Cool Areas to Visit in London (That You’ve Never Heard Of) PART 2

(upbeat music) – If you want to experience London beyond the typical tourist attractions, I’m gonna show you three areas
that you should check out. By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess, and I make videos for people
who are coming to visit London. Richmond is located in zone 4, all the way at the end
of the district line, and it doesn’t really feel like it would be part of the
hustle and bustle of London ’cause it has more of a
quaint English-village feel. The most famous part of
the area is Richmond Park, which is huge. It is three times the size
of Central Park in New York. There are a lot of activities you can do around Richmond Park,
but my favorite thing that is the most
impressive, in my opinion, is the amount of deer that are around, so if you spot any, go have a look. Just don’t get too close. Back in the main part of Richmond, the highlight of the
area is the River Thames. You will always see the locals enjoying it whether by foot, on a boat, or at the pub. Bermondsey is really close
to some major attractions like the Shard and London Bridge, but it has a quaint, neighborhoody feel due to a major renovation
that happened in the ’80s. Now you’ll be able to
find lots of great pubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as the highly-recommended
Maltby Street Market. There are two main streets I’d recommend starting your exploring on. The first is Bermondsey Street, where you’ll find the
Fashion and Textile Museum, and the second is Druid Street, which is by Maltby Street Market, as well as a bunch of
microbreweries and gin distilleries, all located under railway arches. And if St. John Bakery is
open while you’re in the area, drop by the donut. It is a London institution. Head south and visit Peckham. You’ll find lots of independently-run food and drink spots here, plus the area is probably
most famous for Frank’s Cafe, which is a summertime bar, located at the top of
a multistory car park. Also worth a visit is Peckham Levels, a workshop and community space located in a formerly derelict car park. This video is part two of a series about areas you should visit that you probably never heard of before. So to watch part one,
click the box down below. (bleep) The dogs can be in it. The people can’t though. (beep) Oh. (beep) – [Cameraman] Sent to the offing. (beep)

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  1. Thanks perfect timing!
    Great weather we're having …. huh?
    Some other "out of the way places" to explore would be great

  2. Hey Jess, today marks the end of my first week in London! I have decided to move here after a few tragedies hit last year. It has always been my dream city. Already a week here and I feel quite at home. Your channel has been quite instrumental to my preparation and adjustment and I just wanted to say thank you! Thanks to your tips and guides I have felt like a local instantly and have been able to avoid a few snafus which has been a lifesaver this anxious body. Look forward to more to add to my to see and do lists. Bless you and thank you! Have a wonderful Christmas and new year’s!

  3. Hello, Jess .
    First of all thank you for all the videos .
    Second would you send advices on taking two kids to London .
    I already took them to most of the museums and castles within and around London .
    Thank you and have a wonderful one .

  4. If anyone get the chance to visit Richmond Park go to the Isabella Plantation too. It's a 250 year old enclosed section inside the park with the most amazing display of Rhododendrons that bloom in May. There's also a free bus service inside Richmond Park (Wednesday's only) run by the Royal Parks to help you get around.

  5. I visited London over Christmas and loved it! I can't wait to visit again but my question is what is the least busy time of year to visit? I had no problems with the tube it wasn't busy at all and once we learned how to use it was the best way for us to get around. I would love to visit again but try it a different time of the year to see different things but not when it is too busy. We're just not sure when it isn't as busy as it most likely is in the summer.

  6. Yes, near Richmond Green there's the ruins of Richmond Palace where Queen Elizabeth 1st had died. And Richmond Park where Henry VIII used to go hunting. And you can go to Pembroke Lodge which is in Richmond Park and you can go to Henry by the mount see famous view of St Paul's Cathedral. The list goes on.

  7. RICHMOND ! Yeeeaaah… (I grew up there) Any Summer Sunday afternoon you can sit outside a pub on the green and watch the local pub cricket teams compete. Quintessentially English Sunday afternoon in the nicest part of London. (Mine's a pint). Cheers. If you're American don't order a Guinness – instead go for a pint of bitter. It's NOT warm but neither is it freezing cold like lager or Pilsner. It's English and it's come all the way down from medieval British ale – enjoy – but go easy – it's much stronger than what you're used to in the USA (and it comes in pints)…
    Sit in one of the loveliest places in the word, get mildly drunk and be utterly confused by cricket. How could you have a better summer afternoon ?

  8. How far is Kews Garden from the Richmond area? Are there any markets or interesting neighborhoods within walking distance of Kews? Thank you!

  9. Why do you Americans always call tower bridge London bridge you said London bridge when a shot of tower bridge was shown

  10. Grew up within the Borough of Richmond(Teddington to be precise) and it was a very cool corner of Londndon to grow up in, central London was easy to get to(when neccersary), wasn't too noisy, good selection of food and pubs, good cycle track round Richmond Park…:)

  11. Know Druid Street well I used to drink in Tooley Street. Also used to run around Richmond Park. Up around White Lodge. Just have to be wary of runaway dogs "Fenton, Fenton, Fenton, Fentonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" For those with slightly longer memories than an average YT vid.

  12. Forget the tourist traps,to see real London visit Whitechapel brick lane buzzing weekends, Camden town & borough market at London bridge also if you want great food & produce

  13. Huh. I went to bartender school with EBS in Bermondsey. lol
    Never had the time to check the area out tho…or eat…or sleep… Yeah… Being a bartender, or learning how to be one is ALOT of work. lol

  14. Do you have any videos/advice for getting a SIM card while you’re in London? I’m traveling there at the end of April to see a close friend and I’ll be there 11 days. I heard you can buy a SIM card to put in your iPhone. I would rather do that just in case we accidentally get separated in London.

  15. Used to work in Richmond, a seriously wealthy area and favourite area for British actors and musicians. Jagger has his mansion up Richmond Hill and you often end spotting someone famous near the railway station.

  16. Hi Jess.  We (GF and I) are excited for our upcoming trip to London in a few weeks and we are very grateful for all your helpful videos and advice.  We are also a it worried as to how Brexit may effect things.  Do you have any advice for visitors during Brexit?  Should we just carry on as though things are normal?

  17. Around 20 years ago I used to sell Cuban cigars in Richmond. I find this part of London very posh, but rather boring. I prefer Chiswick, where you will lovely tree-lined streets with lots of cafes and independent shops.

  18. Is Mile End considered safe? I’m thinking about applying to Queen Mary University but I’ve read the area isn’t too nice and can even be dangerous

  19. I dunno why I’m watching these videos as I live here, but it’s cool seeing someone recommend some of the less visited areas of London!! Keep it up 🙂

  20. One great new addition to Bermondsey for 2019 is FLEA LONDON @ VINEGAR YARD SE1 3QU. It has 3 bars with indy street food trucks and lots of seating. On Saturday and Sunday's there is also a Vintage and Flea Market. Its right next to London Bridge Station on St Thomas Street and 1 min to Bermondsey Street.

  21. Richmond Park, somewhat bizarrely is home to wild parrots. You can hear them sqwarking in the trees.

    They are ring necked Parakeets.

    There is a river side pub in Richmond – but the Thames is tidal at Richmond so sometimes the pub garden is flooded when the tide is in.

    For nature lovers the London wetland centre is Barnes

  22. I live in Bermondsey- I used to live on Maltby Street in fact, now I live just off Bermondsey Street/London Bridge- thanks for recommending my part of town- Peckham by day is a very Afro- Caribbean area (although inrerestingly at the top end of the High Street there is a large Irish pub and and Irish butchers has also sprung up more recently lower down the High Street)- but by night the demographic is a lot of white club/pub goers, I've noticed.

  23. HI, Jess, I love your Videos I have lived and worked in London for nearly 40 years and I have to say that I think our take in the city is spot on (not sure about the comments on the rain) A couple of areas that you haven't mentioned that I think are worth a look 1 Greenwich 2 Hampstead especially the heath. and one more that is not quite an area is the Kensington Roof Garden which is free if you don't use the restaurant and I find it quite unbelievable that it is 10 stories above the city you need to see it too believe it All the best keep up the good work

  24. Leather Lane & Brick Lane, are where many of us locals go to sample the street food. Neither lanes are bombarded with tourists but the street food is delicious, & the atmosphere is pretty authentic…

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