[Laughter] when do I say it you want to do the uh anytime you were kind of switching between things alright ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard this flight today we're headed out to Los Angeles crude weather others showing a pretty play this guy what did I make the best pilot guys welcome back to my channel we've got a real life pilot here hey oh how you doing my name is Kelsey I'm a 747 pilot I do a lot of cargo flying and I also do passenger flying if you're not familiar with what a 747 is it's that double stacked aircraft it's got that hump in the beginning fin and we have about 500 passengers or more when we're flying passengers we're doing a collaboration pilot Kelsey here is going to tell us the five most annoying things that flight attendants do to pilots and then so on his channel it's gonna be the five most annoying things that pilots do to flight attendant and my list went on so long I was really hard to pick the top five when I actually originally asked her to do this her first text response to me was do I have to stop at five so his channel is seven four gear for 747 aircrafts right that's correct yeah seven four gear and all that information is down low so also guys outtakes and silliness on our Instagram stories alright so we'll go with the first one I know you know this one is when you call us and ask us to keep changing the temperature every everyone it's really hot okay it's like I don't know yes yes and when like the flight attendants in the main cabin who are like in the back of the aircraft will call the pilots like hey can you turn it up we're a little bit hot back here we're a little bit cold and then the flight attendants in the front don't know that the that the flight attendants in the back I've already called so then you guys get like multiple calls and the thing isn't a lot of aircraft there's not like zones it's like one main knob so you guys like I'm hot I'm cold it's like okay but I've also seen platitudes where you guys have like a temp like you can go a little bit couple degrees one way oh yeah yeah some of the newer aircrafts have that we can do it ourselves now like we can put a rate the main range and then you can fine-tune it next all right that's a tiniest font ever okay I don't want it I want a peak I can't I can't even see it's just tiny okay the next one is is that when we make a PA and we tell everybody hey we're parking at this gate or things like that and then 30 seconds later you call up and go what gate are we parking at because there's two things here one we just made the announcement and two on your phone that you have the app of your airline you can also see what get your parking yet um let that be a lesson to you that we're not paying attention to your pee ace we totally do that we definitely the pilot will say oh we've got about an hour left in flight or we're gonna be landing here and then somebody will call right away wait where are we going oh I don't know I just forgot yep I'll agree with that one okay number three all right let's go number three I know you do this one I know you do this one oh gosh so it's 5 a.m. in the van and we're headed out to the plan that's all crack down on Mountain Dew like oh my god like Starbucks it's just so quiet and you're just trying to like you just woke up cuz usually I wake up like very minimal time I usually wake up not but I don't think me very long to get ready so I usually do everything on there early wake up and then just cruise down so I'm still half asleep and there's always one planet in the back who's just like that I think it's something that okay okay sometimes if I wake up and I'm like okay normally it's you wake up with a lot of energy so if I get in the van I fill it out and see if there's another flight attendant who like wants to talk to me and then I'm like oh game on let's start talking and like having fun and if everybody does look really tired of it's like a 4:00 a.m. pickup I won't be talking in the van and if I haven't had my coffee if there's like not coffee in the room or I woke up late then I'll be quiet but I don't like to be okay I'll buy that now because I fly 747 we do mostly long-haul international flying and fly defense we'll have like 15 to 18 flight attendants with us on a flight whoa 18 flight attendants whoa so what 18 made there might be steamy friends dead okay the number two most annoying things that flight attendants to do is getting you off the plane so we can get off the plane and through customs and one of my what one of the flight attendants said to me if I know I know it's like herding cats and it's true to try to get everybody off it's like wait where did trying to go where did Susie go like trying to get everybody together together she's like oh she's in the bathroom and I'm thinking we just had 15 hours in play why didn't you go to the bathroom before so that's that is annoying to get everybody off the plane and through the customs and into the van it's true when we land we've got all this time in flight but when we land it's like we have to do everything we have to check you know our luggage we have to go to the restroom we have to get a bottle of water we have to like pick up this piece of trash that we see on the floor it is so hard to get all the flight attendants off the aircraft it could be difficult and I always wonder like why are you getting your bag figured out like you're like shuffling stuff left in your bags right now like over here and I'm looking at them like from the end of it from the flight deck look you back like what are you doing that right now for it let's just go to the hotel and then you can rearrange everything okay number one guys number one most annoying thing that we do I'm like biting my nails okay all right so the number one most annoying thing that happens and this is just my experience is we can't leave the flight deck until you guys come in so we call back and say I need to leave the flight deck and they'll say oh we're in the middle meal service we'll get you in a few minutes and then totally forget and you're sitting up there and then over your noise-cancelling headphones you can hear them giggling or talking up in the galley and you're like oh my god I need a piece of bed but maybe they're still doing meal service I'll just wait and then it's like 45 minutes and then you're thinking this has to be over but I hate interrupting you when you're working so then I'll call back and go uh hey oh yeah I'm sorry I forgot I'm like that's fine my bladders about to explode but no big deal I'll just sit up here that's that's definitely whatever I am so guilty I think so guilty of this they've called back and been like we need a bathroom break I'm like okay okay I'll call you back when we're ready and there'll be like a passenger in the bathroom so I'm like okay we gotta wait for that passenger to go out and then by the time that passenger goes out maybe me and another flight attendant are like telling the story and then we forget and then another prostitute goes in and then we forget again so yeah guilty and then like over my nose cancelling headphones I can hear you through the bulletproof door all the way in the galley over the roar of the engines how much fun you're having and all I can do is say oh my gosh I just want to get a seat yeah so that's the most annoying thing that we do yeah cuz your trap you're trapped up there yeah so you're trapped up there and you can't get out and you don't want to be Maggie like I want to go now you don't want to do at least I don't want to do that so I just wait and wait and wait and then so you want the bonus wine so I don't know I don't know if this happens with you guys but is when you hide the good snacks like we get on the plane we used to have when we fly passengers we'd have these I forget if it was in Newark they had these really good sunflower seed cookies which I know sounds super weird they were so good and the flight attendants knew we loved them and they would hide them so I'd get on I go I know I got catered with the sunflower seed cookies no no we didn't get those so yeah or we have beef jerky for a while urging beef jerky yeah no beef jerky and they'd be like no there wasn't any and then in flight I could smell that beef jerky through the door they'd be eating it so I'm gonna plead the fifth hiding the good snack not cool and in fact deny and deny that that claim all right so those really were probably pretty accurate so Thank You Kelsey for putting that all out there and then of course if you guys want to see the five most annoying things and a bonus that pilots do what to annoy flight attendants that is on Kelsey's Channel seven four gear and if you guys have annoying things that flight attendants or pilots do leave that down below so that we can butter ourselves so we can work on those things right you can get better exactly like I'm sure we don't really do anything that annoys passengers no Kathy you put your smile face on that's my smile that is my smile face that I don't know that's why I'm in the flight deck because that's my smell fear what's your smile face ah I don't have a smiling face I'm telling you so always be nice to your flight attendant and I guess your pilot's bye guys thanks for watching can you see like we're in Top Gun right now I'm Val Kilmer what's his name nice man I'm nice men I see it's nice man nice man Ice Man I'm Ice Man okay we're not talking about your food things okay that's being cut out that lipstick in my teeth no watching your thinking do you not know how we're never go full anything okay best pilot impression [Laughter] okay that is my smiley face though okay

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  1. Omg it makes me so happy to see a male pilot named Kelsey, My name is Kelsey and I have been given trouble all my life about having a girly name. Pilots always have such perfect names. This helped me a lot as I am going through flight training and there names are always so dam perfect lol

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  3. Really enjoyed this video. Rarely see or hear of the interaction with the pilots on channels by Flight Attendants. This was fun to hear the workplace interaction between the crew. I enjoyed the video on Kelsey's channel, too.

  4. Dont worry, Kelsey, your smiley face is cute! It was cool to see a different side of your personality with this collaboration.

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  7. I'm a big fan of Kelsey. Glad you made this video because the two vids were fun AND it introduced me to your channel. Hope I like the rest of your stuff. This was great!

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