David Duchovny in Romania for Every Third Thought Tour

Actors creetur Darcy musician David Duchovny event or now Hudgens and Romania pentru. Kafan is Alberta’s guilty’ unconscious David Duchovny recorded an interview pentru still elaborative a I just started. I’ve always written words written poems So lyrics are kind of close in a way to poetry and I thought well if I can put some chords together and Put some melodies on those chords And I know I could write words on them and I just started doing that and it was just for myself Just sitting in a room just like seeing if I could write a song I ain’t a spectacularly artist or a Butantan Iroquois. Fania dot autograph is Astrid whitson WITSEC ibaka veinte in limba, Ramona Has a very warm very warm very friendly very Very kind of loving in a way and I would have never thought that before, you know, not that I’d not that I had a negative image, but just I I’m really moved. I moved by it. I don’t know much about Romania, but I feel I feel yes certainly I have a link to Eastern Europe. I mean as strong and my grandmother was from Warsaw, so My father’s family is from Eastern Europe from the Ukraine and from Poland So I don’t I don’t see how I could have a stronger link organs Ettore concerto respond David Duchovny novel solitary extravagant a Otaru toka Marilyn sttr. Llamas legume a fructose chip esten – allow the content multi Roman law desk operates allow Indrajit enroll urgent or EFB ID in cereal dosa relics deposit an intregal Oh, maybe no me no tsuita. No Sh III the universal kind of a theme of Questioning, you know wondering if there’s more out there and I think that that translated on a global scale rather than just You know shows that our American people commit crimes. I believe groups of people commit crimes I think we’re watching one happened in the American government right now Slow-moving duper successful windows are lax David Duchovny our host for the appreciate chip n true Raul discrete or Carrera. Watch a Complicated Familia Sadako family in Syria. Loool Californication went rumble roller a Faust recompense at global doubt

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