A place you should visit if you are in Medellin – Colombia 🇨🇴🌱

Hi guys! and welcome back to my channel Colombian in sydney last year I was visiting my beautiful Colombia and now I´m doing a series of videos about it because I really want to show the world how beautiful our country is this is the 4th episode of the series, so if you haven’t checked the other ones I highly recommend it, because Colombia has beautiful and magical places to visit this time we are going to Santa Elena which is a little town in the east of the city of Medellin and is well known for the “silleteros” these are this huge flower arrangements that are used in the flower festival of Medellin unfortunately this was not the season for it so instead of going to the typical places we went to some places where you can connect with nature in a really interesting and kind of magical way I’ll explain you more about it later but let’s go and explore together, shall we? we are in “mirador cerro verde” where you can see apparently a 360 view but it’s closed right now, but you can see the Peñol rock and lots of stuff quite cool apparently, they give you binoculars and the entry fee is 1 dollar. Right now we are in a place called “Monaiya” “Monaiya” is bright sunrise in Witoto and the idea is that each person goes from its inner darkness to its own dawn there are so many things you can do here, like acupuncture, massages, temazcals and all in this beautiful forest Monaiya is part of the Arví park the old home of an unknown indigenous population you can have a guided walk through the indigenous built stone pathways enjoy nature and go deeper into the beautiful forest In these guided walks you will learn a lot of the history behind this region and it´s full of archeological values the Arví Park is a reserve literally next to the city of Medellín so in some places you can get a really good view to the city it´s just surreal to be here to be honest we have been walking around the forest and it’s beautiful here the nature is just amazing look at this Jurassic Park sized leaves! holy! to finish this day we visited a small but cozy pet-friendly restaurant called Kakáw we had a nice pizza and a delicious hot chocolate sometimes is good to go to the places out of the well-known path the ones that don’t appear in the touristic guide to connect a bit more with nature and the local culture ok guys, this was pretty much everything for this video I really hope you liked it, and if you did, be sure to give it a like let me know down below what do you think about Colombia and be sure to subscribe, because you really don’t want to miss the future videos I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Thank you for showing us your beautiful country A lot of people visit there now Hope to see you in Australia again

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