980 Flights & 1.40 Lakh Passengers Daily – Mumbai’s Air Traffic Control Tower – Most Stressful Job

ATC Mumbai
Mumbai’s international airport has gained a new icon Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’s Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) Standing at over 265 feets, the ATC tower commands a presence in the skyline This ATC Mumbai Safely Handles an average 940 flights a day It is designed to Handle 45 arrival & departures in an hour and at peak times it handles 52 movements sometimes Plus 1400 flights which use Mumbai’s airway to cross over So at every 130 secs a Flight is either landing or taking off And around 1,40,000 people travel daily to various locations of world from here. So to be a Air Traffic Controller you have to always “Expect the Unexpected ” Technical problems, flight behavior Pilots intention and most of the times wind speed. ATC Tower stands at a ideal location for controllers overseeing incoming and outbound flights However, the objective is not to dominate the skyline, but to command it On January 20, 2018 Mumbai airport became the world’s busiest single runway airport by handling 980 flights in 24 hrs. Mumbai has 2 Main Runways,
But only 1 can be operational at a time. Because both intersect each other. Whereas other International Airports have parallel Runways. So as a passenger least we can do is get in airport on time for our flights. THANK-YOU ATC MUMBAI

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