Aircraft Maintenance Technology – ISU College of Technology

♪♪ My name’s David Herker. I grew up in Rexburg, Idaho not far from here, and I am in the Aircraft Maintenance program at Idaho State University, conveniently located
8 miles outside of town at the Pocatello Airport. I chose this program because
I am obsessed with aviation. One of my favorite projects…One of them was actually the plane that’s behind me right now. I was able to do an engine overhaul on it. Another really good part of this program
is that…Being obsessed with aviation, it helps me to understand the inner workings of all the different devices, understanding how the engines work, understanding how
the appliances work that make everything function from the cockpit side. As far as the Aircraft Maintenance program,
I’d say if anybody’s in any way thinking about aviation or likes airplanes,
this is definitely something that’s worthwhile. It gives you a great foundation for future learning, for any employment opportunities you wanna do, I mean, AMP mechanics can pretty
much work on anything from windmills to
hot-air balloons, and anything inbetween. So if there’s anything that you like about aviation, I’d say just take the jump and work hard, and the hard
work will get you right through it. ♪♪

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