BASE jumping into a plane mid-air | A Door In The Sky

We are going to abseil. We will make you take off when the first one arrives at the exit point. Is it ok for you?

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  1. They are wonderful, the better, I hope know and the important is place to teach the tecnics whith them me, the best. I am free jump but this is the touch the sky. EBS Chile

  2. I have seen Flying Squirrels jump from tree to tree, hell, even a Snake can do this "flying/falling" thing and land safely at another tree, so.. no a big deal 😀 😀 😀

  3. If you call (800)JETBLUE … you can get a seat and…….. choose where you want to sit. No more risky wing suits and diving into a crappy seat.

  4. How did the conversation go?"I have an idea. What if we jump off a mountain and see if we can fly into a moving aeroplane?"These things are so well filmed. Incredible stuff.

  5. It was still easier and quicker for these guys to get on the plane than it is for your average Ryanair passenger! 😉

  6. These insane suicidal pursuits never cease to amaze me. You know how this will eventually end one end. Lives cut short with wives and children crying at the grave side. What a waste of human potential.

  7. Me muero, pero lo haría. Amo a los pájaros y creo que es porque me encantaría volar con la libertad con que ellos lo hacen. Poder tener esas vistas magníficas seria impagable. Pero tengo clarísimo que se necesita mucho aprendizaje. Maravilloso, volé con ustedes 👏👏👏

  8. Two guys who made jump :
    🤔 what are we going to do now to top this one. Hmm maybe next time jump into a moving speed boat.

  9. Now see? This is how they should have done the free fall stunt into the plane at the beginning of the James Bond film GoldenEye. Not that lame green screen they used. Better to do it with live action and stuntmen.

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