2019 Neonatal & Pediatric Transport Award of Excellence – Air St. Luke’s MatCh Team

The Neonatal & Pediatric Transport Award of
Excellence is sponsored by Airborne Transport Incubators and is given in recognition of
the significant contributions to overall enhancement of neonatal/pediatric transport patient care. We are excited to announce the 2019 winner
– Air St. Luke’s of Boise, Idaho. The Air St. Luke’s Maternal Child Transport
Team, or MatCh team, has a long history of providing safe, critical care transports for
neonatal, pediatric and high-risk obstetrics patients in one of the most remote mountainous
regions in the US. The team configured the first two patient
ambulances in the region that allows an isolette and gurney to be inside the at the same time. With many responses to high-risk OB patients,
this allows the cross-trained team to be ready for any patient situation. The team has implemented use of the baby board
for all infant transports instead of car seats, to allow smaller infants to be moved safely
with easier access to the patient. To ensure patient safety during the highest
risk moment of transport, the patient hand-off, the team uses the SBAR method and also takes
the initiative to train referral facilities in this technique, so everyone speaks the
same language when it comes to patient safety. One of the cornerstones of the Air St. Luke’s
is the long-standing relationships the team has built with their hospital-based specialists
and was one of the first to submit data to the Ground Air Medical Quality Transport Quality
Improvement Collaborative. The Air St. Luke’s MatCh team is made up
of only the highest-quality representatives of nursing and respiratory therapists. Who join the team with tremendous experience
in their field of care, and they go through a rigorous months-long process of additional
training learning how to react and anticipate a broad range of scenarios. This team is coveted for their excellence,
diligence, and dedication to their art. They are the team you would want if your child
needed medical transport. Please congratulate this year’s winner of
the Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Award of Excellence – the Air St. Luke’s Maternal
Child Transport Team!

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