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David Farrier used to be famous for interviewing Colin Craig in a sauna. Now he’s a big star with a show on Netflix called Dark Tourist. I decided to do some dark tourism of my own, into Farrier’s past. David Farrier. You’re the host of a new show, Dark Tourist. Yes, yeah it’s on Netflix. What is dark tourism? Dark tourism is this phemonemon where people are attracted to holidaying in places associated with death and disaster, so instead of going to a nice beach, they’ll go to somewhere where something horrible’s happen– –hmmmmmmmm… Yeah so I have a question. Yeah? Yeah. Can you confirm that we have been friends since meeting at AUT university? Yeah absolutely, I mean this interview is a strange thing for me to do because I feel like I know you relatively well, Can you remember what you were doing on November 5, 2011? Yeah a lot happens in life and that’s a long time ago. See I can remember exactly what I was doing on November 5, 2011. I was actually right here. At my wedding reception. Yes. I know where you’re going with this because I didn’t go to your wedding. Do you remember what you were doing that afternoon instead of going to my– No, I do. I’d just gotten a job on the 6pm news. What was the story that you did? I believe it was to interview Paul Henry. Okay, well. Shall we watch that story? Should we see whether that was was worth it? Should we watch that together? Ah, it’s not that. I mean that’s what I came to talk to you about, is… ‘Paul Henry knows what it’s like at the centre of a racism controversy, as David Farrier exclusively reports.’ How much are you getting paid for this? It’s funny you should ask the question in that way, because that is exactly how I would ask that question. Watching that, do you feel pretty proud of your work? Yeah. I mean I don’t think it’s that– I don’t think that it’s that much of a big deal. If you’re gonna start stacking things up, you have wronged me in multiple ways over the years. Oh, just reminding you that I’m asking the questions. Okay well, go. Do a question. Is it about the show? That I made. With Netflix. Ah, yup. Why are you like this? What do you mean? Like this. What do you mean? Asking you questions about your show? No… Dark Tourist? No you’re getting stuck– –out on Netflix!? Stuck in about something that happened a very long time ago where I missed about five minutes of your wedding reception. And you’re kinda making out you’re like this leftie, liberal, oh woe is me kind of oh, you didn’t come to my wedding… you know? I know I– –EVERYTHING THAT YOU’RE SAYING IS A MASSIVE DISTORTION, THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF PERSON THAT DOESN’T GO TO THEIR FRIEND’S WEDDING BECAUSE THEY’RE INTERVIEWING PAUL HENRY. PAUL HENRY!!! I mean there’s– –I mean yeah, well, so. Dark Tourist. Out now on Netflix. It turns out David Farrier is comfortable talking about other people’s darkness, but doesn’t like being confronted with his own. I’m glad I didn’t come to your whole bloody wedding to be honest. What? Hayden Donnell, Spinoff TV.

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  1. Ha,ha crack me up the episode in mexico when the cartel took the bag of drugs an asked whos drugs they were an without hesitation david snitched str8away on the tour guide lol who was left dumbfounded along side the others who took part in the tour… why you do that for the tourguide said ha,ha…

  2. I’m not sure if this was a joke or not, but either way it wasn’t funny. And even if it wasn’t a joke, David is a great person and journalist from what I’ve seen.

  3. You are either the world dumbest journalist or you pushing Russia is backwards narrative. After watching the Stan’s episode on Netflix. Each time you say 50 year is rocket and hope these cosmonauts survive. You have no idea what your are talking about. Maybe in terms you would understand it’s like saying iPhone3 is the same as iPhone 8. Same design same shape but they are not the same. More facts and less your feelings or opinion, just my advice.

  4. Sorry David. I am sure you are a lovely guy but you couldn't come across more smug or offendable in your documentaries. Louis Theroux has a different approach you didn't pick up on. Please don't pretend your approach to journalism and presenting wasn't inspired by him because it's ever coincidencal and derivative of it was. I hope your next series of documentaries will be better and you relax a bit more. You seem like a great guy and I really want to see you succeed but you couldn't be more on the defensive with your guest rather than getting to the bones of their agenda. Life is weird. We don't need you telling us that.

  5. I don't understand how a person with such a bad case of resting asshole face ever got on telly.

  6. I loved the humour in this video! I'm halfway through Dark Tourist at the moment, if you watch it start with the last episode first as I did – it's weird as hell. Tickled was also a fantastically creepy doco that David made too, well worth watching. And, ignore the few downers in the comments below!

  7. I get that it's meant to be funny, but it's just not. It's cringy and a bit sad for The Spinoff. Don't try so hard.

  8. Poor David. I love all your work, you are absolutely amazing and incredibly inspiring. Keep up the good work and keep your chin up.

  9. He doesn’t take shit serious when they say you can’t go in somewhere and for him to say oh let’s sneak in like they won’t shoot and kill him

  10. there both pretty indecent people there both being kinda childish, rude and immature to one another its actually kind of fucking frustrating 🤬😡

  11. im not i big fan of the show or the host any way but that doesn't give them the right to act like fucking immature babies 😡🤬😠

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