Cactus 1549 – for Orchestra and the Air Traffic Control Audio Recordings from US Airways Flight 1549

“This re-recording is being prepared by the
New York TRACON.” “The subject concerns an aircraft accident involving Cactus 1549 on January 15, 2009 at approximately 20:31 Coordinate Universal Time.” “…My name is John Harris; I’m employed as quality assurance specialist at the New York TRACON.” “…I hereby certify
that the following is a true re-recording of the original recorded transmissions pertaining to the accident” “during the period 20:20 to 20:40
Coordinate Universal Time” “on January 15, 2009.” AWE1549: Cactus 1549 is squawking 7134
and we’re runway 4, 360 at 5000 CD: 1549 LaGuardia clearance, readback correct
ground point seven verify information papa AWE1549: We have papa thank you Cactus 1549 GC: Cactus 1549 follow Northwest;
you can monitor tower AWE1549: Cactus 1549 follow Northwest monitor the tower thank you LC: Cactus 1549 Runway 4 cleared for takeoff AWE1549: Cactus 1549 cleared [for takeoff] LC: Cactus 1549 contact New York departure good day AWE1549: Good day AWE1549: Cactus 1549 700 climbing 5000 L116: Cactus 1549 New York departure radar contact climb and maintain 15000 AWE1549: Maintain 15000 Cactus 1549 L116: Cactus 1549 turn left heading 270 AWE1549: [Mayday] This is Cactus 1539. Hit birds. We lost thrust in both engines,
we’re turning back towards LaGuardia. L116: Okay yeah you need to return to LaGuardia;
Turn left heading of, uh, 220. AWE1549: 220 L116: Tower stop your departures,
got an emergency returning. CC: Who is it? L116: It’s 1529 he uh bird strike he lost all engines, he lost the thrust in the engines, he’s returning immediately CC: Cactus 1529 which engines? L116: He lost thrust in both engines he said CC: Got it L116: Cactus 1529 if we can get it to you,
do you want to try to land runway 13? AWE1549: We’re unable.
We may end up in the Hudson. L116: All right Cactus 1549 it’s going to be left traffic
to runway 31 AWE1549: Unable L116: Okay what do you need to land. AWE1549: I’m not sure if we can make any runway.
What’s over to our right, anything in New Jersey,
maybe Teterboro? L116: Okay yeah off to your right side is Teterboro airport L116: Do you want to try to go to Teterboro? AWE1549: Yes OPS (TEB): Operations AS (TEB): I have an Airbus declaring an emergency, wants to land at Teterboro OPS (TEB): An Airbus what AS (TEB): An A320 OPS (TEB): Ah I believe he’s too heavy,
but let me talk to supervisor AS (TEB): Yeah he’s he’s gonna land here He’s- he’s- he’s- he’s falling down right now,
he’s coming in, he’s gonna land. OPS (TEB): All right, ah, have you rolled the trucks? AS (TEB): I’m calling them, I’m calling the trucks now L116: Cactus 1549 turn right 280,
you can land Runway 1 at Teterboro AWE1549: We can’t do it L116: Okay which runway would you like at Teterboro AWE1549: We’re gonna be in the Hudson L116 : I’m sorry say again Cactus? EGF4718: I don’t know I think he said he was going
in the Hudson CBA: Two-Tango-Alpha [2TA] traffic at your 12 o’clock and uh five miles southbound
Airbus 320 N152TA: We’re looking for the traffic 2TA CBA: Yeah 2TA he’s at 900 feet abeam the north Hudson he’s ah looks like he’s descending
into the Hudson river CBA: 2TA looks like this, uh, may be an incident here N152TA: Roger keeping my eyes out 2TA CBA: 2TA he’s 12 o’clock and 2 1/2 miles N152TA: Got him in sight maintaining visual CBA: 2TA roger L116 : Cactus 1549 radar contact is lost. You also got Newark airport off your 2 o’clock
at about 7 miles L116: Cactus 1529, uh are you still on? CBA: 2TA is he still flying? N461SA: Still flying
CBA: Thank you N152TA: Flying past him right now, looks like he’s getting lower CBA: 2TA roger N461SA: Going down N152TA: 2TA course reversal CBA: 2TA roger N461SA: Guys he’s going down CBA: Roger N461SA: Hit the water CC: Kennedy LaGuardia JFK: Kennedy CC: […] Get me a police department helicopter
if you got one on your frequency right now JFK: We don’t have one right now but we’ll make a call CC: You get anybody, you send them right over to the Lincoln Tunnel. We had a Cactus Airbus
go down in the water JFK: Got it, okay. CC: […] he went down in the river abeam
the Intrepid N152TA: Roger I got him in sight right next
to the USS Intrepid mid-river N152TA: Uh, it appears that they are deploying
the rafts right now CC: […] they’re dispatching float ah flotation
ah rescue ah equipment N461SA: The airplane is still floating and
it looks like there’s the Circle Line
that’s approaching it right now CC: […] Yeah, he’s sending out the rescue […] CBA: […] the aircraft was still floating […] PA: We got survivors, we got survivors, all right they’re picking em up, they’re on the move SEQ: […] the last report is he was still floating PA: He was still floating in the water PA: […] numerous survivors PA: And the plane’s still afloat “This is the end of the re-recording concerning the aircraft accident involving Cactus 1549” “[…] on January 15, 2009.”

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