4 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Welcome everybody to today’s session
today’s video is gonna be directed toward seasonal depression or holiday
depression and anxiety the holidays for many people can be a time of happiness
enjoy they look forward to spending time with family and friends and to just kind
of the spirit of the holiday season but for many of you it’s not that season of
happiness and joy it’s really a season of dread and depression and anxiety and
that can come for a variety of reasons most common reasons are people have
experienced some sort of loss either around this time of year or throughout
the year that the memories of these people create again feelings of
depression and sadness and hopelessness these losses can come through death of a
loved one through divorce or just a strange ‘men from family members that
were not connected to any more friends that we’ve lost contact with or we can
also just not get along with our families or our in-laws and really not
want to spend a lot of time around them because when we do there’s drama there’s
tension there’s fighting there’s arguing and we just don’t want to subject
ourselves to that environment and so that can be a stressor around this time
of year so this video I want to give those of you that struggle this time of
year the skills and tools to get through it in a more healthy way I’m not saying
these skills and tools are gonna take all the anxiety all the depression all
the sadness away what I do believe is that these skills and tools will give
you the opportunity to get through it in a healthier and hopefully even a happier
way so let’s jump right into these tools the first one is support support is
essential when going through tough times we need to have people in our lives that
we can go to an talk to and share our thoughts and our
feelings with people that won’t judge us or people that won’t vote us up with a
lot of advice and things that we should do or shouldn’t do but will truly be
there to listen to us that can be some family that can be friends that can even
be a therapist or a counselor that you’re talking to or that you may want
to talk to either way talking to someone and getting in and out and being able to
share this with someone else is a huge skill and tool and I would strongly
encourage you if you’re struggling with depression and anxiety this time of year
now first case scenarios and you really believe you don’t want to have anybody
to talk to please you can call this number anytime 24/7 and there will be
trained professionals there to talk to you and give you some other skills and
tools to get through this this time of your life just don’t try to get through
it alone when we try to do things on our own by ourselves we usually struggle or
we usually fall into unhealthy behaviors or unhealthy coping ways to get through
it so there’s challenge number one find someone to talk to someone that will
love you support you and listen to you the next tool is self-care and this can
be difficult when you’re feeling depression and these other feelings but
it’s really important that you take time for yourself give the gift of self-care
to yourself this season do something for you do something that you find enjoyable
relaxing or just something that will lift your spirits and can get you
through this time in a healthier way now it’s really important to focus on
healthy self-care activities because this also can be a time where people
turn to unhealthy coping skills such as increased drinking or substance use or
other destructive behaviors that ultimately will not make us feel better
sure it’ll take the feelings away in the moment and if you do struggle with
diction and this time of year also increases that addictive behavior please
watch my video series on understanding addiction because we don’t want this
time of year to also be marred through the pain and struggle that comes from
addictive behaviors so we really want to find those things that are healthy that
are enjoyable and that really means something to us that’s self-care so
again give yourself the gift of healthy self care this season another really
effective tool to practice this time of year to overcome the feelings of
depression and anxiety that come with the holidays is giving service to others
service is a natural way to make us feel better I don’t know a human being out
there in the world it doesn’t feel better when they give
service to someone else it doesn’t even always have to be people
you can give service to animals and animal shelters if that’s your interest
but whatever the case is helping someone or something else out to make their day
better their life happier you can’t help but feel happy yourself it works I
promise now is it gonna take all your depression
anxiety away again like I said before no I don’t expect to will but it will make
you feel better so find some opportunities to give service to someone
else this holiday season the final skill and tool I want to talk about is
gratitude gratitude is a powerful tool in overcoming feelings of depression
many authors and many speakers have talked about the power of gratitude and
if you’ve practiced it and you’ve really sat down and thought about the things
that you’re grateful in your life then you’ve seen the power of it in your life
Rhonda Byrne the author of the secret also wrote a book called the magic and
the magic is gratitude and she has a great twenty day program in
practicing gratitude so that can be an effective tool to helping you practice
gratitude in different ways and can keep you focused on the things that you’re
grateful for over the next 28 days or so so it’s a resource that I highly
recommend in practicing gratitude but even if you don’t use this resource you
can just take time every day to list a few things that you’re grateful for or
you can sit down and just brainstorm an entire list at once any way you want to
do it I strongly encourage and challenge you to take the time to practice
gratitude and to be aware of and think and ponder about all the things that
you’re grateful for in your life I know there’s some we all have something to be
grateful for that I can guarantee so there are four things that you can do
this holiday season to hopefully lift your spirits and to make them not so
dreadful or depressing or anxiety-producing
get support talk to someone that will listen to you and support you practice
self-care give yourself the gift of self-care this season give service give
of your time in helping someone else or something else have a better day and
finally write down everything that you’re grateful for on a regular basis
put it up so you can see it regularly and so those thoughts and those things
that you’re grateful for are on your mind on a regular basis I hope this was
helpful if it was please subscribe to my channel and give it a thumbs up but most
importantly please make a comment please let me know what you liked or what other
ways that you have found to beat the holiday blues in your life and also
share this with someone else who may be struggling this time of year it can be a
happy time of year it can be a time of joy and happiness and peace in your life
there is that hope please put forth the effort to make it that time of year for
you until next time make it a great day and make it a great week

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