2019 Ironman World Championship: Run Course Tour on Ali’i Drive

– Morning, Trainiacs. Guess what? (water rushing) We are in Kona! It’s Ironman Hawaii World
Championship week 2019, two weeks, we are gonna live it up
over these next two weeks. We’re talking hanging out with pros. We’re talking the expo. We’re talking the race. We’re talking everything. (water rushing) Man, this is my happy place here. There’s surfers out here! It’s beautiful. (upbeat music) Figure I’ll start the trip with a run. Where better to do that than… this is the finish line, right here. (whistles) 13 days, we’re gonna see
some of the most badass stuff going on right here. Ah, that was a 10k run in
a 5.09 per kilometer pace. Not a clue what this is in miles. Don’t ask me what my heart
rate was in this heat. Not great. Also, first run I’ve
done since Atlantic City and first real exercise
I’ve done in a week since I did that five day fast. It was ugly, ugly. I also saw and chatted with
Cam Wurf down at the beach. Dude looks fit. CDA 7:46 in Italy last week. (upbeat music) (sharp exhale) It’s humid today. This would be a tough place to race. All right, I want to show
you where I’m staying here. Basically, like, right here,
that there is Ali’i Drive. We’re maybe about halfway to
the turnaround at Ali’i Drive, but over here, this is where we are. So what we’ve got here is
a two bedroom, two bath, and we will come in. And I actually didn’t realize
how nice this place was until I got in here because the pictures just don’t do it justice. So we’ve got nice, cool
master bedroom here with, this is what NTK will love, we’ve got walk-in closets here. All my bike stuff is there
and I’ve already unpacked. Vanity, private bathroom here, where bathroom things happen. Bathroom thing just
happened after that run. Nice, big, open area. Full kitchen here. Already starting to put videos together. Back here we’ve got
basically separate area for when video editor Mel gets here. She gets two beds to herself. She can probably jump back and forth and do flips and things. She’s like that. And then she has her
own bathroom over here. Probably do bathroom
things in there as well. I brought the road bike. And out here, this is what it’s all about, because out here is where
we’ve got this view. And out there, you might
not be able to see it. There you go, there’s
surfers all out there. What I think we’re gonna
do out here all this week, before it gets too crazy busy
for all the pros next week, is I think we’re gonna do
something similar to this. We’re gonna tour a bunch of pros cribs and check out their set-up. Check out where they stay. Do they stay in a ballin’ pad? Do they stay in a very small condo? What kind of gear do they bring? Do they bring just regular training gear or do they bring all their super duper, high end, any new race gear? It’s gonna be all right. And a worse case scenario,
even if we fall on our face and totally don’t do good work this week, we’re gonna not be doing
good work surrounded by that. But we’re gonna do great work. Oh, and all the videos this
week are sponsored by Roca. Go to roca.com/taren. Instead of them just like,
slapping a commercial in there, I said, “Hey, let’s do something cool.” They put together over $2,000 in prizes. You can win one of three prizes
by going to roca.com/taren. Just enter your email address. You could win a race entry
into any Ironman race that you want. Their super duper, highest
end wetsuits and floaty pads, a backpack, really cool shades
like the ones that I wear. Gonna be good.
All right, work. (upbeat music) So this here is Ali’i Drive and whereas the Queen Ka’a is hot, but it’s got actually some wind to it, so it takes a little bit of
that cool factor up a notch, this is just hot, dead air. It sits, the humidity just sits, and the heat just radiates
off the black pavement. This is some of the hardest
running I’ve ever done here. As you run back into town here, it’s right around I
think the 10, 11k mark, we start getting some hills. We just went over an uphill, we got a downhill here. Around the corner, we get
another significant uphill. And it just really toasts out the legs before the athletes get to Palani, which is right before you
get out onto the Queen Ka’a. So, just some like, just softeners, just to tenderize the legs a little bit right before you get
out onto the Queen Ka’a for the final hard stretch. (upbeat music) As we get back into town
here, first thing that you see on your left is Huggo’s on the Rocks. That’s where Breakfast with
Bob is filmed right in there. And then on the right on the
other side is a bunch of shops, which are really, really good restaurants. I mean, nothing too crazy, but the best three dollars for five tacos or five dollars for three
tacos you can get in there. Got sand volleyball, that you can grab a meal and then sit and watch sand volleyball on the side. Some smarter people might
call it beach volleyball. Then the place to see and be seen up here is Island Lava Java, nice
coffee shop, breakfast place. Upstairs, they hold
events where last year, Tower 26 did the How to
Swim the Swim course thing that we filmed for them. That’s good place. And then beyond that, basically just traffic
the entire way in town. Just a little bit past all
those shops is right here, where all of the expo will take place in this whole area here, and across over there in
these two parking lots, and then even across over
there at some of the hotels. Now, as we get up to the stop sign here, this is where the triathletes turn right to get up to Palani and
out towards the Queen Ka’a. (upbeat music) We’re now turning left
onto the Kuakini Highway, where there’s a little bit of biking and a little bit of
running that takes place. (upbeat music) Now the athletes turn right onto Palani and this is so steep
that this is where a lot of races are made or broken because that first chunk of
the run is all in the part of the marathon where
everything seems kind of fine, and here it can also seem kind of fine, but it’s right at that point where everything starts
getting a little bit hard. And if you push too hard, you
can jack up your heart rate and because the heat is so intense here, once you get out onto the Queen Ka’a, it might never come down. And Sarah True actually said that that is one of the biggest
lessons that she had from last year because she
pushed too hard going up Palani, thinking that she was doing okay, but her heart rate
climbed, never came down, and she almost fainted. (upbeat music) Now the athletes take a left
onto the Queen Ka’a Highway, and then they are out in
desolate, desolate times out here. This is where stuff gets lonely and this is where you find
out what you’re made of, ’cause this is that back half of the marathon where
everything gets tough, and out here particularly
from what I hear gets tough because it’s just long, straight, grinding stretches of heat. And that’s the Hawaii Ironman
World Championship Run Course with tour guide Taren. We’re heading to the airport. We’re picking up Jocelyn McCauley. I’m a little bit late
because of that traffic. (sucks teeth) And it’s raining. It’s supposed to be tropical paradise! It’s still pretty nice. Tell me how is it running on this course? What’s the run like? What’s going through
your head in that heat? – Well, I break up the run, so the run along Ali’i Drive is just fun because there’s a lot of people there, and I don’t think you really
notice the heat as much on Ali’i, ’cause you have
the sea breeze coming off. – Oh. – And it’s more shaded, ’cause
it’s along the beach there and so there’s trees and stuff. It doesn’t get real, I think… Like, going out to the Energy Labs, you’re like, “Wow, they’re
really far out there.” (laughter) And that’s not (mumbles),
I go into the Energy Labs, and it’s downhill into the Energy Labs, so it’s not a big deal. You go down and then you do
your little loop back up. And where I think things get real is when you exit the Energy Labs and when you’re going back home. – You’ve got what, 10k? – Yeah, about 10k to go, ish. And that’s when stuff gets
real every single year. It’s been a make or breaking
point for that race for me. So, I mean, I remember the very first time that I did this race as
an age grouper in 2014, and I remember coming
back from the Energy Labs and just like, I just want to
sit on the curb and be done. (laughter) And cry. Like… (laughs)
I just want to be done. (laughs) ‘Cause yeah,
it’s hot, you’re tired, and horrible and anyway, but you keep going ’cause you
gotta get to that finish line. So, and I mean, in 2017 when it was my first race as a pro here, it was really fun coming down Palani ’cause you fly down that hill. It’s the last mile of the course and you’re flying down that
hill and down that hill, I ran myself into 10th place
right past Mareen Hufe, and so yeah, so every
little place on the course, on that run course, has
a special memory for me. And I’m hoping to make, I’m
planning to make good memories from Energy Labs home this year. – Just knock off 3:30 kilometers. – Okay, deal. – All right. (laughter) That should work. – So I don’t know kilometer paces. – That’s a free coaching tip. – Oh, thank you, thank you. I’ll tell (mumbles). – Yeah. – No, so my last mile in 2017, to be able to run into
10th place was actually, it was like a 5:50 mile my last mile. – Ooh! – Yeah, but you’re going
downhill for Palani, you know, so… it’s that next one. – Yeah, it’s cheating. – It is cheating, yeah. – So it’s just as easy as that. Okay. – Yep, just as easy as that. – No problem. – Long answer to your question. – Good tip. And we’re here. – We are here. (laughs) (upbeat music) So, Trainiacs, the whole reason that
I’ve come here so early is because over the last few years, I’ve found that as we’ve
had more opportunities and I’ve felt this pressure to prove that we belong in the industry, last year in particular,
I said yes to everything, and it basically turned me into a bit of a jerk in Kona week, like, we were constantly doing videos. I would be in one of part of the town and then the girls would be
in the other part of the town and I was not very pleasant. It was really, really stressful and I didn’t really get to
enjoy the best week all year for us triathletes. Kind of like, it was unenjoyable. I mean, still it’s the
Ironman World Championship and it’s super cool and surreal and we’re really lucky to be here, but it was stressful. So this year, the idea is
that by coming a week earlier, it’s not so that I can do more work, it’s actually so that I can do less. And we’ve said no to just about everything and the idea is that we come
here to sprinkle in little bits of work every couple
of days here or there, say no a whole heck of a lot, and then this turns into two weeks of sharing the buildup to the race because we’re not here just one week. We don’t have to smash
everything into one week. We can share how it builds
throughout two weeks with you, and it’s a heck of a lot less
stressful and more enjoyable. Life progresses. Things change in a great way. Fun fact, you know when
athletes talk about making the right turn down Ali’i Drive and then running under the banyan tree, that’s the banyan tree. This is Poncho and Lefty’s. Right down there, just past
these flags and around, that’s where the finish line is. We eat here probably every second night ’cause they have good chips and guac. Gonna have good chips and guac. Hey! – Do you like something to drink? – A sparkling water? – Sparkling water. – And some chips and guac. – Chips and guac, okay. – Yeah. – So that’s it, Trainiacs. Go to roca.com/taren. Enter to win one of a total of over $2,000 in fabulous cash and prizes, just prizes. It’s Kona! Let’s go!

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