100 Replies to “50 People Tell You What To Do When You Visit Their State | Condé Nast Traveler”

  1. Virginia:
    Northern va – Mount Vernon , Bull run and other historical places things. Go to DC , great falls
    Luray caverns

    Everywhere else 😂 – Virginia beach on the coast , mountains on the West

  2. As a Marylander, the National Aquarium is actually a good answer. At least she didn’t say visit Fort Washington.

  3. Nebraska Fort Robinson is what the Nebraska lady meant to say. it’s gorgeous and has history, food, art, horseback riding, and wild buffalo. you won’t regret it.

  4. NY for anyone outside of the city:
    Climb any of the 46 high peaks
    Get a garbage plate in Rochester
    Go to the Empire State plaza in Albany
    The state fair is amazing
    Horse racing in Saratoga
    Party in Lake George
    … oh yea and visit the city if you want

  5. Utah: if you’re near Salt Lake go to Midway!!! it’s beautiful and the mountains are the alps of the US. there’s a 65ft deep salt water crater that you can float in. the hikes there are wonderful.

  6. When ur disappointed what your state’s representative says

    Disneyland?!?! Come on man what about LA or San Francisco?!?!

  7. If you are visiting NYC things you should do:
    Visit Brooklyn bridge park
    Go shopping and eat in China town
    Walk through central park and go to the zoo
    See a movie at a theater in Manhattan
    Visit Times Square and Bryant park
    Go to Atlas mall
    Go to Coney island

  8. I enjoy that everyone is always so disappointed by their state, but the WI guy is always right and funny and underappreciated 😂😂👍

  9. Who is this guy giving advice on Mississippi………. His advice in every video is so bad.. Him: “Gotta get some blues”

  10. Eastern Pennsylvania
    – Spend a day in Philly if its summer walk around independence park and if it is winter go to the Christmas market
    – go shopping in KOP pricy but one of the biggest malls in America
    – then drive to Lancaster and stop at local Amish markets and get some amazing homemade food and go antique shopping
    – then stop in Hershey and enjoy the park and take the chocolate tour
    – then go to Pottsville for the Yuengling beer tour and also Centralia to see a town with a fire underneath it and the graffiti highway
    – if you have kids go to the Crayola Factory and Sesame Place
    – stop at one of many pumpkin/apple patch or winery
    – go to Great Wolf Lodge or Camelback to go skiing in the Pocono mountains
    -also Dorney part is a must
    Pennsylvania is much more than just Philly. This is just half the state lol

  11. Florida dropped the MF ball, not all of the beaches, Harry Potter World, freaking Disney World, the Everglades, south beach? No, a drink and kayaking. 😑

  12. When the Illinois guy said Portillo’s, I suddenly got super hungry. Portillo’s is A M A Z I N G!!
    Also, the Hawaii girl was like, I promise, you’re not gonna die even though everything looks scary. You may die if you get lost though but there’s at least a 50% chance that won’t happen

  13. Kentucky should’ve been Mammoth Cave or Cumberland Falls (one of only 2 places in the world where you can regularly see a moonbow).

  14. Ummm… Why the heck did the Wisconsin guy not say 6 flags?!?! We are literally the water park capitol of the world!!

  15. For California, it depends where you are. This isn’t Rhode Island. There’s the aquarium of the pacific near me, there are the painted ladies in San Francisco, oh and you have to eat normal Mexican food.
    Oh and about Illinois, PORTILLO’S IS AMAZING! 🤤
    In California, you should also, of course, GO TO THE BEACH! In Northern California, of course, the REDWOODS! And there’s so much more, and I’m too lazy to type more so yeah

  16. The Texas representative is terrible. Go to Palo Duro Canyon, it's the second largest canyon in the country. We have state parks, go to Port Aransas, go to South Padre Island, Six Flags, go to Austin for a music festival, go to the state fair in Dallas….

  17. Red Sox games are an absolute blast, but if you’re in Boston, you have to check out how much history is there. Visit Faneuil Hall, Charlestown, the commons, take a walk through the fens, and eat clam chowder.

  18. They really phone it in with the Carolinas in all of these videos. Go to a coffee shop? Go to a Bojangles? That was seriously the best they could come up with?

  19. The order:

    North Dakota
    West Virginia
    Nevada again
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New York
    Hawaii again
    North Carolina
    Rhode Island
    New Mexico
    South Dakota
    Arkansas again
    South Dakota

  20. WV: bruh, Cooper's rock? You can literally drive up to it. Although I highly recommend the rest of Cooper's rock state forest. Definitely go skiing in Canaan or snowshoe, or rock climb and raft the new river gorge

  21. Yes NC! Bojangles is the best!! But you gotta get the Cajun filet BISCUIT..not the sandwich. Or the chicken supremes with honey mustard..oh my.

  22. I literally hate that they couldn’t have found a better representative for Wyoming, bro hire me I will tell you all about it.

  23. Can Massachusetts get someone else cus this girl don’t know much

    You have to go to p-town I once saw a drag queen in a motorized bathtub there

  24. Washington: Go to a local coffee shop and drink some coffee. We have the best in the nation. Go to seattle and see the space needle and go to Pike Place Market. Then go to a concert. Seattle has amazing venues with some incredible local music.

  25. If you come to California, dont just go to Disneyland. Go wine tasting. See the Redwoods or Yosemite, visit Death Valley or Joshua Tree. We have so many beaches; sandy, rocky, take your pick. California has a diverse geography, take advantage of that while you're here.

  26. I mean yeah…Kentucky is Derby central, but we have so many other amazing things! Literally the longest cave system in the world is Mammoth Cave. We have Cumberland Falls which is one of the few places you can see a moonbow. The Daniel Boone National Forest is full of amazing landmarks and architecture. The Bernheim Forest that has wooden giants just hanging out in the open. We have so much more than fast horses. 🙄

  27. As a fellow Virginian I would've said to visit Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, Luray Caverns, and the Something in the Water festival in Virginia Beach now every year.

  28. I was waiting for my state and the only thing they said was Disneyland. I’d say wine tasting or something like that

  29. Bruh the illinois guy said things about food like that's not the only thing that you'll go to we have the bean in chicago and we have crystal lake soooooo there are more things to do.

  30. That girl said go to an Ohio state football game, are you serious. If your in Ohio go to cedar point the best amusement park in the world. With great views

  31. Y’all I ain’t got a clue what that guy was talking about for us down here in SC the best thing for y’all to do is find y’all a nice blue ridge mountain trail or a low country forest hike and have a nice long day outside

  32. If you come to Michigan you have to try honeycrisp apples. They are awesome when freshly picked.

  33. If you’re in Oregon and like books then go to Powell’s!!!!!! Also we have no sales tax and there are gas pump attendants

  34. me: clicks on these videos to see what the missouri person has to say
    also me: is always upset because it’s the same person who ignores kansas city 🤦🏻‍♀️

  35. In Bama you have to go to dreamland in Tuscaloosa or Huntsville, the space and rocket center in Huntsville, the USS Alabama in Mobile, and an Alabama football game in Tuscaloosa

  36. Illinois- there are way wayy better deep dish and hot dog joints all across the state than portillo's and Giordano's

  37. in alaska definitely go see the northern lights if you’re there in the winter. in the summer go gold panning and fishing, go to alaska land(pioneer park), go see some of our kodiak bears, have some salmon dip it’s amazing
    edit: also go see denali of course

  38. Seriously?!! Just the MOA for Minnesota?? Go to the beginning of the Mississippi river!! You can literally walk across the river!!!

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