[4K] 해쉬 스완의 킬링벌스를 라이브로! Airplane mode, 알렉산더처럼 왕, High Beam, Dante, Bition Boyz, 발할라, 비워

Hello, I’m Hash Swan I’ve finally been invited to Dingo’s Killing Verse I thought a lot about which verses I should present so I hope that you enjoy And at the end, there is a snippet of an unannounced, new song so please listen till the end I’ll start Airplane mode (Feat. Leellamarz)
[Peridot] (2019) Airplane mode (Feat. Leellamarz)
[Peridot] (2019)
The hot winter has passed, Yeah The hot winter has passed, Yeah the cold summer has come I probably can’t go back I know I’m tryin so wait plz I’m tryna runnin so wait plz But really sorry It goes on she probably doesn’t know Cuz she’s on airplane mode leaving you, I’m flying off whereabouts are you are you in the middle of a flight leaving you, I’m flying off whereabouts are you are you in the middle of a flight Airplane mode cherry blossoms are prettier because they’re short-lived we blossomed like that like the colours, we rapidly flared and scattered your words, ‘nothing last forever’ means that thought won’t last forever, too well, since we’ve come too far you’re probably on airplane mode or it may be that I’m on airplane mode let me at least be like this I’m scared that I may not have been graceful so I can’t listen to what you have to say Wang Like Alexander (Feat. GRAY)
[Alexandrite] (2018) Wang Like Alexander (Feat. GRAY)
[Alexandrite] (2018)
Like Alexander Like Alexander Yeah Like Alexander I’m a king Like Alexander I’m a king Like Alexander I’m a king The person who made this song is GRAY I put on the ring I bought yesterday and say one more tomorrow Ma mama says oh ma god when she opens, inside my Mendoza whatever they do, I can tell just by looking they’re posers I won’t ever get tricked it’s like they’re inside a square box giving a weather forecast see, see which of us is better, mirror girls wearing showy belts, hurry here these days, carry I a gun instead of a knife when I take out that gun even when I wear a plain white tee, like Alexander, king everybody needs to start by trying, it’s normal to be shy wearing new clothes for the first time challenges erase our Google Earth above your friend’s head, question marks trends come and go like our fashion everyone else’s lack of action is a new concept to me don’t make others feel and don’t be over-conscious like when I first started music that way I can wear clothes that suit me if I want to know if something suits me, I first try it on if, by chance, someone else’s judgment scares you, then like that, hide all your life Ay nobody can, in my life intervene Yeah Yeah Yeah same things No way way way that way Be ur favorite thing if I only have white and black I’ll mix it Gray Gray Grey possibly I’m so bad bad bad for the ordinary you Like Alexander, I’m a king Alexander Wang Wang Wang Wang Like Alexander, king Alexander Wang Wang Wang Wang Ay Like Alexander, I’m a king Alexander Wang Wang Wang Wang Like Alexander, king Alexander Wang Ay Alexander High Beam (Feat. Swervy)
[Peridot] (2019) Ay Ay High Beam Eyes be High Beam Eyes be Hi frog, riding riding My dolls, Icey Icey make eye contact, Eyes be Eyes be shoot, high beam Hi frog, riding My dolls, Icey Icey make eye contact, Eyes be shoot, high beam high beam Be more Icey Eskimo’s Mayday call Be more Icey Eskimo’s Mayday call Call 911 911 911 911 wee woo wee woo High Beam Eyes be High Beam Eyes be wee woo wee woo New LV on neck, collect ksubi I run more, further, my shoes are going to get worn out again, Where’s insulin Swan bet and sell, careful this, *itch, is Venice teacher, if you use your head on a picture you don’t know *hit about I’ll probably “lol” probably “lol” screw politics, shoot them all off, Buffalo bill if they talk stories about needless love, they’re already a ballad artist it’s okay, it’s because they’ve never loved before Yo Cold as *uck Who’s you? Hey there, Illusion? I guess maybe Reindeer Rudolph I need more snow how I bury you I thought am I billi train in cold weather, whistle preet preet preet preet preet preet preet Yeah I’m in stupid city, cowardly *itches flock together I do it on my own with my bosses Illy even if i pick up another car, I’m still hot, still from a milli I’m dozing, it’s lame these *itches are all CG cause they live on Cymera real is behind the green screen you’re standing by just for show I’m also on TV even if ice melts, snowman payback I’m still hot but our Eskimo friend’s Mayday Dante
[Peridot] (2019) Dante
[Peridot] (2019)
Ay Ay I feel like a Dante Ok I can say God bless u Bless u On your face, no make up Make up Now I know how to feel Navy Oxygen’s flavor Oxygen’s flavor Ok I can say God bless u On your face, no make up Now I know how to feel while I’m writing poems, from hell to heaven Feel like a Dante till the 24th floor, Feel like a Dante Feel like a Dante I’m still writing, Feel like a Dante Feel like a Dante from hell to heaven, Feel like a Dante I feel like I’ve become Dante, I made it 16’s bursh pen, I’m with it there’s not enough information to come to a conclusion shut up before publication, shut your mouth Miffy still somebody trusts me, it may have been a bait I put my earned money on it, more, more, feed the kitty I decant the me of my twenties, before I forget, in advance Feel like a Dante, when I publish, they’re, as always, Illy I don’t speak, don’t speak Cuz look at DMs, all *ssholes rather paparazzi to be honest, I earned a *uck lot to be calling it hell but those thoughts came to me, far as *uck finally on the 1st page Yeouido, Quiett heaven park the front, before I write a book, valet my mom hoped Want me to be alchemist in the end, the gold around with wrist From IMF Do I deserve? Do I deserve? those thoughts are possibly dangerous I still write Like I feel Dante splatters on false emotions Like it’s Misery the manuscripts out it’ll become real if I protect it possibly their diaries too may have been fiction to begin with Bition Boyz (With. ASH ISLAND, Keem Hyo-eun, CHANGMO)
[Bition Boyz] (2019) We the bition boyz We the bition boyz every road we take exceptionally moving walk from Gimpo to Guri, Deokso, Busan, our boss is a glass cup hiding Sakura on a table stacked with money Bition We do not need cabbies Boro gold in the frog, dreaming you’s parody curious about my tomorrow, She take me her Mercedes Wait Why does she hate to be Kevin money rain falls excessively, it’s like the rainy season everyday when I age my knees will probably go out first I still need to receive more I need *uckin’ Jarvis I feel like an Iron man I took all your clients, splurge more, I’m never denied, to *ssholes nonsense Self *uckin’ made profit She twerk it like
Miley beside me 1llibition for life like my life for aior Rollie from the Calvin Klein Cadillac to Navy frog from boiled tap water to Evian instead of stomach acid I pour Bombay Sappah 1llibition err time 1llibition err time Alexandrite, I did it on that girl’s mind, calligraphy Valhalla (Feat. Hash Swan & Yami Tommy)
[ASH] (2019) Ay Valhalla like haze, burned out cigarette Where is ma *uckin valhalla the ceiling is our shield, everyday beautifully I wish it burns and shines bright, Valhalla Valhalla Still living in Valhalla from 1llibition Yeouido Asgard here is forever young every night make it the colour of grapes BombaySapphire Yeah that’s our primetime iPod made quiet night to your question, my dawn answers, you can’t become Hans Landa riding the carriage, a Carrera of dawn’s colours, weave a Laurel wreath as I’ve been wishing since before I’m not interested in fantasy, only Neumann takes me to Valhalla Yeah God blessin’ silver cup on wrist I did it Yeah *itch I’m with it, I still fall short so I need it I need it I need it More and more I need to shine, even in the late evening inside this palace’s mirror some idiots became foxes trash it here, I’ll probably pour wine there I’m in Valhalla, solely ceiling that my history has been is reflected on the chandeliers Unannounced Collaborative Song
[Dingo X AMBITION MUSIK] (2019.06.28 Release) Yeah Ay Ay Wait check plz, where are you, I’m this way I’m going for a drink, care to come? we need an alarm more than a calculator we’ll get wasted the same, We ain’t Babi doll Wings with the beer Wine with quesadilla it’s okay, you drink as much as you can clear those empty bottles, honestly 2nd round is easy don’t worry, our slurring is content in our industry Hm, Bition, Pied Piper I, too, occasionally get fooled by yesterday’s hangover need hangover cures, every time I call again if you watch our life on video Thank you Our new song I hope you listen to it lots Thank you

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  1. 요 이거 논스탑 찐라이브라고~~~ 갱갱🤟🤟
    너무 잘해도 문제지 뭐야… CD 말고 다른 맛난거 먹어 형 ㅠ
    (비워 벌스 때 웃은건 앞에 창모가 장난쳐서 그럼😂😂)

    0:29 Airplane Mode
    1:50 알렉산더처럼 왕
    3:33 High Beam
    5:23 Dante
    6:54 Bition Boyz
    7:35 발할라
    8:51 비워

    '비워' 멜론 바로듣기 : http://kko.to/pXXhWlajB

    '비워' 지니 바로듣기 : http://genie.co.kr/B720O8

    '비워' 벅스 바로듣기 : https://m.bugs.co.kr/track/31636209

    '비워' FLO 바로듣기 : http://flomuz.io/s/bMhN

  2. 하… 진짜 편안한 텐션 같은데 은근 빡센 그 앰비션 특유 텐션이 너무 좋아… 그런 의미로 해쉬스완 사랑해… ㅜㅜ

  3. 내 혈액형이 뭔지 앎? 덕광형이라고 한덕광처돌이라서 혈액형은 덕광형임 한덕광 사랑해 당신은 보물이야

  4. 아니 해쉬 너무 좋아 죽겠다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 해쉬 한 번 만나고 싶다 ㅜㅜ 많이 사랑ㅇ합니다 나 배경도 해쉬야 ㅜㅠ

  5. I feel like Hash is really underrated but like do you hear the beats he make? The way he raps and sings?! ITS TO DIE FOR 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩

  6. 아 해쉬 ㄹㅇ 잘생겼어 착하구 아 그리고 아 진짜 라이브가 미쳤어…..이거 맨날 들으러 온다

  7. 진짜 노래도 그렇고 목소리도 그렇고 처음으로 빠졌다 원래 래퍼는 조아하는데 래퍼가 부른 노래는 잘 안듣지만ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 해쉬 스완은 이번에 노래도 마니 들으겟다 이 영상 본게 정말 다행이다

  8. 내가 하이빔 불러봤는데 구수한 트로트가 … 쏴버려~ 하이빔~ 이건 해쉬만 소화할 수있는 거였어ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ

  9. 아니 시작하기전에 손꾸락 꼼지락 거리는거 존나 귀여운데 햅시작하니까 존나 잘생겼어 머쪄♡

  10. ㄹㅇ 라이브인지 음원틀어놓은거인지… 구분이안갈정도로 너무잘하는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 2:27 난 여기가 왤케 까리하고좋은지모르겠어… 벨트가 드러나게입은 여잔어서와~ 하면서 눈 찌뿌리면서 랩하는게 아 해쉬…..진짜ㅠㅠㅜ

  12. 계속 들으러 오게돼,, 처음에 반지만지작 넘 귀엽잖아요..<3<3 나중에 라디오 진행해도 녹을 목소리 ㅠ~ㅠ

  13. 아 진짜 해쉬 개조아 아니 으아아아가ㅏㄲ 쇼미6때 처음 안게 너무 슬픈 힙알못ㅜㅠㅠ 그냥 해쉬 개조으니까ㅜㅜㅜㅜ하 인스타 맨날 염탐만 하는게 한이다 진짜

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