20 Replies to “Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport | Money Exchange | Taxi Service | Tourist Sim Card Tips | 泰國曼谷國際機場”

  1. can you get and register SIM car per the new Thai policies?  I want to get my phone working before I leave the airport?

  2. hey if i want to shift to bangkok , what are the requirements for immigration ?? how much baht should i pay?

  3. What is the process of when i exchange USA dollars into Baht & getting thailand sim card?

    I'm staying in Thailand for 7 days.

  4. +RHYTHMS JOURNEY Can you tell me how and where to find the ATM machines ? and do you have any experience getting Cash through ATM machines in Bangkok ?

  5. When I arrived two years ago at this same airport the taxi driver did not want to use the meter. His flat rate was 500 bahts. It was close to midnight by the time I picked up my luggage. This time I'm heading back at the end of the month I already reserved a hotel near the airport since I would be arriving about the same time as the last. Then the next day I will take the air train then use the metro to my hotel. If taxi drivers keep doing the same and more people like me stay at a hotel near the airport then they would start losing lots of money.

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