Book Cheaper Flights! Simple Hack to Save Money – Book a Flight with a VPN

hi guys in this video I want to show you how you can book cheaper flights with the VPN this technique has the possibility to save you some serious money the cool thing is that the same technique also works with hotels and car rentals in artists I'm using speedier and I'm selecting a flight from London to Dubai as a departure date I've selected the third of December in addition I only want to use non-stop flights the search result is now without a VPN let's see how much Expedia wants to charge us for a ticket the cheapest flight Expedia has to offer is the Emirates flight for $562 the real question is now how much money can we save if we select a VPN and change our IP address to a lower-income country let's find out but first let's get rid of all the cookies so Expedia has no chance to track us I like to use the chrome add-on click and clean which is free link is in the video description but you can also use in a cockney to a window but now let's change our IP address to a lower income country for this I'm using not VPN the bonus code is in the video description if you want to save some money if in mind that you can use a VPN for a lot of other things as well and not only for booking cheaper flights example you can watch netflix value in a foreign country so physically on a public Wi-Fi or bypass gear restricted contact or firewalls VPNs are easy to use they encrypt all your Internet traffic and routed through a different server even when you're not so skilled with computers a VPN is easily installed and to change the server it takes only a couple of clicks in this test I will connect to the country Poland but it is not an exact science so you have to test out several countries go for countries that have a low income or the country you're flying to sometimes also a good choice now we have a polish IP address let's reload this page and see if the prices have changed you exactly the same date exactly the same airline but a different price this time the ticket could $30 less $30 is not a lot of money but still you can sometimes even save more money than this $30 it was just a quick example I found on the internet the tools I have used in this video are in the video description what could help you with this little video if you liked it please give me a thumbs up thanks for watching

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