Conklin Glider Ballpoint Pen

This is the Conklin Gllider ballpoint
pen. It comes in a nice large faux leather blue box with the Conklin logo embossed in
gold on top. The top of the box has a hinge top to it with the company logo once again in gold
on the under side of the lid. And a nice of satin bed for the pen. Included with the pen is the information
instructions on changing the refill for the ball point
pen and of course we have the Conklin Glider ballpoint pen. This is the
black version a the pen. This is a black resin
barrel and cap it has a chasing pattern etched in a wave pattern around the barrel in the cap the pen with chrome accents. Now on the top the cap we have the Conklin logo, established 1898 and a chrome clip. Once again the Conklin logo is a nice embossed or raised, or actually it is lowered into the clip. Then running around the ring on the middle section on the barrel is a nice wide chrome clip or chrome band with Conklin USA and a crescent moon. Then on the
front side is actually Glider. Then we have a and nice chrome tip to the pen. To
extend the refill the Conklin Glider ballpoint pen it is a simple twist action. To extend the refill twist clockwise
direction. Twist in the opposite direction to retract the refill. Continue to twist in a counter-clockwise direction. The top of the the pen comes off. The cap comes off and you can replace the refill. This is a nice looking pen. it’s a good
sized pen. It writes really well. Conklin makes some writing instruments. The Conklin Glider is a sharp-looking ballpoint pen. Get your
Conklin Glider ballpoint pen at!

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