B&B Thursday September 12 | Sally & Flo Had A Visit To Wyatt’s Sexy Office.

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Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, September 12: Brooke and Ridge war escalates,
Flo Makes Her Move. The Thursday, September 12, 2019, episode
of The Bold and the Beautiful, opens in the Forrester home where Ridge Forrester (Thorsten
Kaye) breaks the news that Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) is being released that day. Brooke
Forrester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) mouth falls open when she learns that he gave the
go-ahead for Flo’s immunity deal in order to protect his son. Brooke protests that Thomas Forrester (Matthew
Atkinson) needs to pay for what he did to her daughter and to Douglas Forrester (Henry
Joseph Samiri). The couple disagrees on priorities—Brooke seeks punishment for her niece, Thomas, and
everyone involved in the plot to steal Beth. Ridge seeks to protect his son. Brooke shouts
that there is no way she is letting Thomas waltz back into her house like nothing happened.
Separating Douglas and Thomas is the best way to put the little boy’s needs first. Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Brooke
And Ridge Forrester’s Fight Escalates The fight between Brooke and Ridge escalates
as he continues to proclaim that his son merely made a mistake, that family relationships
can heal again if everyone works at it, and that Thomas has forgiven Brooke for pushing
him off the cliff. A tearful Brooke cannot believe that Ridge keeps throwing the accident
in her face. She puts her foot down—Thomas will not be
allowed on the premises. He must earn her sympathy. Until then, she can’t forgive
him for his aggression, manipulation, and obsession. Ridge and Brooke are at an impasse
as she proclaims that she can and she will keep Douglas from Thomas. Flo and Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) rejoice
over Flo’s freedom. Shauna moons over Ridge’s big heart. She seems gleeful that one person
won’t be grateful to Ridge for his generous decision to support Flo—his wife. Shauna
promises to help Flo show the Forresters and Logans how remorseful Flo is and how they
should forgive her and take her back into the fold. She urges Flo to go see the man
she loves. Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Sally
Spectra Not Ready To Jump Back In Yet Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) pays Wyatt Spencer
(Darin Brooks) a sexy office visit. But when he suggests that they lock the door and make
up for lost time, she says that she’s just not ready to jump into the relationship so
soon after he dumped her and ran back to his high school sweetheart. She’s afraid of
getting hurt again. Wyatt asks Sally to move back in with him
and is disappointed when she urges him to be patient. Flo, however, doesn’t want to
take things slow with Wyatt. She acts on her mom’s advice and surprises
him, apologizing for hurting and lying to him.
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