Ashtray in the aircraft toilet, why?

Hi everybody, very welcome to Mentour and yet another video podcast. As always I hope you are doing absolutely fantastic out there. So, today on the podcast guys I am going to be talking about why there is an ashtray inside of the aircraft lavatories. And I will be showing you the actual inside of a toilet. But I am not doing number 2 as it looks like I’m doing, ok so stay tuned I hope you really like this one. (intro music) So, welcome to The back toilet of a 737-800 Today on the podcast we are going to be talking about Why there is an ashtray inside inside of the toilet when you’re not allowed to smoke on board. Alright guys, so the story about the ashtray is um is an old one You know, you see questions about this everywhere. People are always asking me. So its been forbidden to smoke on board an aircraft for close to 30 years now. All over the states So why would they put an ashtray inside of the toilet? If its so dangerous to do so and they don’t want people to smoke. Well There is many theories about this So, people think that maybe it is because it is an old aircraft and they’ve just been left there. That’s not true! Other theories include things like maybe its to expensive to remove them So they have just left them in there. And none of that is true. Like I was saying in my previous podcast. Anything that you see on board an aircraft. And any procedure that you hear the cabin crew talk about or us talk about has its foundations in safty. So is the story about this. Its absolutely forbidden to smoke on board. One of the worst fears that we have as pilots is an uncontrolled fire on board. So we do everything in our power to keep people from smoking. That includes some quite advanced fire detectors. So you will not be able to smoke on board. Without us noticing it. As soon as you light up the cigarette It will set of an alarm and everyone on board will know and you will be prosecuted and you will probably be banned from ever flying with that airline again. So why is there an ashtray then? Well the ashtray is actully part of the minimum equipment list of the aircraft. That means that we are not allowed to depart with the aircraft unless the ashtray is there. And the reason for that is because we know that is it human nature, people get nervous, and smokers especially might not be able to go a full flight without going in and lighting a cigarette, even though it is against the rules to do so. So we have put the ashtray in the lavatories. So if someone would break the rules Not allowed to, once again. If someone would break the rules it is far better that they have somewhere to dispose of the evidence, rather than putting it down inside of the trash bin. And that is quite simply speaking the reason that there still are these on board. Even the newest aircraft that you will board Will still be equipped with an ashtray on board and that is so that if you would have the uncontrollable urge to smoke on board. You can still put the ash out In the ashtray and not put it down the toilet or into the toilet bin where there is loads of paper and it could start a fire. That is extremely important to remember guys that everything that you see on board like I’ve been saying before has its foundations in safety. and that is all we ever care about. Guys I hoped you liked that explanation and make you that you click subscribe on the video. Make sure that you are following me on facebook and on instagram aswell and that you get the new app; the ‘Mentour Aviation’ app. Right now I am going to go back to my seat. I am travelling as a passenger today. and I will be coming back with more videos very soon. Have a nice day. Take care 🙂 (Outro music)

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  1. Hi mentour! Nice video! I'd like to know how pilots estimate how much extra fuel do you have to carry onboard taking in account different factors like traffic or weather. Thanks!

  2. I have a question. If a pilot travels as a passenger, do they get any privileges like being allowed more food or going to the cockpit? And why some pilots travel on different airlines as passengers than their own?

  3. Am I the only one who would install some senzor which would indicate that somebody used that ashtray?

  4. Damn, that sucks they demoted you from a Captain to cleaning toilets now?. lol
    I told YouTube will kill your career.

  5. I am currently 14 years old and I have done a discovery flight about two months ago. I loved it, but we've been busy with my life stuff since then. Now I have time to do more research and possibly lessons. I live in/near the capital of Washington State (Olympia). Do you have any advice for what to do or what not to do? I am thinking that I would like to be an airline pilot and I'd also like to keep college in state so costs are too high. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. Hey um I was wondering if I wanna become an Emirates pilot do I have to live in Dubai? Or can I still live in the us and keep my job?

  7. I get the logic but personally as an ex-smoker who has snuck cigarettes in many places I wasn't supposed to I can say that if I were to sneak a smoke on a plane, the ash tray would be the last place I would put my butt. Simply because I wouldn't want to leave any evidence of the crime. I see it as slightly less obvious than putting your cigarette out in somebody's house plant after sneaking a smoke in their bathroom.

  8. hi mentour my name singh i am doing my atpl in germany but i dont know what is my next step how i can i get my job as airline pilot

  9. Nice video, I like the explanation. I've had a discussion with a colleague about the ashtray in the cockpit. I was told that it might be that Boeing still sells aircraft to certain customers who request to have an ashtray present in the cockpit. Your explanation makes more sense however, what are your thoughts on the ashtray in the cockpit?

  10. I swapped from smoking to vaping two years ago to gradually reduce the need for nicotine to zero (started at 18, now at 4).
    Vaping during a flight is prohibited. My device has an interchangeable battery and I have to take it out before boarding the plane. The very powerful battery pack in my laptop can stay in however.

    There is no fire, no ash, no stinky smell, just an internal coil which heats up in a controlled way to vaporize the non-flammable liquid and cools down, all within a few seconds. The battery is the same one as used in smartphones and notebooks. A vape pen is a fantastic way to meet ones need for a "smoke", without the dangers. I even dare to say that drinking alcohol is more dangerous, though alcohol IS being served on board…

    I'm lost… Please explain.

  11. It's to prosecute drug smugglers. If one smoke, hounds take ash to lab and check if it was a cig or weed 😉

  12. I have no interest in this stuff at all, normally, but you have me hooked by mistakenly coming across your videos… lol – thanks !

  13. Just out of curiosity… have you had passengers on board a plane you piloted, that just couldn't go the whole flight without smoking? 🙂

  14. Well, mortal human nature for the moment, anyway (since there are perfect humans who are immortal, including God).

  15. That's probably true, but it has got to be the stupidest reason in the world. To "get rid of the evidence?" Yea, no one will look there! And I can just say "I didn't set off that alarm!" Wht=y wouldn't they just flush it?

  16. my brother in law lit up a smoke in a lavatory a few years ago. The airline let him go.

    People will smoke, so you better have ashtrays.

  17. To smoke in the toilets kneel over the bowl and blow all smoke into the bowl. The suction takes it out away from the smoke detectors.

  18. It would be interesting to see someone invent a device that actually allows you to smoke a small amount of tobacco safely in a contained area of the aircraft.

  19. This is kind of a mixed signal to smokers. More efficient would be a smoke detector + instant sprinkler system.

  20. Is there any backup in case the person does put the cigarette into the bin with paper towels? I mean is the container made to at least contain the fire somehow so that it doesn't spread? I know the crew is extensively trained in dealing with fire and they should be able to extinguish it quickly, but I'm curious if there's maybe some sensors inside the bin, or the bin is made of material that prevents burning, or maybe the whole mechanism is made to not let enough air in for the fire to spread, etc?

  21. I can remember lighting s cigarette in flight, but being totally legal to do so! When I got out of bootcamp in 86, they booked me in a non-smoking section and I was pissed! I found someone who didn't want to be in smoking and traded with him. Four beers and 10 cigs later, we landed. HOME AT LAST lol

  22. Why not just completely drench the cigarette with water in the sink and let the ashes go down the drain, then simply squeeze the water out of the cigarette and put it inside your pocket for the rest of the flight?

  23. Before i watched the video:
    I had two thoughs.
    One: the reason he gave. Because 'if' someone smokes there needs to be a safe place for them to use dispose of it.
    My second thought was that it is a legacy appointment from the days when smoking was allowed and they had them and when smoking was forbidden they simply left them there because it would cost a lot to jump through some sort of beauracratic or regulatory hoops to actually get the feature designed out.

  24. Do pilots get complimentary flights as a passenger with the airline they are contracted with, for example, a short vacation?

  25. It's not safety (peeing on the cigaret will put it out efficient enough) it's just bureaucracy someone wrote it on a requirement list, and because it's the industry it will be followed trough because it's expensive to change things.

  26. Back in the 80's and early 90's we used to be allowed to smoke in the aircraft cabin … why was it ok back then and not now ?

  27. One of your funnier videos the other PAX are probably wondering why some one is talking about the ash tray inside the toilet! They may think you are smoking lol.

  28. -have you seen the pilot?
    – well, he is recording something about not smoking on the planes using the word "absolutely fantastic" unnecessarily excessively..
    – then who is flying the plane?
    – i don t know, someone who smokes maybe??

  29. Even more interesting is the question: How often do you see it used? i.e. how many idiots per month do you get?

  30. Varig Flight 820 "… only 11 survivors (ten crew members and one passenger)."
    Most of the crew survived, while passenger mortality rate was above 99%. Should I start to get worried?

  31. People smoked on aircraft since the beginning. It wasn’t the threat of fire that stopped it, it was snowflakes afraid of second hand smoke. Scared of smoke but think nothing of sitting in a traffic jam for hours with cars all around them with engines running.
    It was more about power than anything else and once they were successful at banning smoking they moved on to other things.

  32. Aircraft design is designed for the future. ..its just that they haven't changed much in the John. .

  33. There was also Air Canada flight 797 that was thought to be either caused by an improperly disposed cigarette or bad wiring.

  34. I'm curious to see the reaction of the cleaning crew if someone were to place some old cigarette butts into the ashtrays.

  35. Wait, if someone wanted to dispose of the evidence, wouldn't they not use the ashtray? Being afraid they'll get in trouble if the officials found stuff in the ashtray, so they end up just dumping it in the trash and pretend to be innocent?

  36. Once you have set off the fire alarm i'd be surprised if the first thing the smoker thinks about it where to safely dispose of the evidence… surely the first thought would be to throw it where it can't be seen.. ie down the toilet.

  37. I would put a sprinkler system in the toilet. If there was someone who could not control his urge to smoke at least he would get a free shower. 🙂

  38. I'll post a prediction before I watch, I bet it's so that anyone who does smoke anyways will put it there instead of somewhere more dangerous.

  39. This makes no sence either – You could put the ashtray somewhere else, maybe in the Galley, where the Cabin-Crew is working.

  40. So… Mentour Pilot is travelling as a passenger on this flight? I love it! The coolest thing imaginable for a nervous flier would be to have an off-duty, fully-qualified, long-time professional pilot in full uniform + stripes sitting in the seat next to you, sharing a bag of peanuts. What an excellent stress reliever! 🙂

  41. I knew they exist in lavatories; especially in private aircraft where you can smoke anywhere with the owner's permission. Mexican and South American government/corporate aircraft have especially large ashtrays = they smoke big cigars 🤣

  42. I know a girl name to Dawn Trenson, she will smoke her brains out anywhere. Trust me, she is smoking on the plane. She’s 40 now and she’s been doing it since she was 13… This bitch smokes.

  43. I was on a Frontier flight today, an a320 from AUS to ORD, that someone had actually used the ashtray. And I thought "why would they continue to build an ashtray into the door, if smoking is forbidden", so I looked it up. It makes complete sense. I'm a vaper, so I sneak some vape while in the lieu, which won't set off any warnings, as it's only moisture being expelled, not smoke.

  44. I figured I'd try to guess what the reason was, and I was correct. I smoke, and it's stressful to fly sometimes because most airports no longer have smoking lounges behind the gate… they've taken them out of most airports I usually fly through. I only fly in the states, not usually very far, so its not a big deal, but when I have a layover less than an hour, I can't risk going out of security to run outside, just in case it takes too long to get back in. I wish they would bring back the smoking lounges. They're not the most fun place to hang out, but at least you can get a few puffs in during a short layover

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