5th Power Entertainment Fall Release Calendar and Tour Dates

hello everybody welcome to tag talks and
today I have got a little bit of news for a fifth power entertainment they are
a horrorcore and underground record label and I’ve been working with them
for probably a couple years now and I’ve really been having the time of my life
and it was easy for me to adapt to them because you already had chamber and
Raven Hunter on the roster who I know very well from my time a third shift
Entertainment so and also fatty Garcia I can’t leave fatty out I just love that
son of a bitch actually one of my closest friends
John greasy the reason we became friends is because I had heard greasy on one of
fatties tracks that was kind of instant friendship right there alright so let’s
get into the news enough of my rambling Raven Hunter the demon rising just
dropped on October 1st it is available on all digital platforms as far as I
know I know it’s on Amazon Spotify all that good stuff I’ll have links in the
description for you so you can check that out and I will be doing a review of
the album I’ve never done a review before so I’m going to take my time and
make sure I listen to the album several times yeah moving on on October 30th 66
Kills comes out with walk amongst the shadows or among the shadows I’m not
sure if I said that right but anyway I don’t know a whole lot about them
even though I run the Facebook page what can I say I’m a scatterbrain a little
bastards in seconds but I’m definitely looking forward to that I am going to be
checking it out day 1 and I do review of it too and if I’m going to review those
I got a review the next one coming up on November 22nd abnormal by chamber and as
already mentioned I know chamber very well
and he doesn’t drop albums very often really
he likes new features a lot of producing so anytime chambers drop in the new
album it I expect excellence because I know I’m
getting excellence usually I’m a pessimist when it comes to stuff but no
not with chamber I know that shit’s gonna be quality and I can’t wait for
that and also we’ve got a few tour dates lined up for 5th power
I saw Bronco posted this story on Facebook late last night so good thing I
was waiting until today to do this this way we got a little new info all right
on September 20th they will be in Fort Worth Texas for the madness and mayhem
tour stop on September 25th they will be in Norman Oklahoma for razzaq hills bump
in the night tour spot that torch spot stop Jesus Christ I’m not even gonna
edit that whole have that in there and let’s see here October 14th in Oklahoma
City Oklahoma we’ve got the Luna 13 black base metal tour this sounds pretty
interesting I’m not familiar with Luna 13 but I’ll have to check them out after
I’m done with this and on November 15th and 16th they are doing two stops with
Kottonmouth Kings on their tours so that’s awesome as you may have seen in
one of my Orbitz videos I’m a big sub knows fan so seeing fifth power and came
case sharing a stage that’s gonna be awesome and the 15th is going to be in
coastal tolls Oklahoma and the 16th is Oh Oklahoma City Oklahoma stopping and
yeah about wraps up our news I had to deal with a little camera issues after I
got the new one and I’ve got those fixed now so the videos are going to be
churning out more often like they were I everybody have a good day Thanks

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  1. 5th Power Entertainment Fall Release Calendar and Tour Dates

    New albums by Raven Hunter, Sixty6 Killz, and Chamber.

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