Ace Combat 7: List of All 32 Confirmed Aircraft (2017)

Ace Combat 7: Confirmed Aircraft List F-22/A Raptor
Status: Playable F-35 Lightning II
Status: Playable Eurofighter Typhoon
Status: Playable Sukhoi-35 Flanker E
Status: Playable F-16C Fighting Falcon
Status: Playable F-18F Super Hornet
Status: Playable A-10C Thunderbolt II
Status: Playable Sukhoi-33 Flanker D
Status: Playable F-15C, F-15E & F-15J
Status: Playable Sukhoi-30SM
Status: Playable Mig-29A Fulcrum
Status: Playable Mirage 2000-5
Status: Playable F-14D Tomcat
Status: Playable Sukhoi-30M2
Status: Playable Gripen E
Status: Playable F-2A
Status: Playable Rafale M
Status: Playable F-104 Starfighter
Status: Playable F-4E Phantom II
Status: Unknown B-52H Stratofortress
Status: Unplayable Tupolev 95 Bear
Status: Unplayable Ilyushin-76
Status: Unplayable E-767
Status: Unplayable AH-64D Apache Longbow
Status: Unplayable V-22 Osprey
Status: Unplayable C-130 Hercules
Status: Unplayable MQ-99 (EADS Barracuda
Status: Unplayable MQ-101 (X-47B)
Status: Unplayable -UNKNOWN UAV-
Status: Unplayable Arsenal Bird
Status: Unplayable More info in the description

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  1. No helicopters? Thank God.
    No bombers? =(

    I kind of liked the bombing missions in AC:AH, but loathed the helicopter missions.

  2. I'm not a fan of AC games but in a PS4 the level of eye candy is hard to ignore. Hope for more decent take off and landings, at least like in HAWX2 and more aircraft, need my MIG 21, 31 and F117. Also it would be great If the devs add customization to the game like in the Front Mission games.

  3. I’m sad they should combine ideas from previous ace combats like flying bombers, and flying apaches and vipers and free flight will make me more more interested

  4. I have little doubt that we'll get to play all the real world fighters that have shown up in the previous ace combat games. We'll be able to look forward to American, European, Russian, and some Chinese planes sprinkled in for flavor. It's only a question of what experimental planes we'll see.

    Which is nice enough, don't get me wrong but, there are several planes that haven't graced the series so far. Personally, I'd like to see a CF-100 or CF-105 added to the list. Yes, those no longer exist but still it would be nice to see some Canadian fighters in a game like this that's not from an unofficial mod. There are other planes too but these are my personal picks

  5. All I can say is that I hope they keep the X-02 Wyvern. It has become Ace Combat's most iconic aircraft.

    Also, they BETTER have my beloved MiG-31M Foxhound!!! I have SO fallen in love with that interceptor's speed! At full throttle, you're literally invincible because no missile can hit you. Sure it is hard to fly and turns like a brick but once you get the hang of it, it is easily the deadliest plane in the game (or at least it would be if not for limited missile compliment and time limits).

  6. Can't wait to nerd out and do a separate playthrough with each F15 variant.

    Also, dear God please let me launch an F14 off a carrier.

  7. Where the fictional ones…this list is not complete as there will always be at least 2 of em in a AC game…I vote for Morgan and Nosferatu

  8. No mig 35 😭…plus su 34 is a bomber aircraft and if things go as u say then i think we will be able to play as bombers

  9. Hi im a huge fan buddy ummm
    Whtas your fav ace combat game
    Mine is ace combat zero i had a lot of memories with it ❤️❤️❤️

  10. The f-104 had the most accidents in history which means it had MANY problems which caused death to the pilots that were flying them.

  11. ¿chengdu j-j0,KAI T-50 Golden Eagle,chengdu-j-20,AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-kuo,hesa saeqeh & hal tejas…? ¿ will be in ace combat 7 true…?

  12. I hope the F-15 Active is also available to play. I use that plane for majority of my playing time. But I like the selection so far. And there’s more to come as well

  13. Also if they don’t have the Su-37 with a chance to get Yellow Squadron paint scheme, then is it really ace combat? Lol

  14. Gay just like assault horizon its gonna suck more than a hooker on Wednesday the best one is infinity but you can't get that one anymore

  15. new confirmed playable planes
    • Gripen (presumably NG)
    • YF-23A (not on the latest Gamescom trailer unfortunately)
    • Su-47
    • MiG-21
    • MiG-29
    • MiG-31

  16. So the ones that's not playable how do you get to fly those planes is it possible? If there not playable why they even put it in the game.

  17. I've never played Ace Combat before but would love to see some KC-135 representation. I work too hard on them for them not to be noticed by the player-senpai.

  18. So many 'missing' flyable aircraft from previous titles but we get so many Flanker variants instead?

    I expected the list to bigger and better than previous titles, not smaller and with less variety.

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