Across Australia Outback Tours S1:E8 Norseman tour Esperance dolphins drone fly aqua waters.

So we’ve just left Norseman and we’re gonna head towards Esperance So I don’t normally travel this late in the afternoon main reason is wild animals and less wild animals can be sheep cattle kangaroos wallabies You know kidneys you name it, so I normally stay off the road And as you can see the sun’s quite low So, I don’t know how close we’re going to get into Esperance but going to Kalgoorlie. He sort of added a big chunk of time to our days travel Whether you’re sitting around a campfire or traveling down the road is still a gorgeous to watch a sunset Just beautiful in this light It’s like one of the commercial flights heading out of Perth to either Adelaide or Melbourne So it’s getting a little bit late now, I know there’s a camp up ahead I can stay at and then I decide to make my Outbacks Stew for dinner There last night it rained a little bit it’s not raining now It’s just wet roads, and we decide to head straight into Esperance were about 20 km out to Esperance It’s also a nice change to see this wet countryside at the moment So here we are coming into Esperance and when you see all that water around the road, you know, you’re coming into somewhere special And there we go exploring Esperance for the morning the weather’s not the best but it’s still a beautiful place So as you all know by now, I’m scared of heights I was a little bit nervous driving up this hill not too bad and then got out And yeah, I was fine up on this top of this viewing platform right in the middle of Esperance So you get to see what’s around so I know what to go explore So, this is Jack in the motorhome trying to milk me to get him out for a walk He doesn’t understand why he can’t get out of the van Um, there’s some places I take him straight away some places. I do a little bit of Ricky and never look around and Yes, I get him out the van and he’s quite happy and quite happy exploring and sniffing Yeah, quite a good facility up here I didn’t go for the Rotary walk trail this time. We went out a little bit to the left to the rocks but um I knew I was going to spend about three days in Esperance until the weather cleared so I can really get in a good drone fly So as you see jack loves to take me for a walk So that’s a lookout now, we’re heading to some of the beaches to check about for when the weather really does clear I don’t know if most know about Esperance but it’s got this beautiful aqua water and it’s a photographer’s dream To photograph. So yeah, I will really get in there with the drone on a good day Of course not to forget Jack beach water Happy dog Trying to drag me down the stairs so he can get on the beach But he has a ball and I have a little bit of a panic attack when he’s on the rocks. You’ll see in a minute So this is how excited he gets when he’s at the water and He never forgets me you go for a run around Forget where he is for a moment and then look back at me and it’s like come on. Dad. Come on come on on the beach It’s just a laugh Canted roll around in the sand and then all of a sudden he’s got a mate to play with You know these guys come here I’ll leave this embarrassing audio of me panicking Coming up come on, come on Come on Rick come on this way this way. Come on Come on come on coming up You’re right So we spent about an hour and a half running around like this and he never tired So it was off to do some more exploring and these two dogs decide to do the same thing I don’t know where they come from But yeah, they they I think they went for a run on the beach and then they go on home Even in overcast weather this place is beautiful And The facilities they had at each of these beaches to get access or you know Just have weird wind mill right on the edge of the beach And to Jack I think the beach is his happy place There’s two parts to this wind farm One is the actual working wind farm with the smaller turbines And then there’s an old wind turbine farm just a little bit further up the beach Another one of these towns that the industrial working well with the residential That this old jetty here that it’s broken up in a couple places as you can see they’re Falling down further out and you don’t have access to it But it is earmarked to be pulled out and new jetties going to be put in So we ended up spending the whole day exploring and there’s so much to see and do in Esperance and now we’re heading back to our campsite for the night Cook dinner. Have a quiet drink and an early night So the next day we’re heading back into Esperance to do some exploring It’s a the weather’s a lot better today so I could even get in a drone fly And of course let Jack go for a run and a swim on the beach Yes, I while exploring driving along this sort of lookout area There’s a couple of pods of dolphins Running up and down the beach So do a little bit of filming here very hard with a handheld camera and the zoom it’s only a point shoot, but it gives you the idea of Them playing so straight away I thought war to see what they’re going to do and they kept on heading up the beach. So in the end I Made my way down to here where they were heading and sent the drone up yah absolutely beautiful to watch and this Footage that I’ve got here. I haven’t enhanced in any way. That’s the just the natural color straight out of the camera So thank you for watching this video In our next episode we do more drone flying of Esperance on a crystal clear day

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