Destination Bahamas Travel Vlog 7 Salt Lake City, Utah to Show Low, Arizona

How’s it going everybody? Oh my Gosh I am finally leaving on my big trip down to the Deep South by way of… Gosh I am going to Show Low Arizona, hopefully today. I don’t know how much I’m going to enjoy Today’s
flight. I don’t know, 50 mile per hour headwind Is
forecast and we probably got some good turbulence over the mountains because of that. Probably not going to be a super fun first
leg but I’ve got to go! I’ve got some business to do. We’ll see what happens. I’m Cory Robin ride along with me and the Flying Cowboys as we take you flying in the backcountry where there’s no Runway required Alright just trying to show you how legit the wind is. I’m I currently over Utah Lake it’s pretty smooth it’s not too bumpy
I had a couple of big bumps leaving the Salt Lake Valley Look at that big dust storm over there. Jason Sneed lives right in the belly of that thing So yeah it’s legit as all get out. Windy day. Just nuts. So I am indicating about a hundred miles
an hour and it’s not too bad right now over the lake. About a 10mph… 15mph head wind right now Buckle up bros. It’s going to get legit. (Laughing) Oh my gosh I’m excited to be gone It’s been a rough rough week with the passing of my mother-in-law I feel bad because I do have to take this trip. Because I do have some business meetings I need to do. If it was just for fun and just for the YouTube channel I wouldn’t go because leaving my family was tough. It’s eating at me a little bit. It’s eating at me a lotta bit. So that really sucks, but let’s try to make the best of it. Check-in with my wife Quite frequently And have her hug the kids for me It is what it is. Starting to get bumpy as I
get across the lake here Starting to get bumpy again. Just passing over this mountain over here I’m about.. oh wow! Lot of turbulence. 75 miles north of Escalante, Utah Which is my first fuel stop Making my way slowly, Doing about 80mph over the ground still At 11,000 feet Alrighty, we are looking at Fish Lake Look at the wind on the water Holy Tarnations Whoa! uh… yeah It’s real bumpy here so I am sorry for the bumpy footage. But Fish Lake is pretty. I’ll tell you that, that is gorgeous. Whoa, whoa And I’ll give you a view of the other side There’s some cumulous There’s another little lake over there I don’t know if that one is Fish Lake or what that one is called. But, uh beautiful. Fish Lake is gorgeous Yeah I’m still making my way to Escalante I’m about 55 miles
north of Escalante now. (Laughing) That was a big bump Yeehaw I’m going to put this camera down and fly
the airplane Alright sports fans We are above the Wayne Wonderland Airport. You can see the airport down there we’re
coming into Utah’s Red Rock country And that is the very (Guttural noises) it’s very bumpy still That is the very first glimpse Of Utah’s beautiful red rock country Here Right smack-dab in the middle of the state of Utah, right now looks like About another half hour of flight till my first fuel stop and it couldn’t come any sooner It is It is bumpy Bumpy Laughing Well I’m having fun I’m making the best of it I wouldn’t fly if it wasn’t enjoyable
Even though it’s a little turbulent I am still having a great time The winds aren’t as bad
as I thought they would be I thought I would be doing about 70 miles per hour Got the power
pushed up a little bit Just cuz I have the gas to make it there So I’m doing about 90
miles per hour over the ground right now Indicating about 110 So just having a great time Oh my gosh I’m currently over Lake Powell (Radio Chatter) Oh it’s so beautiful What a beautiful flight I’m having The turbulence is calming down (Radio Chatter) And the guys on the radio
ridiculous Anyway sorry I’m so sorry Anyway this is so beautiful The camera does not do
it justice Let me try and go as wide as I can It’s so nice Anyway wish you were here guys I’m enjoying my second leg Today It is amazing absolutely amazing (Music) (Still Music) Yeah it’s a bumpy flight Bumpy cam bumpy! woohoo! Here’s what I got left Oh yeah Oh yeah, I got to tell you I’ve earned it, I’ve earned a break It’s been an awesome day Look at that is so cool check this out Whoop ee doo! It reminds me of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming But I am in
Northeastern Arizona About 85 miles north of Show Low Arizona (Singing?) ♪ Show Low Arizona ♪ Buh♪ low♪ Alright just made it to Show Low Arizona What a friggin bumpy ride From Salt Lake to Show Low today I think it took me right around four and a
half hours which is way better than I thought it was going to be I’m stoked about that
I’m just here chilling for a minute I’m going Ahhh Im going to enjoy a tasty beverage I love my Mountain Dew And look at the cub look at what’s happening here oh my gosh Look at this beautiful thing (Sensual Singing) ♫ Oooo ♫ (So much wind sound) (Sensual whisper) Cinematic close-ups Anyway Yeah I’m going to go ahead and grab myself a quick snack out of the cooler and grab myself a Mountain Dew Dooley should be here any moment I was a little delayed I was actually going to be here a little bit quicker See the storms right there Yeah Legit I had a fly around a pretty big sized, A big
storm Cost me about 30 minutes But I’m here I’m on the ground I’m safe I’m excited I think I might even get my airplane into the hangar tonight Boom I’m so glad that you decided to join me On my trip you getting dizzy? Whoa whoa I’m heading for the Bahamas
oh yeah I’m also going to: New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia (Singing again?) ♬Georgia♬ ♬Georgia♬ Florida! Oh yeah going to all the cool places I’m excited (Music) Alright day one Is just about over I made it over to Dooley’s place in Pinetop, Arizona I’m going to give you the view Oh man beautiful sunset we’re going to be looking at here in a second Ahh! I need to shower after that hot day in turbulence It wasn’t really hot but it was turbulent
As turbulent as a gets We’re going to go find some dinner next
Boom! (Music)

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  1. Are you going through N Texas? This is going to be an awesome series. I'm getting close to doing my 1st solo and by end of summer my first x-country. Would you talk about your flight planning for such a long trip in a small plane? Thanks.

  2. Excellent video mate, that WX had you working hard, good stuff. Looking forward to the rest, cheers.

  3. I am so envious of you Guys, I didn't think that flying could be so much fun. I am glad that you are enabling me to fly along (via) your UTUBE channel. Lake Powell is indeed beautiful.

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