Bombardier’s new enviro-friendly airplane

HON. CATHERINE MCKENNA (Minister of Environment and Climate Change): So, I am here with Sylvain Lévesque, in Beijing. We had a very good discussion on the environment
and the economy. But, tell us the story of Bombardier and how it is an aircraft with a very small footprint, with respect to greenhouse gases. SYLVAIN LÉVESQUE (Vice President, Corporate
Strategy, Bombardier Inc.): We are talking about the C Series, obviously Bombardier’s
latest 100- to 150-seat aircraft. The C Series uses two litres of fuel per passenger,
per 100 kilometres. If you look at your car, it is about a quarter
of what the most efficient cars use. It is less than a car, less than a train,
and also less than some electric cars, where greenhouse gases are released in the production
of electricity. So, it is an extraordinary aircraft. And it is the only aircraft to be awarded
an Environmental Product Designation (EPD). HON. CATHERINE MCKENNA: The environment and the
economy go hand in hand.

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