5 minute month – cardio routine #1 with Debbie

OK, welcome to your next five minute workout. This time we’re going to do a little bit of cardio. Take the options if you need to – but have some fun. So, level one – we’re starting with a march. Chest up – and if you know the words, feel free to sing along. Now level two starts with a twist. But at any time, you can come back to the march – to level one. But if levels one and two are way too easy – we’ve now got a third. And it’s a light jog. So you choose what’s right for you. At any time, come back to level one or level two. Easy. Keep it coming, nice and light on your feet. Ok, move number two. Heels. So we start off nice and easy at level one. We keep the chest up. We learn the move – and then we get in the groove. [Laughter] You’d think I’d been practicing this all night wouldn’t you? So level two has got a little hop. But remember at any time, come back to level one – and think about your posture. And if you want, level three – these are called ‘mummy kicks’. But you’ve still got those level one or level two options. And we’re going to do 60 seconds for each one of these exercises. Who’s ready for move number three? Do we know? Step touch! I think Hollywood for me next! Ok – I’ve got a feeling you’re all with me. So level one. Level two – just a little hop, side-to-side – perfect. But remember, you’ve always got the level one option. And if you want level three – it looks like this. It’s a little jump, side-to-side. But as you land, bend your knees. But you’ve still got option one – or option two. Keep going! Ok, move number three – feet apart, chest up. Sit. Stand. I think this is move number four, not number three! I can’t count! So sit, stand. So, level one. Level two – a little hop, at the top. Remember you can stay with one – straight back, chest up. Beautiful And if you want level three – it’s a hop squat! And if you want, you can go ‘ribbit!’ Or, stay with one. Or two. Easy! Who’s ready for move number five? Yes? This way, chest up, shoulders back. Level one. Level two – remember you can stay at one. Keep it coming! One, or two with a hop. And if you want level three – it’s your last 20 seconds – it’s here! But make sure – heels down, knees in line and chest up. Keep it coming! Remember your options! You’ve got ten seconds. 9 8 7 6 5 4 2 [Applause] That’s your second five minute workout! Good job!

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