Buildings Show Visit – Toronto Architect Vlog #1

Good morning, everyone today I will be attending the Buildings Show in Toronto seeing trends in the industry and learning about new technologies also I will be at two seminars project planning and estimating and spray foam insulationTake the Spadina Avenue exitIn three hundred metres, turn right onto the Front Street West ICF System, insulating concrete forms that means you already have the finishing with this finishing, you’re saving time and money according to the structural drawings there is a rebar placing yeah you are absolutely right accordingly absolutely This is standard This is the extra material added on top it is going to give you R10 R10 this is another R10 This is for tearing up floor This rips out old hardwood floors, tiles, carpets for the new finish yeah, to get it down to concrete this is exterior sheathing and the building paper here and the air spacers here the air spacers here it is 25 to 30 dollars 25 to 30 dollars per square foot exterior part yeah what about this one? the 2 inch insulation 12 to 15 12 to 15 it is walkable 4 inches that is 17 R value in the winter time, we are still okay It starts at $5.23 every inch is 29 cents there will be plus 29 plus 29 plus 29 every inch this is a neoprene neoprene gasket you know, everything together ten percents ten percents of the price would be flashings, screws and other sub-materials Christmas is coming, right it is slowing down but usually a couple of weeks two weeks we have to wait for the insulation first it takes 10 to 14 days when insulation comes you know Styrofoam then we can produce what is this for measuring devices electrical yeah it is vertical yeah and horizontal that is the temperature of the surface I would check out with our engineer that is nice you are providing the material and installation as well it is twenty two twenty two yeah this is glulam a piece of wood which is engineered to be attached to each other it is a structural member there is a hole here through which the concrete goes inside of the beam so you don’t need the fireproofing is this different from Roxul different company we changed the name of the company two years ago so the same company exactly if it is wet will it still work yeah it is going to be draining there is repellent on this the water just falls down it won’t be absorbing the water what about the R value R4.1 to R4.3 per inch yup it’s been a long day today now I’m heading home have a good night guys see you next time

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