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  2. have fun in hawaii!
    flew ANA premium economy LA-Narita RT – 1000% worth it! got ~6 hrs sleep, arrived at 5am, well rested and spent the entire day out and about. 777 so no side bins like A380 but still very comfy. didn't book premium; used the feature where you bid to upgrade w/in 24 hrs of the flight – saved some $ that way but will book premium next time.

  3. This video helps me to miss ANA and Japan a lot. I do miss how well we are treated in Japan. People are super kind there as well. Thank you Paolo.

  4. Saludos desde El Paso Tx!! Greetings! I enjoy your videos very much! Very informative. Thank you for sharing your experiences !!

  5. Strictly Dumpling, Tabieats, Only in Japan, Life where I'm from, content is pretty much getting rehashed. People running out of ideas.

  6. Going to ask a shameless question, because I really don't travel beyond economy class:
    At the lounge: Do you have to pay for your meal, or is it all included in the ticket price? And what about all of the goodies he found on his seat..? Are they freebies?
    (Hey, I'm a guy who was surprised and delighted to discover that I didn't have to pay for the beer I ordered on a non-stop from Canada to Japan. Drinks were included.)

  7. That meal looked like a business class meal! Some airlines just serve premium eco passengers the same food as economy passagers so good job ANA!

  8. This is probably because I am Japanese but personally, I have found that ANA’s service is the best out of all the airlines I have used in the past. I recently stupidly missed the flight but they issue the new ticket with the flight I selected.
    Recently flew Singapore Business class and some cabin attendants were not friendly at all which never happened before and I was quite disappointed about that.
    On the other hand, I have used ANA many years and the quality of service never changed.

  9. feel like he always exaggerate when its about food lol had few ana flights and the service certainly is great but the food is just plain airplane food nothing tasty or special and mostly not that warm even and yes was premium economy too the food in the lounge was great though

  10. I sure wish these airlines would change up the non-resuable plastic bag thing for something a little more eco friendly. Pretty nice set they gave you though and that food! 🔥

  11. 7:26 Those little balls are fish eggs, or also known as caviar.

    I would love to fly with ANA, they really are one of the top airlines out there these days

  12. Everyone I know pronounces it "A" "N" "A" as in the letters…not "Ana" like in the name. In Japan, do people and the company say it like the girl's name?

    OMG…you ate the shrimp tail…are you low on calcium dude?

  13. I’m still undecided whether I should book my flight to Osaka with JAL or ANA? JAL is hands down the best for economy but I’m not sure the economy on ANA.

  14. WHOA, I'm impressed! Her Enlish is reeally natural and almost fully with no accent. She's also super beautiful! What an experience. This is living.

  15. I love your videos. I see it has 2.7K Thumb Up. I wonder who the 45 unhappy saps who gave it a thumbs down. H8rs gonna H8

  16. Wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww -nuff said XD I'm really excited though because I just double-checked and the airline I'm taking to Japan from U.S. is ANA!!! We got regular seating however, but I'm assuming it'll still be a great flight even though it's 13 hours D:

  17. Everytime I look for a flight to Japan it has to either be jal or ANA. Just got my tickets for this winter! Let's go Japan!

  18. I loved flying ANA (Business class). My trip was wonderful flying to and home from Japan. The two and a half weeks in Japan wasn't bad either! Narita's ANA lounge was fantastic. They really treat you well. Thanks Paolo. Your vids really helped me with my planning.

  19. A little off topic but I tried the pickled crunchy plums you said you like. I must have ordered the wrong thing. It was not what I was expecting.😖

  20. Po, Host
    I just heart on the YouTube show "Good Mythical Morning" that there's a Shabuya 🍯 honey 🍰 cake, served with ice cream. Please could you film a video on this cake?
    All the best Shaun of NYC

  21. DAMN! Is there anyway to get TWO MEALS on a flight??? 😂😋🤤 Between that softshell crab and beef I wouldn't be able to make up my mind. The presentation and the cleanliness of it all is just 😍🙌🏽💯

  22. The top deck is nice. I was able to sleep most of the flight from japan to L.A
    A few economy seat is located at the top deck near the front. Its much quiet coz you're a bit far from the engine.
    Its just weird coz the airport is closed at night.

  23. Traveled using premium economy ana from hnl to nrt and back – totally worth the upgrade with miles! I can't wait to go back to Japan!

  24. i went on both JAL and ANA at economy it was what you expect. i totally shill a bit more for premium economy all my flights were 18+ hours like non are under that for some god damn reason

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