Aircraft Painting

Misawa Air Base’s Corrosion Control is painting an aircraft It is their first full paint job in years And the aircraft will have an important role by being displayed in various official ceremonies So this is gonna be the 5th Air Force jet It was originally not the 5th Air Force jet We actually had an original jet that we removed all the 5th Air Force stenciling from And it was actually in Depo for the time they needed a Fifth Air Force jet So they gave us this jet as our first jet to do a full paint with But they also upped it as the Fifth Air Force jet so they can use it for their change of commands The aircraft will become a recognizable icon to represent the Fifth Air Force So it’s probably going to be one of the most significant jets Not including the fact that it’s our first full paint in 2-3 years And it’s going to be used for a lot of different things as far as ceremonies goes Petty Officer Bryan Mai, Misawa Air Base, Japan

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