Catapult Launched Gliders (Will They Piggyback?)

Hey guys, welcome back to Nighthawk Gliders!
I’m Brad! Today I decided to do a couple laps at my local park and get a little exercise… get a little walk in… It’s cold. It’s reall,y really cold today. That’s like about 32 degrees Fahrenheit zero degrees Celsius for our international friends. It’s wintertime here and it’s windy, too.
So, I’d say not a good day to fly gliders! But, anyway, what was a good day… was earlier this summer… My brother, Bruce, and I we got some video of us flying gliders at the AMA headquarters in Muncie, Indiana So you should check it out. Here’s some of that video… Hey guys, I’m Brad, [Bruce] I’m Bruce
[Brad] we’re Nighthawk Gliders and we’re launching… Piggyback gliders. Give it a go.
[Bruce] All right, three, two, one… [Brad chuckles] They stuck! [Bruce] They’re still flying.
[Brad] The stuck together; that’s not ideal. That was not the plan. Oh well. Ok, I’m in sunlight. All right, so… Yeah, this is a… the hook is not long enough technically. [Bruce] Yeah, so I kinda I don’t want I don’t want to tilt it I just want to shoot it straight and kind of keep the everything lined up. To shoot it straight…
[Brad] Okay. [Bruce] Keeps rolling on me…
There we go [Brad] Yeah, I think a little little engineering here. I think we’ll get something working here someday. Well there, nice. They separated but one nosedived. That just landed nearby. It’s my favorite tornado, by the way. [Brad] We’re at the AMA field in Muncie, Indiana. Which is just a big field of pretty much nothing; a lot of tall grass but we’re just playing around with our gliders today. It’s random… It’s random fly day. Winds finally calming down which is good. It was a little breezy earlier today. I He’s gonna piggyback again. Well, they stuck; it separated; in an awkward, oh nice! That actually… I like it when they are in a chase pattern. I caught it! Ha, ha! Caught it! [Bruce] They stuck alright; for a while. [Brad] Yep. They split! Oh– Chase pattern awesome! [Bruce] That kinda worked. [Brad] One’s down; other one’s still flying.
It’s now down. Cool! There’s the moon. [Brad] My rubber band is about to break; I see it weakening. That’s not a good thing! Oh, they stuck!
[Bruce chuckles] [Brad] Watch out!
OOOOH… That almost hit you! [Brad] Here we go…
[Brad laughs] Watch out, it’s dive-bombing! [Bruce chuckles] [Brad] That’s cool, we got them both up in the air! They’re both up pretty good! [Bruce] I already lost mine!
[Brad] It’s right here. [Bruce] Oh… [chuckles loudly] [Brad] Yours came down first. That was cool [Brad] Well, that had mixed results, didn’t it?
[Bruce] Yeah, it didn’t work out well. Yeah well for spur of moment idea, that wasn’t… too bad. I think we can improve upon that design.
We’ll keep trying. Hey guys. Catch you next time. Take care!
Bye! Well, that was fun! Definitely a much warmer day than today, so I think… I gotta get home real soon and
stoke up a fire in the fireplace and regain some of my body heat because I think I’ve lost half of it right now… Just shy of hypothermia! But, hey, until next time guys, we’ll catch you later. Thanks for stopping by! Who likes to do this? Nobody! Nobody!

11 Replies to “Catapult Launched Gliders (Will They Piggyback?)”

  1. The only hobbyists type aircraft we'll all be flying soon.. LOLOLOL.. But really, fun experiment.. Looking to see you improve.. maybe get like 5 up at one time.

  2. Mi questions is haven a nex proyects jenialiti in thi year for glading disainig a delta win shainp Or sontyg cool?

  3. Good to see a video up. Great cut from the cold introduction to the warmer sun. At least it reminds us summer is coming (after the winter and the spring ) 😆😁👍 3:10 looked like it was all wrong and then both of them top out and transitioned perfectly 😍

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