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  1. I totally agree about tips. Honestly, why is it that only a few occupations get tips when the rest of the people don't get a nickel extra. Oh, being a waiter is hard! Really? I had a summer job standing on HOT asphalt, right out of the truck, raking the stones out of it before it got compressed by the road roller, 200 degrees, plus being out in the hot summer sun. Now THAT was a hard job. Did I get a tip? Nothing besides being told to ' stay hydrated '. Tipping some but not all is total B.S. either EVERYONE gets a tip or NO ONE gets a tip. No one should be left out, and there are a lot of jobs out there that are one hell of a lot harder than being a waiter.

  2. Item #1 – The US is the 3rd or 4th largest country geographically, having a national rail system tying all cities together will never happen.

    Item #2 – Tipping or TIPS (To Insure Proper Service) to rewarding the server of doing an above average job. Paying a higher or “Proper” wage equates higher prices.

    Item #3 – Sales tax- City/County/State to add to a product. Having it build in would be impossible.

    Item #4 – Access to Healthy Food – It called a Grocery store or a garden. In other words, you may have to prepare the food yourself.

    Item #5- Internet Access – I just traveled to Berlin, and the internet service was lousy, at best. Nothing is perfect,

    You are a typical whining ass “snowflake” who believes everything is owed to you. From one American to another, if you don’t
    like America, LEAVE NOW and take you whinny ass friends with you. What you are advocating is the you “owed” all the items you outlined. Sounds like you are a Socialist. May I suggest you make a trip to Venezuela and witness he failure of Socialism.

  3. The thing with tourist locations is they’ve taken the fun out of them there goal is to take every last dollar you have in anyway they can. Do yourself a favor and stay at home it’s all in your head anyway most generally you need a vacation after your vacation!

  4. Sales tax goes toward government funding programs, that being said the government won't spend money on a wide range of public transportation…but we love the freedom of driving our own cars….people depend on tipping to make a good wage, go back to wherever you moved to..dumb…

  5. STOP with the campaign against tipping please. Being a waiter was one of the best jobs I had because my hard work was actually rewarded the harder and better I worked. If tips are taken away then it will be just another horribly underpaid soul destroying job. Pampered, coastal know-it-alls with good intentions are ruining this country one righteous idea at a time

  6. I'm from the US but grew up in Europe. Totally agree. And it takes some getting used to moving back. Can't the REAL price just be rolled up – yep, it'll cost more but no surprises. And I hate the entire tipping thing – I rely on tips and my wages suffer when I get customers from other countries (even if they live here now). Tipping should be for excellent service, not to just cover wages because employers are cheap. You forgot to mention we are the last to do anything and how our security of credit/debit cards stink. Europe has had pin-and-chip forever now and we are finally coming on board with it. Drove me crazy traveling in Europe and had to go to the counter for everything as my debit and credit cards wouldn;t work at kiosk. Transportation options are pretty decent in the Northeast – DC to Boston but the NYC area is the most robust…

  7. What an idiot. "If you are traveling anywhere outside of New York, you are going to need a car". I guess she never visited Boston, San Francisco, or Chicago.

  8. 2:51 and sometimes different places within that state. For example Pennsylvania is 6% tax but the city of Philadelphia is 7%.

  9. Okay, so I don't actually disagree about the transportation sucking… But, most of our bigger cities have made a pretty good go of train and bus transportation. Some that you've missed… Washington, DC; Atlanta, Ga; San Diego, Ca isn't bad. For slightly smaller cities, Albany, NY (the tri-city area) does a decent job, some of the Chicago suburbs, including NW Indiana are making a valiant effort. Unfortunately, part of the failing infrastructure, and failing funding for infrastructure keeps these transit systems from growing into the great assets they COULD be!

  10. I'm certain that you're not as familiar as you may believe. Being a waitress…and relying on "tips" to live by, as so very many other people, including Americans do, you would be well aware that in that biz oh so very many people will and often already have placed a 10-15-and 20 percent place of info on the check. Particularly for foreigners as we are well acclimated to the idea that others-even those in the SI (some sadly even pretend) that it's just oh so complicated to understand the act of kindness in giving someone who was kind to you a gesture of goodwill.
    To that end many of these type of workers who rely on acts of kindness from even those outside their homeland will give "less than required" or less then they would want service/food and anything under the idea of getting the generosity that we get in return.
    Hopefully, this will come to an agreement in the future, as being a waitress yourself, you know that almost all are paid well below min. wage and poverty level in the hopes that small kindness will fulfill a large gap. Almost everyone everywhere has or had someone in their life who lived that role.
    I've paid my dues, promotionally and physically in that area. I now go to a higher standard of tipping and expectations when I don't eat @ my home. In the future I hope that others reading this get a better understanding. I'd like the same.
    Thank you
    C mi Mundo

  11. You mean "Public" transportation. There are plenty of cars, rent one. I'm with you, I'm against forced tipping. We know there is sales tax, things a tourist should learn before visiting. We're expected learn about forgine customs and laws before visiting other countries, reciprocate. If these are the worse things you can find to complain about as a tourist visiting the US then it must be a pretty great place. You should know this, you're an American.

  12. You are making a mountain out of a molehill with the tipping thing. It shouldn't be confusing to anyone. Just know what the deal is and fricking DO IT! I'm sick of all the You Tubes that drone on and on about how weird tipping is. Just ado the simple math, add 10 or 15% on and be done with it. Jeeeeeeesus!

  13. Canada tips too. Why are you making it an American thing. I'm sure that out of the 200 counties in the world we're not the only 2 tipping nations. I have tipped in many countries I vacationed, and nobody looked at me like it's weird.

  14. As a non American

    1.We’re used to walking and if it’s far then we will pay the money to go that distance. No problem.
    2. Tipping is pretty easy to understand…
    3. Sales tax happens in most places.
    4. So you can’t find vegetables in a supermarket? Even fast food places do salads and stuff. Supermarkets also provide healthy food you can just piece together and put in a box.
    5. Okay the internet is actually pretty much the same everywhere. Just some places spend more money on better internet, some dont.

    Five things tourists actually hate:

    1. Constantly paranoid about guns and getting shot.
    2. Seeing teenagers drive around their cars like maniacs
    3. Homophobic and racist comments are more common in America.
    4. Extremely huge portions which no one can actually eat and it just wastes your money.
    5. Americans trying to imitate your accent when they see you (mainly if you’re British)

  15. Most countries have tipping. Ever go on vacation and tip the waiters, baggage carriers and most other service workers? I took a cruise and on the last day found envelopes in my cabin, one for tipping the wine steward another the housekeeper then one for the waiter and another for the bus boy. We always tip waitresses or waiters because their pay is low and we're generous.

  16. I was all ready to be pissed off about this. But You're Right ! On all of these. I always knew those bastards were slowing down my internet.

  17. on a more serious note I hate the fact that Americans have become so greedy so self-absorbed and so hypnotized by these Asian made phones that have done just what the government hire them to do create video games and create the cell phone to keep Americans mind off of what the government is doing and that's exactly what they do.

  18. Tipping? Why is America still supporting the slave trade? Sales tax? How else can they rip you off! Healthcare? Only America thinks keeping its people healthy is Communist!

  19. What about the legendary Greyhound busses? There are rules for tipping, I assume. Yes, in the rest of the world the sales tax is added in the selling price. Healthy food I can agree on. Thats 2nd world level in the US. If you want fast internet you have to go to Korea. 786mbit 15 years ago.

  20. 5 things usa is bad why you came usa mtf bitch how dare you talking about why usa giver hater immigrants

  21. 1. Everyone has a car or horse where I live (NV).
    2. You hit that on the dot. Agreed!
    3. Sales tax is also different by county. It’s too much work to label prices that’ll be different literally everywhere they’re shipped.
    4. True! This is why poor Americans have horrible problems with obesity. Only the successful can survive!
    5. It differs place to place, definitely. In CA, I had great connection. NV has horrible internet, in part due to the amount of mountains and the dinosaur lawmakers who still think dial-up is efficient.

    This was a good critique, and I can’t understand why you would get hatred.

  22. Now I feel like my dad shouldn't had served in the military in Afghanistan Rip dad thank you so much 😢😢

  23. most people in usa deny to help others who need help,they're too busy to live ig(there may be an emergency,who knows)
    (it wont apply to everyone out there)
    English is not my native language and i know i am dumb to judge people

  24. I am American I moved over to Japan when I was 20 years old I now am 22 I can speak fluent Japanese and in a few more years I'll get my citizenship and I have a beautiful Japanese girlfriend<3

  25. Living in Amerikkka as a ( non rich or ghetto stereotype), black person is absolute hell. I can't wait to get out of this hateful place.

  26. As an American the 3 things I hate about America
    1. Our obsession with race is annoying as fuck whether for better or worse. who cares if Joe is black, white, or tan. As long he is a good person. It not necessary to attach stereotypes or perceived beliefs unto a person you never truly met! Example: If you catch a black woman angry one day, dumb racists people assume that's how all black women are. No, you simply caught her on a bad day like if you saw a white woman angry that day. Ironically I have seen more angry white women in a day than a black woman be angry. It's all in character not race.
    2. Unhealthy Food choices and enabling unhealthy eating in children.
    3. Finally, We destroy our physical environment with trash, chemicals, and pollution.

  27. One thing I hate: People from the US thinking guns= only protection method. Guy here in Australia had chairs and a milk crate placed on him (he was on meth and wielding a machete killing two women and looking for his dealer I heard)

  28. Some americans overreact too much. When they get sauce on their finger they're like "ew" while i just lick it off and wash my finger later.

  29. i hate america so much and american people they try to act clever on their stupid distracks their like Oh IM sO CleVEr AnD iM BEttEr ThAn PeOPle

  30. 1. Transportation. You need to look at the cost-effectiveness of transportation within small towns and between towns. It is not like Europe and Asia has it problems with its transportation.

    2. Tipping?? Are you really serious?

    3. Sales Tax. Good point. It should be included in the price.

    4. Healthy fast food. Good point but does Europe does it better?

    5. Internet. You do not need to upload a lot of data.

  31. Another annoying thing worth mentioning is the fact you cannot purchase alcohol everywhere, cannot drink a beer in every restaurant, and cannot drink in public.

  32. You would prefer to be a tourist in Russia and we don't give a damn how other countries do it we don't try to be like them

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