Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting – Safety and Shut Down an Aircraft

This skill video will show you how to safety
and shut down an aircraft. You should complete this skill while wearing
appropriate personal protective equipment. Gain access to the aircraft flight deck or
cockpit. Locate throttle controls. Gradually throttle back engines to the Idle
or Stop position. On military aircraft, safety the ejection
seats or module. Shut off Fuel Valve switches. Activate onboard fire protection systems by
pulling Fire T-handles to discharge the on-board agent. Pull the handle up to shut off fuel Rotate the handle to discharge agent On military aircraft, safety aircraft weapons
or armaments. Shut off the EPU/APU switch. Shut off the battery switch. Locate the battery compartment. Open the battery compartment with a tool. Disconnect batteries. WARNING! Batteries give off explosive hydrogen gas. Ventilate the area. Wear safety goggles and acid resistant gloves. Exploding batteries can injure or kill.

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