fat she's actually on loan from a friend of ours with a and our exotics and we're hoping to get babies but we might not and that's okay if we don't we tried who gave it a shot there's the hallways next year yeah then let's see oh that's right maybe if you keep up to date on the channel he would recognize this snake this is the adorable little ball python I recently adapted from Petsmart she is also in blue it's the cool thing to do right now I guess this is the little girl that wouldn't eat from my local pet smart store so they let me adopt her and she was eating for me that same day surprisingly so she must have just been too stressed out in the store environment and just needed somewhere calmer to live she has a humidity box but she occasionally goes in but she doesn't want to use it right now I guess I may have to make that hole bigger find your cave there you go we won't be keeping her either we're just hanging on to her until she can gain weight since she's a little bit underweight since she didn't want to eat for so long and then we'll adopt her out this is just another tricolor hognose yeah this ones are female but still just another hognose don't wanna bore you with too many of those down here would be Ed's Roma pythons now these are unique we have a male on the left and a female here on the right they are starting to get a decent size actually I always forget how big they until I take them out here's the female take out the male – ah male super twitchy funny thing about Wilma pythons is they're very like robotic in their movements they twitch back and forth and they get about five feet long and because of that they make really good starter snakes along with the fact that they're good eaters and make really good starter snakes because you don't need a huge enclosure in order to house them they are also immune to venomous snake venom in Australia where they will feast on the venomous snakes quite frequently they can however be food motivated where they just really like to eat and sometimes fingers might look like food instead of the mouse that you're holding we haven't really had any issues with them being bitey when it's food time they seem to be pretty polite but they are handled quite a bit so I don't know if that makes a difference or not yeah yeah this one will eat out of our hands she's super tan I really like the snake she's the one that goes to programs with me he's a little bit more twitchy on the other hand oh it's too close yeah he keeps getting closer – down here are two actually just – bull snakes Mooreville snake sisters of stripy that we're hanging on to until they're old enough to breed orders yep Janet's daughter's in this bin we have its split we have two males and albino and a snow except for the snow is with the girlfriend right now the albino however other areas he's a cute little albino he's proven he's the father of our clutch that we had one of the clutches we had last year cute little guy wants to eat fingers that's okay as long as they're a good eater that's really all I care about next to him is a another species of hog nose that I wanted to show you this is a Mexican hog nose snake these have a vid they're very similar to Western hognose but they have a different scale account on their face and their eyes are huge here you go if we grabbed a normal Western on the left so that you can compare it to the Mexican hog nose on the right if you look at their patterns you'll see that there's more of an irregular pattern in the Western and the Mexicans have that dorsal spot along with the very pronounced side spots on each side the westerns have those too but there's also other irregular patterns mixed in between much more uniform I think in the max second hog noses next if you compare their faces the Mexican hog noses have much bigger eyes and darker eyes than the westerns makes them look really derpy and pretty cute and I guess we'll put this little Western bag this is the male head snow that I showed you earlier the snow that's normally in here is with a girlfriend on honeymoon and here is huff and puff a het albino Western hognose that I got from my friend Chad who was hopefully watching this here's the snow his name is John get it and this is huff and puff she's usually huffy and puffy she lives up to her name with this pairing for a little review she's het albino again this is a visual snow which means he's both albino and eggs an thick half of their babies will be albino hit eggs an thick and the other half will be hit snow or they'll be double hit el by now and eggs and thick sand still get both of those traits from dead I love the snow morph I didn't care for it at first I thought it was overhyped but it's really growing on me after getting John here I couldn't resist him I found him at a reptile show a really nice thing about having a snow as your male breeder is that you can use the same snake to breed with females that are hit albino hit exam fake or hit snow you can use him for many different projects because he carries both of those genes so we're hoping that if he proves or if he becomes a proven breeder and he's able to create good eggs then we won't have a need for the hets know male that I showed you earlier because he is visual snow go find your lady that's just another hognose snake down here we have in the front this is tutti frutti she is a Mexican milk snake hey sweetie her scientific is has recently been changed to life propels us abnormal in case you keep track of the Scientifics with milk snakes nowadays I'm not feeding you right now you eat at programs she's a little chunky as you can see she's kind of got some cleavage so she would like to eat more often than I actually feed her but you're kind of on a diet you know I'm sorry down at the bottom we have toads since we have a lot of hognose snakes which are notoriously picky eaters since they like to eat just toads I have to occasionally with certain snake when I first get them sent rodents with the toads so I'll take the rodents and I'll actually rub it all over their back to scent it and then I'll present it to the snake makes things a lot easier it's a lot easier than force-feeding anyway so we have toads just to help feed some of our picky hognose snakes there you go we've got a male into females we would like to breed these someday so that we can offer toadlets or baby toads that have just met him or from tadpoles to the general public so that people can use those to feed baby picky hognose snakes so that's a project for the future but in the meantime they're kind of cool little pets to have I don't know hey guys are you hungry okay I'll feed you after this we have two more bins each one has a tiger salamander in it this woman he's usually oh he's not under his favorite log today and here is Thomas there he is he's under another lug Thomas is just a tiger salamander here II grew this leg right here we actually had it recorded it's in a previous video of ours and the regrown like is as you can see smaller than the other one and often salamanders when they regrow a limb the new one isn't as big if because it just has to function it doesn't have to look as nice so he has an elbow he has toes he's able to move that's all he needs in order to survive so that's all he grew are you hungry yep I think we're hungry salamanders are hungry all the time and they will eat to the point where they become fat so you don't feed them as often as they would like to eat because you don't want an overweight salamander there's another one in here somewhere oh I see a head there's his head he thinks he's hiding there he is this is window well I bet you can't guess where I found him just uh no salamander he has all four his original limbs though as far as I'm aware salamanders are one of the easiest pets you can own because they don't need additional heat sources there's no heat tape underneath their bins same with the toads they'll eat just about anything you throw at them and they're docile always trying to eat the dirt that fell they're not very bright but it makes them really cute too there you go taken away by the way water dish are optional for salamanders because they'll just make a mess of them anyway so I occasionally fill it up and set a minute for a bath but after a couple days they just fill it up with dirt we're finally done with the three wrecks that are now behind you right now so we've flipped around and the last track we have is this baby rack right here because in this underneath it there is one giant Madagascar here but everything else is empty at the moment so up here half of most of them are empty too but we have a few critters we have two of our remaining hognose snakes from last season they are great eaters of live rodents but they refuse to regularly eat frozen thawed rodents for us so before we sell them we want them on frozen thawed so we're hanging on to actually we're only gonna sell this one this is a condom morph the other one is one that we're holding back I don't know if you remember him from last year but he's the super Conda that we got from that clutch this one's growing he loves eating but only if its life so again we're really trying to work on them prognoses are notoriously bad eaters or picky eaters and we're just happy we got them eating something but we still don't want to sell that Conda until he's eating frozen thawed because that'll be much more convenient for his future owners speaking of babies this is our adorable baby fat tailed gecko that we have available actually I think it's already found a home just to show you how big he is let's hold him in my hand here well you can kind of see he doesn't want to be held right now I guess he'll be going to his new home soon so I'll just cover him up now is one of our newer projects this was kind of a surprise project we bought the snake as part of a group of other snakes we really just wanted to scale this rat snake but the guy wouldn't sell that unless you brought this one too so now we also have a Mexican black king snake these are gorgeous snakes and huge demand right now we thought about selling here because we didn't really want a Mexican black king snake just got her because we had to but with how in demand they are we think we'll actually keep her raise her up and then find a male which will probably borrow a male for my friend and breed them and get babies in the future but I can understand why people love these snakes I mean but beautiful black color super cool so we'll set you in here for now she's also just chillin in the baby snake rack we're going to be using this this rack mostly for the baby bull snakes and hognose snakes once they hatch which means we have to move the gecko and hopefully that snake before the eggs hatch we'll see if that actually happens the last things everything else is actually empty except for this one last thing and I won't open this all the way because they're very fast we have our three remaining hybrid garter snakes this one up front it has actually found a new home I'm just waiting until the new owners come back from vacation so I can mail her over to them and inside of the cave there are a couple more that I just aren't eating regularly yet so I'm hanging on to them until they do in case you don't already know behind me is the birdcage for our blue and gold macaw Cheyenne we had to put her in a different room though because she thought the video was all about her when we started recording so she had to be moved but I'm gonna go get her so I can show her to you before we wrap up here she is this is Cheyenne she is 18 years old now but as you know macaws live a long time they live around 50 to 75 give or take she does pluck your feathers because she's a rescue and she picked up a really bad habit kind of like chewing your nails and now she just continues to pluck we have tried sweaters and cones and additives to her diet to get her to stop nothing seems to work we have a couple new things we're gonna try but yeah she has plenty of toys to keep herself many mentally stimulated and lots of attention from us so it's really not neglect that's causing her to pluck it's just a bad habit isn't it yeah but that's okay we still love you you're a baby so all of that was just this room in our house that has most of our reptiles yes but still there is a lot so we're gonna cut the video here so that it doesn't go on too long it may have already gone on too long but anyway we'll show you the rest of our critters in our house in a couple of weeks next week we'll probably do something else just to mix it up but then we will finish the reptile tour after that I hope you like the new logo you've probably noticed it by now I love it we did that to celebrate a hundred thousand subscribers however it means that I need to work shirts so stay tuned for those maybe we'll figure out something for merch – I don't know thanks for watching this first half of our tour and thank you again for all of the support and I can't believe we hit a hundred thousand subscribers so thank you again for all of that and we'll see you next time

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