100 Replies to “Dark Souls 3 : How to become a Helicopter”

  1. Love the progression here. Step 1: Do everything up to Abyss Watchers in one go without getting tired.
    Step 2: Beat arguably the hardest boss in the game at SL20 you fucking casual.
    Step 3: Lol now you have the heblipcopter sword man gud job

  2. So basically this was
    Us: “Is it possible?”
    Ymfah: “Yes”
    Us: “Is it practical?”
    Ymfah: “fuuuuuuck no”

  3. 1. Начинаешь угнетать всех и вся
    2. Отращиваешь усы
    3. ?????
    4. PROFIT

  4. Oh, I get it. Stossgebet is hurried prayer, and you have to pray to go Homeward to to get those wonderful Helicopter RPM

  5. Not sure how but I found a bug to where my character just does this but instead of it being like yours it stops for stamina and then keeps going? Maybe my controller is broken but this looks wierd af

    Edit: Nope this is a bug. I just unplugged my controller and it's still going. I don't know what to do.

  6. Better Strat
    Step 1: get broken straight sword
    Step 2: kill dancer
    Step 3: buy dancerblades
    Step 4: 99 endurance
    Step 5: profit

  7. Я вот уже не у первого англоязычного автора вижу ролики, у которых и название, и описание переведено на русский. И вот возникает вопрос, это ютуб так старается, зрители стараются или чё?

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