Anaya’s MORNING Routine & ROOM Tour | #Kids #Fun #Vlog #DIML #ShrutiArjunAnand

how many Likes will you hit?? I think we’ll get 2,00,000 Likes..isn’t Anaya?? No 4..5..7…8… OMG 8 Lakhs.. so this is Anaya’s room and this is the biggest room of this house as earlier her toys were remain messed in the whole house so anyhow we wanted to keep all the toys only in one Room so here are some of her toys to which you’ve also seen on our channel ToyStar so here at the corner we hanged a white Swing has net detailing & unicorn or purple coloured theme I think you already knew about it as it remained there in our previous house but this time we kept in it all her toy cars and all these are those old curtains which I had bought on a Sale here I made a small setup to make her study here so she study or like make drawings here also she plays puzzle game here and here’s the mat as they are habitual of wiggle around here and there so there’s must to put a mat Fortunately.. Anaya has a big huge Almirahs this time here I kept her clothes & Lehngas and here are the matching clips this space I divided into shelves study table is the old one but just changed its Sunmica to make it matched with the room and this is the new book shelves and here are her’s favourite Peppa family here I kept her other stuffs like hair brush, Shampoo i want to tell you one thing.. that whatever products we use for our kids we must have all knowledge about their ingredients I too got so much informations about all these when I attended Johnson’s school of gentle so I’ll take you there with me its morning.. and I am all set to attend the event by the way I am going to a school today!! why?? so Johnson’s is like set a school for us today In this event so many knowledgable persons will come you think why should I attend these type of events as so many intelligent & knowledgeable persons will make us learn so many things and I capture all that knowledge & information in my mind and so as to I bring awesome hacks and tips for you in this Chemistry class they make us learn how easily and in a simple way they make body wash not only this we too tried to make that body wash there here we’ve learnt a product remains good if it doesn’t leave any residue on your skin means when you make bathe to your Baby with Top to Toe Baby wash then there wouldn’t any left over there on your skin and you can see the demo by yourself bacteria sounds worst but you know good bacterias growing on our skin maintains our skin integrity that’s why said like that don’t fear to touch a newly born and yes try to those products which are gentle I finally I found it to which I really fond of and thats a cup of a tea.. now i’ll show you something surprising as you can see I am making a yogurt dish but you know natural ingredients which I’ve used in it contains so many more ingredients in inside themselves so think yourself…why aren’t these in our product too and yeah did you recognise her in the red top? then have to tell in the comments all mothers came got prepared so well asked so many questions and all of our questions got answered so well so I always told you to check all the ingredients thoroughly whenever you buy any product for your kid like this Johnson’s baby shampoo is free from parabens, dyes… also it balances skin pH level and its hypoallergenic too

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  1. WOW Shruti you are so lucky to have such a cute daughter and a blessed family. Btw my BD is on Anaya's BD date and my cousin's name is Anaya too

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  3. Koun hai jo pink colour ka dress pahen kr hai.oor i think so jo aap log tik tok dekhte koi hai jo riyaz ka bohot bohot bara fan hai😈😈

  4. I like anaya's room. I hope I will like your house make a video on your home tour as fast you can. If someone else want to watch the video of her home tour hit a like and comment me

  5. Ek suggestion to Johnson speak kese Chalaye Kyunki wo Apne ingredients Mein Aate Hain To bacchon ki skin ke liye harmful hoti hai please stop using Johnson

  6. I love ananya or mara name b ananya haaa sab sa acha ananya ka room haa πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  7. 🚽🐷🐷🐷🚽🚽

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