100 Replies to “Common Tourist Mistakes in Las Vegas”

  1. You might enjoy watching my video on the best hotels in Las Vegas: https://youtu.be/zSyzvMBaM0o

    Or All My Vegas Videos in this Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-JzE5fiVleugu6HTYLsr2sk

  2. Hey is Uber safe for two young australian ladies? (20s) we plan on using public transport and uber. What's safer and cheaper?

  3. I lived in Vegas as a kid in the 70s. My dad managed The Castaways across from the Sands on the strip. Both are gone. Last time I was in LAS was 15 yrs ago. Wow it's really changed since.

  4. Just for fun – imagine this video being shown when this guy shows up at the pearly gates – "This is your Life"

  5. Just spent six days out in Vegas. Landed, got my hotel, a local liquor store off the strip. 24 pack and 2 gallons of whiskey definitely made it way cheaper to drink out there. The two eight balls of coke were just icing on the cake.

  6. I live in Vegas so not sure why I'm watching this but great job. XD

    1. Don't come in the summer should be the first one. I fail to understand why anyone would vacation here in the summer in 104 degree weather in the first place. lol
    2. I 've lived here all my life and I never go to the Strip. There are plenty of interesting places to visit outside the Strip, including community theatres that play great shows for a cheap price (Las Vegas Little Theatre is one, and I work at Signature Productions at the Summerlin Library. We do Broadway styled musicals. Tickets are cheap and the shows are great.)
    3. Downtown Las Vegas has incredible antique stores and art galleries. Also look for the arts district.
    4. It gets very cold in winter, contrary to popular belief! Coldest month is December.

  7. What is the price per night in the hotel for the person who does not want to gamble and is allowed to stay more than 4 nights ??? .. Please reply to the need

  8. I remembered the time when resort fee used to be $25.00 only and I was ok with that, but now its $45.00 on most of the nice hotels, I think is ridiculous, I mean yes you wanna stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel rather than a travelodge but I still think is very pricey specialty because it's a "per night stay fee!"

  9. Thanks for making these videos! You have laid out the info so clearly, it helps so much for a first time visitor!

  10. We walked from Pawn Stars to Freemont Street in hot weather never again. We go to time shares every time were in Las Vegas we tell them up front were not buying anything, Then after all there bullshit talking they get pissed off when we don't buy 1 !

  11. We have been to Vegas numerous times I agree with most of your video besides a few. Some mistakes are what makes me go over and over

  12. I disagree. Busses are affordable, airconditioned, and you can see the Strip without torturing your calves. Plus, you can "hop on, hop off" whenever you wish.

  13. Subbed. Going my first time very soon. Thank You! I am booking the Gordon Ramsey Resturant in 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Thanks for the tip!!!💗💗💗

  14. Las Vegas has over 150,000 slot machines. Learn how to earn! Read the INFO and HELP screens, learn about the bonuses and such terms as progressive and buy-a-pay, multi line and full coin. Knowledge is power; you may not make more money but you will definitely have more fun.

  15. The true meaning of the slogan: "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas." Is actually referring to the money left behind and nothing more. You lose, they build more casinos and hotels 'in Vegas'.

  16. We go twice a year we drink to much we eat to much gamble and lose to much walk almost every where and love every minute of it

  17. I didn't bring enough cash because I usually use credit card for all my purchases. I forgot casinos don't take credit cards and ATMs there charge a big fee for withdrawing cash.

  18. unless you are disable walking the Vegas strip is never a problem 12 miles a day is good for the human body even in the day during sunshine. You have many places you can stop and take a break if you have to remember it's only 6 miles each way at the most depending on your starting point and if you are staying at a place in the middle you can do one side a day. I would gladly walk and take in everything, in fact, doing that to me is a good reason to go to Las Vegas to start with it's a good part of people watching.

  19. This seems like common sense to me for sin, booze, gambling city of American of dreams lol. Great advice to those who have strong principles and priorities. I'll back you on truth.

  20. A few years ago we did the walk to the Rio bit. Realized it was a huge mistake about halfway across the bridge. Everything looks so close but came to discover the buildings are huge. That is when and where we started using Uber.

  21. Excellent information! I really like your channel a lot. My husband and I are visiting Las Vegas next December and all you are showing here is useful

  22. Just got back from 2nd trip to Vegas. Using Lyft was the biggest money saver on my last trip. Use whatever app that you can get discounts on! Another money saver is that don’t buy drinks at the bars while in casinos, play some games and use the cocktail waitress to slice that expense right up

  23. Eating half my weight in bacon at the Luxor buffet……..shit myself half an hour later out the front of the Bellagio fountain!

  24. Beautiful place very good city and beautiful lights colourfull is very beautiful there thank you for sharing your beautiful video

  25. I always buy a case of waters and keep them in the room. 5 bucks to buy 6 gallons of water literally saves me about 100 bucks by not buying water on the strip throughout my stay.

  26. NOT 118 DEGREES. I live here.
    105 adverage. 113 maybe some days. Nice town. Do Red Rocks Canyon or Lake Las Vegas/ Lake Mead. Beautiful 😍

  27. I've spent in excess of 100 nights in Vegas. Thank God I started years ago. I got a taste of a Las Vegas that simply doesn't exist anymore. One thing I wanted to say, BE CAREFUL. You can exit a casino on the back of the property (opposite of the strip) walk 100 feet and be in "no man's land. Crowbar to the head, shank between the ribs. Anyone that attempts to walk from the Strip to "downtown" damned sure better have a swat team with them.The gangs own that turf and they love to see that older couple from Kansas walking by. Done right, an incredible experience.

  28. I'm sorry, but half the reason I vacation is to drink and eat too much, so you can piss off with that first one. Free drinks in the casinos is a BONUS

  29. They've changed taxis, now it's a flat rate to the airport, so if they do take the tunnel it's the same as going the fast route, but you have to tell them you want the flat rate.

  30. Haha I think I commented on your other video but yes.. We went to Vegas on a whim.. Toronto to Los Angeles for two weeks and we decided on a 3 day road trip to Vegas on a whim. Only room we could get upon driving in at 2am was the Travelodge Las Vegas.. Yeesh… Slept and showered with spiders watching me from every corner of the room!

  31. It sucks that the only time I go to Vegas is during a gaming convention so the rooms me and my friends get are really expensive because we want to stay close to the Mandalay Convention Center.
    But next year we’re thinking of staying off the strip and just go with the paid parking.

  32. Lol I stayed at circus circus on st. Patrics day they upgraded my room for free before I even had to ask, they dont require a deposit, I had zero issues and my daughter had an amazing time

  33. Actually, I found that Fremont is A LOT sketchier as oppose to staying on the trip. I feel a lot safer on the strip. It’s like a panhandlers paradise there.

  34. If you want to go to Las Vegas on the cheap and not have to deal with any crowds, the absolute best time to go is the weekend before Thanksgiving leading right up to Thanksgiving day (you don't want to stay past the day after Thanksgiving because it becomes a zoo). Also, the whole month of December right up until Christmas. Kids are finishing up school and everybody's preparing for the holiday… Nobody's thinking about Las Vegas.

  35. I love the walk to the Rio. The ramp on the pedestrian overpass is a great place to smoke weed and enjoy the view of the Strip. Nothing like hooker tips from the straightest guy ever! 🤣

  36. Always keep an eye on your pockets/bags if you're watching the Bellagio fountains. Everyone's watching the show, most people are filming on their phones and it's a pickpocket's paradise.

  37. Take monorail to the Sahara and it's about a 10 min walk to stratosphere. Can cut through the casino to avoid walking outside the entire way.

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