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  1. It's very simple people are generally afraid of the unknown. Not knowing what happens when you die freaks some people out. By the age of 5 or 6 religion didn't make sense to me and luckily my family didn't force me to go to church.

  2. yes, there has been years of conflict between jews and arabs, the jews have the 4th biggest army in the world and arabs have rocks, the jews are armed but us and uk so this why they had trade im bargoes

  3. I've been to Israel twice and I think it's an amazing country with amazing people. Tel Aviv, for instance, has become one of my favorite cities on earth.
    Jerusalem, on the other hand, is exactly what you describe. It's one of the most depressing places I've ever been to. That feeling is only emphasized by the contrast between its potential and its reality. There's so much actual history there, but it is eclipsed by the religious pilgrims revering a bunch of underwhelming rocks. At the same time the ever-present IDF soldiers at every corner, casually wondering about with their M-4s and M-16s, as if they were the police and not the freaking military, make the whole experience that much more unpleasant, serving as a reminder that people still kill each other over those stupid rocks.

  4. Maui fished up Aotearoa (NZ), Hawaii, and Tonga. There are islands called Aotearoa, Hawaii, and Tonga that are in existence. Physical proof that Maui fished up islands. Maui is god 😉🤪

  5. You went to a place where members of an ethnic group are being oppressed and slowly ethnically cleansed and this is the nonsense you focused on?

  6. look… i’m all for getting rid of institutionalized religions all together… but you continue to conflate religions with God. probability theory provides powerful statistical evidence for intelligent design… i.e., God. your rants slanting towards atheism is playing on the exact same emotional responses that religious charlatans abuse… you would be much more intellectually honest if you promoted agnosticism… after all… of all the information in the universe, what percentage do you think you command? 5%? 1%? 0.0001%? and yet with this “gigantic” accumulation of science and knowledge you sophomorically declare God is dead? or never existed at all? stop chasing the atheist clicks… follow Truth. this is the only noble path.

  7. I am a Deist with an almost Atheist mind. All of that…… for nothing.
    Those stones probably are the most bacteria/germ infested in the world.

  8. This type of thinking is the exact type of thinking the devil/ satan wants you to think, satan wants you to think you are free and thinking for yourself.
    This type of thinking that you are free from religion and god is exactly the same downfall of satan, you are literally following in his footsteps. When you feel or think you are free is exactly when you should get worried.
    Only the Lord Jesus Christ can set you free.
    Please read more bible scripture, you are totally being lied to and buying every bit of scientific garbage.
    To rely on science, is to rely on mankind, in which you put your fait in man.
    Idk about you, but I wouldn’t trust mankind with paper bag, to put trust in a science is to trust a human and how many humans are worthy of trust, please tell me the name of an unflawed person who doesn’t lie cheat steal perverse make fun of etc etc.
    You won’t find one because their is none.
    Jesus is the way, and the only one who can set you free.
    The minute you think you got it figured out is the moment you should start to question it.
    I will put my faith in an ever lasting God, a God of Hope, Love and forgiveness a God that saves. No other God can make such a claim. Even satan admits that he is not interested in saving you nor can he. No human invention or gift or knowledge will save mankind.
    Jesus is the only one throughout history that makes this known

  9. Oh man , the video author just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t understand the Christian Bible or the Christian Faith.
    Please stop thinking a building or group or religious people are the answer, if you were ever a Christian to begin with you would know this. The Bible teaches to put your trust and faith in God, Not people nor a special building. God is interested in saving your soul, that’s it. Anything more you are just contributing to a lost cause and will be disappointed evertime.
    This was so sad to watch you talk about a religion you know very little about and visiting a place doesn’t make you an expert
    I’ve been to Disney World countless times and still get lost and never see everything their is to see. Nor do I know everything about Disney.
    Is nice that you visited these holy places, but very unrealistic of what outcome you may have been expecting. Maybe you should think more about what you are trying to believe in, because Atheists seem to know much about a religion that they don’t believe or practice.
    How can you expect to gain something from something you know little about

  10. Perhaps it is an effort at exhibiting some image of fairness. From what we might understand of non-Abrahamic beliefs including the “deities” of Sanatan Dharma may not be quite appropriate here, especially since in what has otherwise been misleadingly given a name, “Hinduism”, one can easily be an atheist. There are atheist schools of “Hinduism”, or, more precisely, sanatan dharma. At least as far as those more educated in this area might often remind us. It’s interesting how we ignore or do not support the atheist side of these systems. One wonders, for example, if there was not considerable atheism in such as the Roman Imperial system (pre-, or even perhaps proto-, Christian) of religious practice.

    There may still be a bit of “Christian” or the Abrahamic in some (atheist) thinking patterns and enculturation. There is still a reactive, though youthfully enthusiastic, quality. With more experienced atheism we will likely see advance beyond.

  11. Hey bro, no need to feel sad for me. I visited the Holy Land 15 years ago as a happy catholic and it was very touching to see the places where Jesus Christ lived. It was sad to see all those merchants and even more sad to see christians fighting over posession of rooms and stairs in the "Saint Sépulcre" (in the very place where there should be no such fighting !), but hey, that's human nature and another evidence that we do need to be healed. As for religion bringing violence to the world, well, I agree that you can make fanatics out of religious people, but so can you out of atheists. Remember the benevolent guidance of atheist leaders of the past century ? You know, the one with a big mustache and the one with a small mustache? Also, Mother Theresa and tens of thousands of catholic people that take care of the poors over the world don't match your description. Believe me, the money we give them isn't wasted.

    On a more personal note, I'm sorry to hear that you lost faith. You said that you didn't feel anything in these holy places. But feelings are personal and changing, they are no evidence of God being there or not. People who rely on feelings primarily tend to give up on religion. Use your will and your reason, like Chesterton, Tolkien, Lewis, and many others. They were bright people and not easily convinced so their standard of evidence should be good enough for everybody.

  12. I'm curious why The Holy land is one of the only places in the middle east with no oil. I guess Yahweh screwed up

  13. the church of the holy sepulchre was picked because it was formerly a temple of Venus and then they said the Temple had been erected on the site of Jesuses last minutes on Earth , but jesus was not even known when the temple was built – its a total falsehood .The same for Nazereth

  14. You are looking for evidence where evidence of God cant be found. God is spirit and dwells within you. If you want evidence for God look within. Scientist didn't look for evidence of air in space. Well maybe they did but they didn't find any. The key thing to remember is if you want evidence for something you have to look for evidence where that something is. Good luck with the channel

  15. If these people are not stupid, what are they, and what should they be called. Seriously. I'm not trying to start a fight. How in general, should theists be viewed ? [[ Sorry can't use indoctrinated . . . that's just one of the factors that motivated or propelled them. And indoctrination is used too casually. There are endless types of indoctrination and endless degrees of indoctrination. We are all indoctrinated initially, to some degree. And referring to religious indoctrination some people experienced more, or less than another. Some were more influenced, others less influenced. So eventually the components of the indoctrination are challenged by the mind. Those that fail to recognize and address these errors . . . WHAT DO WE CALL THAT ? ]] ((See how hollow indoctrination sounds? )).

  16. As an agnostic for over a decade, I can understand your disgust and pity but to expunge the Gods from history is to expunge history itself. Good luck with that. Also, you have criticized the religious as “stupid” and then pretended you weren’t doing just that. Perhaps other folks have had a different experience than you with their religion and it’s not fair to discount that – to anyone. I’m sorry you didn’t get any value from your religion. But to criticize all religion because you didn’t have a religious experience seems fairly naive to me, not inclusive, kind, or dignified at all. Again, good luck with that, and good luck getting folks to help pay your way – wait – isn’t that what you’re criticizing religion for? Interesting points you make here. Definitely worth exploring further. I hope you find the support you are looking for.

  17. While their all praying, nothing is getting done. If we gave all the wealth of all the religions to science, imagine all the amazing cures we could come up with, that would truly help our fellow humans. Billions of prayers go unanswered every day, yet they persist.

  18. As an Atheist, I had the pleasure of visiting Jerusalem I was at awe at the aura of the place simply because of the historical significance she represents.

  19. AMEN brother AMEN………religion is the TRUE evil….our salvation is really or damnation the ultimate paradox

  20. The bigger question is: Why do we ignore how we all know that the emergence of this universe is unknown?
    If you say you know how the universe came to exist, you're lying. Simple as that.
    As long as some will demand to be superior to others, we will never get along.

  21. Could it possibly be most religious folks follow the rules of whatever religion they grew up with NOT because they necessarily believe in heaven, hell, or that a God exists at all but more out of a sense of fear of disappointing their parents and grandparents? A deeply embedded sense of shame to not speak up, despite knowing or at least sensing its all bullshit?

  22. I visited the Holy Land and purchased some really cool Biblical Action Figures that came with their own little knives and guns. Awesome!

  23. I can definitely relate to this video. I certainly feel like a alien in these surroundings I wish for a discontinuation of superstitious beliefs

  24. I have always thought if the Bible is historically correct because one guy could not keep it in his pants and had two sons.

  25. So beautifully said! I’m so happy to see, that people like yourself are exposing your findings and beliefs for those who need a nudge to open up to the reality of it all, and see it as a myth. I wish I could explain my feelings and beliefs as clearly as you do.

  26. No man, he's Hay Zeus man, I found him, in East LA he's cool, but I wouldn't take his advice, ya know, he lives under the I 10 bridge at Studebaker Ave, kinda messed up now, you know

  27. One of my favorite quotes about splinters of the true cross: If they were all put together you could build Noah's Ark . LMAO

  28. I will tell you the truth you are right about religion people who are religious are stupid but this is not about being religious it is about having a relationship with god .God never ever stablich a religion so people can worship him that not how things are you have bad understanding what is being a cristian and what is being a religious person you think both are the same when is not

  29. I felt the same way when I visited Jerusalem. I had the same thoughts.

    But I was interrupted when I had to run away from gunfire in a mall.

  30. Spiritual Disneyland but without a Sant Mickey mouse. Should have a daily crucifixion/resurrection as a ritual entertainment package.

  31. Totally unrelated question but how was the effect done around 6:44 ? Usually not a big fan of image to "art" conversions but this looked nice 🙂 And on topic : loved how you described the "changed" view on Jerusalem – everything 'religious' and a desperate straw to find a god as a religious person and a facade and a commercial venue when revisited as an atheist. Brilliant 🙂

  32. As time passes, I become ever more aware how fortunate I am to have been raised as a moral secular humanist and not part of any organized (or unorganized) religion. As such and despite my excellent education some things are a mystery. Namely here, what stone are those misguided people endlessly wiping? I expect from the way they look that it is some remnant of christendom (sic intended) but I myself look like I should be thumping the bible (again, sic intended) on a daily basis given my WASP-y appearance. Thank you for this most excellently observed take on the hot mess of the so-called holy land (sic again yeah). This Historian would love to humanistically visit the graveyard of the gods one day.

  33. Congratulations 👍🏼 mr. koolaid, not only have you given the answer the Pharisees used on Jesus to justify themselves but I almost “felt”like laughing 😆 at your nice video. Oh by the way as for your “egg-fart man” cult and feelings that’s a great way of showing how so many, like you, prefer to make/believe a lie just because of bad history and blame game and don’t try to see what’s wrong with “#1”.

  34. When I heard you say that you pity those people, I thought it was a little patronizing, but then I saw your footage and I felt it too. The truth is, not everybody thinks in science and reason, and for those people, believing in a religion like this is as far as they can go. I lose faith in humanity whenever I think about it.

  35. I know what the jesus-believers, and jews will say: Oh, my, your pity for us is soooo misplaced, god loves us, and I "felt" him touch my heart, when I was on my knees for him. Your loss of faith is not real. Your just confused; god loves you and doesn't want you to burn in Hell forever, he loves you. etc. You have a perspective NOW – that I could never have: I have always been an Atheist, so I can't have your perspective of seeing "both sides". PIty. I would feel the same thing, but not in the same depth as you. The U.S. is still the "most religious country" in the world, and it shows. Intellectual retardation is everywhere. PROOF ? trump is president, that is proof enough. Thank you christians for giving us trump, and Dinosaurs and cavemen together at the ARK – Ken Hamm, hah, hah, hah. Please christians don't vote in 2020 – you have made the world bad enough.

  36. What a brilliant and eloquent plea for sanity and rationality. What blows me away is the amount of conflict and personal distress that religion produces. Religion simply numbs the mind, intellectually and emotionally. Thank, HK, much appreciated.

  37. Holy crap that “I don’t need a savior because I’m not lost, I don’t need to be fixed cause I’m not broken, and I don’t need a religious shepherd because I’m not a sheep” part was seriously super powerful

  38. Ho hi, it's my voice 😅
    I swear that I've been showing people around in way more crowded days.
    It's nice to see the final results of all the footage! Cheers from the Holly Land.

  39. If there is a God, then I'm convinced that he cursed that small strip of land by making people think it was holy so they would fight over it.

  40. Well the Holy Land still stands. So God didn't smite you and the Holy Land. So I say it must've been a good experience for you.

  41. The more time outside religion, the more alien it seems. That said, rituals, community, the need of forgiveness and redemption, morality and "spirituality" (meaning that sense of transcend oneself) are HUMAN TRAITS that religions hijacked long ago and its due time we take them back by thinking about them without the supernatural pretense.

  42. How dare you make me cry over so much logic 😡
    People killing themselves because of stupid rocks, it's so true it's painful 😔

  43. and graveyards of nation states, too many country took nationalism too seriously like religion, i hope nation states like religion will out of time at my lifetime, we kill peoples not just for god for imajinary borders too

  44. Atheist living in the holy land. Just wanna say that I think the culture and history in Jerusalem is amazing. Btw, how do I find this Israeli Atheists Organisation you speak of?

  45. You can only imagine how I feel as an African-American man! Watching my people bombarded and brainwashed completely by Christianity, Islam and nowadays even black Judaism . It's ridiculous and depressing! Many African American guys get testy and want to get physical with you over there religious beliefs…. my people have a long way to go!

  46. I believe the datings are very confused by most people. Misguided information. I’ve seen Jesus many times don’t have to prove my faith to anyone. Unlike other Christians I don’t have a blind faith I came to know God at my lowest

  47. Did you notice that these holly shops sell 'holy wood'? Apparently you can find/buy little pieces of wood coming from the cross of Jesus. I know many people who visited the holy land,  where you went and brought back this precious holy wood. How big was that fucking cross? What a disgraceful scam!

  48. I wish we treated National Parks and places like Australia or the Amazon with such respect and love. People cared more about a church- albeit a very important one, but a church all the same- than they did about billions of acres of vital ecosystems.

  49. But, what does it mean "atheist"?

    Atheist is he or she who says that he or she is not there & that he or she is not going to die.

  50. I'm here from one of your older videos. You once said in a video that you would like to be proofs like RCT with prayers. Well guess what I found today…there actually are.

    I would love to see your reaction on them. There is one with twice the chance of pregnancy with triple blind prayer…I don't know how to debunk that

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