Dapoli Murud Beach | Green Tourism | Episode 02

Found this abandoned home in front of this temple not sure whether it’s home or not. something is written “Grampachayat Asud Home no. 416” somebody must have stayed over here but today it is in a very bad and horrible state I couldn’t even imagine how it would look during night I’ll show you the inner part This is what abandoned place is now during day it is looking very fine, nothing is horrible but I’m sure nobody can stay over here during night I’m gonna enter this abandoned home to see how exactly it looks this is really terrible couldn’t really stay for a second it would be better if I walk away soon it’s 2 pm and we’re waiting at Asudbug Bus Stop we are actually planning to go to Anjarla and then Murud but due to less frequency of buses I don’t really think so we can visit both the places so, let’s see. We’ll move ahead with whichever bus we’ll get If we get Anjarla bus then will go to Anjarla, if get Murud then will go to Murud it’s 5 pm and we’re leaving from Murud beach we were supposed to see many other places in Dapoli but due to short period we managed to see only two places which are Keshawraj & Murud Beach we wanted to visit Harnai, Suvarnadurga, Fattegad and Kadyavarcha Ganpati but time was too short that is why we couldn’t manage to visit and we had only one day so, let’s see if I ever come again to Dapoli, I’ll surely try to cover this places I’m walking towards the main road to catch the bus for Dapoli basically here, buses are available as per the time table only frequency is not really 15 min or 30 min sometimes you may have to wait for an hour also so, before sunset we’ll have to catch the bus anyhow we’ll have to reach Dapoli before 7 pm so, whichever bus will get, will catch it and reach the Dapoli

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