60 Replies to “Best Budget Electric Skateboard for Airplane Flight Travel | Meepo Campus 2 Review”

  1. Hey Paolo, I wanna say that the electric skateboard looks so cool and affordable, yeah. Thanks for telling me all about it! 😃👍

  2. This is awesome, I'm gonna be riding my cruiser long board when I return to Tokyo next year. So having you give a review of this board really makes me consider if, a electric skateboard that passes the flight restrictions,would be a good investment.

  3. I dont skate but i do like the info on flt regulations and limits.. also its better to get the regulations on record 1st.. some of the airlines enployees may get " over enthusiastic ", saves time arguing with these ppl

  4. My husband and I travel a lot and we have been thinking of something like this! Would definitely buy the flight compatible battery for sure

  5. Clickbait,2cute maiko in thumbnail and all we see is big asian dude looking guy on a skateboard tssssss! WE WANT MAIKO ON A SAKE BOARD!

  6. Finally saved enough money and ordered this. So glad that after 2 and a 1/2 years of watching eskate videos, I’ll get into it myself.

  7. I would love for you to please send the music in the background of the videos down in the description. Thank you Paolo!

  8. Paolo, just wanted to see if u would be interested in meeting up for an Eskate ride in Tokyo on Jan 20th. I will only be in town 1 day with my Wowgo Mini.

  9. i appreciate your honest unpaid skates reviews, u r professional and positive, i subscribed to ur channel, thank you for your passionate work

  10. Meepo is not a good company. There is no contact number and they do not respond back to inquiry's. I cant even track my current order. Time to file a paypal dispute with them. How can a company not return any emails of even post a phone number to talk to a someone.

  11. “Let’s get to the good part…

    …the travel battery option.”

    When you say that in your video, i bet 99% of people think to themselves…”the price!” But you end up saying “the travel battery option!” Haha

  12. So, in the end this was still not clear for me…. Do you still need to remove the smaller battery from the board before boarding the plane and carry it in you checked luggage? Or can you actually board the plane with the battery inside the enclosure?

  13. Are there more than three people on the planet that need one of these? Skateboard? Electric? Budget? For Air travel? No offense, of course : )

  14. clicked because of thumbnail.
    stopped watching after first minute and skimmed through the timeline and not see the girl.
    not hating. i just thought i'd see the girl actually using it and giving feedback yet all i saw was you.

  15. are there spots in Tokyo where we can skate? I've reading some very mix views about skateboarding in Tokyo. Thanks!

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