Basic Dance Floor Work I @MissAuti

– We’re back with more floor work! – (claps hands) Hey-oh! – Hey-oh, you guys, there’s
like unlimited floor work. Today, we’re doing a
couple, like over-the-toe, we’re doing a cool kip-up,
we’re doing a helicopter roll. – You’re giving this away for free? – Yeah! – Aw, you’re so generous. – Yeah, you guys are lucky. But first, united we dance. – Ooh! – You guys, Dancewear
Corner, what is that? Great question, Matt. – Thank you. –, my favorite people. (whispers) Bring it in., use
code Auti20 at checkout for twenty percent off of your purchase. I actually really like this tank, and I tuck it into my little leggings and I feel like a little
high-waisted mama. – Yeah, it’s great. – Dancewear Corner, babies! – I’d get arrested if I tried
the high-waisted mama thing. – All right, so our first
one is a single-leg toe over. So this one is your classic
lyrical competition movement. Yeah. This right arm is gonna flow up and over. Actually, I lied, the first
thing I said to you was wrong. Your left arm is gonna flow up and over, your right leg is what’s moving. So you’re starting on your
knees, sitting on your feet. You’re gonna push up. That right leg is gonna come
through with just your toe. So that toe is what you’re rolling over and you’re not landing
on your kneecap, friends. You’re landing on the side of your shin. So I come up, my toe glides up, I push up and over my
toe, my left arm reaches, and I’m leaning towards Matt as my knee goes towards the floor. Yeah. (whispers) Did you hear
how quiet that was? The reason we landed so
softly and so quietly is because of that oppositional pull. If you threw all of your
body weight this way, you’re gonna just go (knocks on floor), clonk down, right? Yuck. – Ow. (laughing) – So what you want to make sure
is that you’re leaning away from that right leg so that
you land nice and soft. Let’s try it again. Six, seven, and, knee up, toe through, lean away, glide to your knee, yeah. And this can transition nicely into like other kinds
of movement and whatnot. If you want more movement after that, pop over to our other floor work vlogs. And yes. – Got it. – That is your single-legged toe over. Let’s show one more time. Five, six, seven, and, knee up and toe and lean away. Yay! (whistles) Okay, so Matty’s gonna show
you guys our second one, which is our kip up, right? – So this guy – yes. I recommend that you find like, a carpet or like,
something that’s kinda soft to start off with, ’cause you’re gonna be kinda rolling on your knee. Ideally, when you do this, it’s gonna help like not put a whole lotta pressure on it. But when you’re practicing, just be safe. Make sure you have something
that’s not like super, super hard. So what you’re gonna do, is you’re gonna start down on your stomach this way, all right? So you’re gonna wanna pick a knee, whichever one is your
stronger knee I recommend, so I have my right knee down. So that means my left
knee is going to lift off the floor this way. And when I do that, notice
how I’m kinda sliding my right knee up and in a little bit. So I’m kinda in this weird
sort of plank-y situation here. (laughing) And then, while you’re there,
as soon as you come up, you want to immediately
kick that up leg back and push up with your hands. And then ideally, it’ll end up
looking something like this. (whoops) – And you just slowly glide your way up. Yeah, see, kneepads are also great. Find some, or something soft. – That was so good. So Matty, do you feel
like you’re using your, you’re using your palms
to push into the floor? – Yes. – And you’re squeezing your abs. – Yes. – Right? Because it’s kinda like
a little (whooshes) contraction in. – You’re gonna squeeze a lot of things. – Another thing that’s
gonna help you out… – Squeeze all the things. – Yeah, abs, legs, you’re
pushing with your hands. I also want you to think
about the top of your head. You want to send it back
the way you’re going too. The more momentum you can go,
you can put going that way, it’s gonna help you get up. Yeah, if you just try to kick back without pushing with your
hands or doing anything, it’s gonna look like… (laughing) I didn’t do it, like a dead fish. So, again, you’re gonna be here. You’re kicking that one foot,
whatever leg you choose. You’re kicking it up, whoo! – Nice! – And you send that head back up with it, push with your hands. And the more you practice,
the better you’re gonna feel. Like, okay, this is what
that momentum feels like. And it’s gonna get easier
and easier to get up. Let me break it down one more time to get you good and ready. So you start on the floor, all
the way down, hands are here. My hands, you want to have
them kinda right by your chest, so you can push up a little easier. – Yeah. – You don’t wanna be like
up here, that’s weird. All the way down here,
that’s next to impossible. So you’re gonna be here,
whatever foot you choose is gonna kick up, back. And you’re pushing with your hands, sending your head back up that way, squeezing your thigh, abs, everything, going back that way. – Whoo! – That is that move. – All right bye. – Okay, okay. I didn’t even get to say bye, fine! – Wait, give me a high five, that was so good. I love Matt’s kip up because
it has that really cool kind of suspension putting backwards, but there is also different ways that you can straighten your
legs, point your toes too. That’s just one version. So for me, when I do a kip, I come up with a super straight
top leg and a pointed toe. It’s the same mechanics
that Matt explained to you, with pushing up and squeezing your abs. But just to show you a different version, you can come up with a straight knee, tuck back nice and slow, and then come up. It just kind of depends
what style – sorry, Matty – – It’s fine. – What style you like. – My job is done. – Yeah, baby! – Whoo! – Okay, so this guy is a little bit tricky because there’s a couple
different parts to it. You’re gonna be flopping
around like a little fish for a couple tries, and that’s okay. It’s your helicopter roll. So the first thing that you
wanna make sure you have is your plow in yoga, which
is literally just this. This position, you need
to make sure you can do. If your back is not quite flexible enough to have your toes touch the
floor, and they’re floating, that’s okay, you can
still do this movement. But you need to get comfortable rolling up and over your shoulders and having your legs above your head. So practice that a couple times. Second, you want to make sure that you know how to do a Z sit like this. So both legs are bent, it’s like a double attitude situation. (snaps) Yeah. And you’re holding it here. This is how you start. So I’m gonna show you the movement without breaking it down first, so you get an idea of what
the heck I’m talking about. Let’s see how it goes. – [Matt] I believe in you. – All right, so we’re here. I push up and over, let
your right arm slide, and then I land down. – Whoo! – All right! – [Matt] Yay! – So, a couple things. You’re like, what in the
world did she just do? – [Matt] In groups. – Groups. From a Z sit, my left leg swings around, and what happens is, I have
to go over my right shoulder. If I don’t push up enough, what will end up happening is this. Okay? – [Matt] That was just great. – Thank you. Ow. So, what you want to make sure is that you push over your shoulder. That’s why I recommend
that you practice plow. Plow. (laughing) Before doing this to get comfortable. When you are over your shoulder,
your legs stay what, Matty? So…? – [Matt] Straight. – Straight, and your toes so…? – Pointed! – Good answer. Straight knees, pointed toes. Keep your chin tucked into your chest, kind of looking at your belly button. And the way that you
land can be up to you. Some people get all the way around, some will land in kind of that double legged situation as me, some will go with just
their legs being straight. Don’t stress about the
ending, it’s just the coolness of the actual movement. – Smooth. – So starting in a Z sit,
this left leg swings around, your right shoulder is gonna tuck, and you go up and over. Let’s try it again. Five, six, seven, and, swing, tuck, straighten your knees,
point your toes and over. Nice! You wanna show them your version? – [Matt] Sure. – Okay. – It’s mostly similar but I’ll do it. So we’re here. So everything as Auti
just said, still applies. We’re going… – [Auti] Oh yeah, baby! So Matt’s look like a lot
more athletic than mine, and again, this is why I love shooting with different people too,
is to just show that movement looks different – man,
come closer, please. – Oh, sorry. I’m back. – It’s nice to see movement
on different bodies, right? I tend to dance like a little, like a little leaf flying in the wind. – You are far more flexible than I am too. – And Matt’s like more grounded. Okay, okay, sure. But I like the way that you dance too. – No, it’s good. – It’s like grounded and athletic. So it’s just, there’s
just lots of differences and I think it’s really cool
to see it on different bodies. So why don’t we try at the same time? – Yeah. – Long legged babies. – Let’s do it. – Let’s see. – Let’s see who dies. – Ready? Five, six, seven, and, up. Ahhh! And split! – All right. – That’s your helicopter. – Oh! – Good job babies! That was your floor work – what did we do? We did our single-legged
toe over, our kip up, our kip up and our helicopter. (imitates helicopter blades whirring) You guys, be proud of yourself. My little shoulders are burning. Is your knee burning? – Little bit. – Dance hurts sometimes. So Matt had really good
advice, find soft flooring, and wear pants. I highly recommend wearing pants. – Yeah. – I highly recommend wearing
pants, just for a little while so that you don’t burn yourselves. Burn yourselves on like the carpet I mean, or get like little raspberries. – Those aren’t fun. – You guys, sign up for our
email list at You have lots of announcements and exclusive content and
whatnot coming up, seriously! You’re going to want to be in the loop. – Don’t miss it. – Find us on Instagram
@missauti, @braydenbear, @mattshinyteeth. DanceWear Corner, check them out. They’re also on Instagram
@dancewearcorner. What else, what else, what else? Oh! Tag me in your Instagram
Stories so I can post it on my Instagram Story Highlight. I love seeing your cute
little faces doing the dances and implementing things
that I say into your life. It’s really, really cool. P.S. working on that P.O.
Box, so keep an eye out so that you guys can send
some really cool stuff and maybe they’ll get
featured in the vlogs. – Fancy. – Happy dancing. Tell the people something positive, Matt. – Be good. Don’t do anything mean. Eat your vegetables. Make sure that you get,
you brush your teeth. You want to really moisturize,
do some moisturizing. Eight hours of sleep. Stretch. Cranberry juice is delicious, make sure you drink a lot of that, if you want or you don’t have to, I guess. It’s the least important of those ones. Oh,, thank your parents! Call your mom every once and a while. – Bye. We’ll see you later. – [Matt] Tell her you love her. – Just go, just go. – [Matt] Holidays are coming through, make sure that you got your shopping done ’cause that fills out real quick. I haven’t done mine yet,
I’m a little nervous, I don’t know what anybody wants. You gotta make sure that when
you have a nice, big meal – (upbeat music)

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