Best Paper Planes: How to make a paper airplane that FLIES FAST | BlackSwift SR-72

This is the Backbird SR71, and… it is ready to fly … Hello everyone, my name is Tri, and today I will show you one of the best paper
airplanes I’ve ever designed the Blackbird SR71 this plane flies very well, but it is not easy to fold so if you want to make it be patient and follow my instruction step-by-step Alright, lets start now! To make the Blackbird, you need a printing paper I am using letter size 8.5 x 11 inches if you want to use a .. A4 paper, you can try it out. but if it doesn’t work. You need to trim it down the the letter size and also, you need a ruler and a pen or pencil. Ok, lets start now. First step, I will fold the paper in haft this way … [Music on] Second step, I will start from this edge fold it to this edge. and I repeat the same step for the other size I start from this edge, I will fold it to this edge. … make sure that all the edges are lined up. Turn the paper over. Alright, start from this corner fold it to the intersection of this crease and this edge, and also on this corner, we fold it the intersection of this crease and this edge. … Alright, I open the paper. Turn it over and I use my had to hold 2 sides of the paper just pushed this crease to the center crease. just push this part down. ‘right Next step, open this layer. Put it to a side. Start from this edge, I fold it to the center crease, but before I fold it, I will use a ruler [ to measure] ‘K, I will start, will start from the tip here. I will estimate [or measure] about more than 1/2 in about 3/4in 3/4 of an in OK! and then, I will start from this point to fold it the intersection ofcenter crease. and this edge. See what I am doing here? I gonna make a line to show you how to fold it. …. ‘K I just fold it in. … estimate about 1./5 in from this corner. along this edge. 1/2 in and then, I will estimate about 1 one inch in and a haft from this point, the intersection of this edge and this edge. You don’t need to use the ruler, but I just just use the ruler to show you how I estimate it. ‘OK, so 1.5 in ‘K, now I make the line This is what I have [ so far] okay, Now I just fold this part out. use that crease and this line a preference … … and then, I just fold the paper like this Turn the paper over. Fold this part out. Alright! Then, I fold this part down, K. See what I have here. fold it down. Now, make sure that the the crease here will match with this
crease Also, it is important that you fold it slowly. … Then, I fold this part out and use this edge as reference. … open this it is what we have so far me turn the paper over it use it %eh how it uses a preference to for this Leah in measured as the edge the creating much with this bitch expanded slow it Wed repeat the steps David criticism step leonid should this edge usage good is depicted a lil inserted disputed this it’d to halt year audio to play so it pushin just yes said said tried to push the machine you can it in every piece instead this in must worse them stay stay well an eternity would nested use maplewood K estimate they’ll to interests wage in related should be about it it this is about it Isabel 1 it’s about two inches good right nailed estimate well one inch and
applauded from from percent increase it to sway create a ride which you’ll K so that’s why we have just voted dealt in now it it it just posted this way we have said me and then X opened as print to create a link pay so basically I will use July handle staff from that’d just just follow it to this point Wed it to show you Clin did it in every pic this instead this it it said it they sedated it any good now open the stabilizer yes it is openness to create a stable as it every Pissin step say mission just
stabilizers stay straight because it’s very
important direction lead good is almost done and next step use it is prohibited I was just follow
it now the newly estimate about it have an inch from his client is boring
now stand by we’ll have a range is edge okay stood just good it a ship boys clothes good to the edge which repeat this in step said good mission at BOCES yes you rate India that place is a must spinach few more steps you need to do okay so will you free India elevated at then where you see displayed here I use
made them okay use in New to for display up a
little bit see a for this this would happen
elevated plan with like said to dissenting he said me should isn’t this is very important that you
Quinto destabilize effort to liberate now for this one less mission to help then lie alright at a you created stabilizers and the
elevated is an artist that you can do committee a
plan look even called you see his protest we are a so just Paul dish Bangla ship go it make it with the body part okay so foot 11 right it just pushes in by doing display by doing so you make is spread bad and now the adventist it’d you can play with now you can see is here this is where called it landed do it tent 30 degrees learn how to control it and Misha use regulars printing paper do not use contraction
paper because this to Kb butted think if alleged said 0 of

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  1. The inside reverse fold you made could've been simpler. You just top-to-botrom fold it about 3/4, then crease by folding the sides together, then make triangle folds on the the crease then unfold everything and make the inside reverse fold

  2. Hay paper artland, I took the folds out of the tip to give it a flat-ish look. When I flew it afterwards, it glided at about 4mph for 70 feet, and the throw was ground level, I was not elevated in any way. So great plane mate.

  3. One suggestion is to show what the plane looks after each step

    My first attempted I made it to 6:23 and crumbled up the plane out of anger that night when I went to bed I thought ohh that's how you do it and made it within 5 minutes

  4. um…. Paper Artland can i make the blackbird with 9"x 12" paper???
    Plz answer it because I love this plane it's my favorite plane to

  5. lol i flew my 2 nighthawks along with my sr71 the nighhawks landed at around 93 feet while the sr71 went for 197 feet lol

  6. its not blackbird its looks like "Concorde".blackbird firstly got 2 big engines in the midle of the wings and concorde got 4 hiden under wings. secondly midle of the blackbirds body is not triangle and flat so its definetly french black concorde 😀

  7. check out my boomrage I just made its a lil hard for me  and you have to spin around to make it come to you :))))

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