Destination Homes – Add Your Story: Issac & Becca

My name’s Issac, I’m a documentary filmmaker. I grew up in this area. When I was 14 my grandparents moved up here
from Texas and as we were unpacking their moving truck I found a box that was this old
VHS video camera. Once I picked up that camera it was just something
fun. I love creating stories, telling stories. In a few months I started asking my teachers
at school if I could produce short documentary-style videos instead of writing essays. I still wrote a script, you know, I still
met all the requirements. They were up for that and it’s all I’ve ever
done since then. I love doing the research, I love doing photo
research, archival research, you know just getting to know these people, and it was just
a much more intimate experience. So my name is Becca Goeckeritz and I grew
up in Bountiful, Utah. When I was 15 months old, I was hit by a car
and I was paralyzed from the waste down, and so that has really been a part of my growing
up especially with a wheelchair. My parents wanted me to have opportunities
and so when I was 6 years old they put me in violin lessons and I started studying the
violin and I eventually grew to love it and knew that this was something that I wanted
to do. So I became a member of the Orchestra at Temple
Square in 2006 and a year later Issac began to volunteer. On the Stage Crew. And what was your job Issac? I was given the assignment of helping Becca
on and off the stage. And then I’d walk her to her car as well. We’d talk and he would tell me about his filmmaking
and I thought it was just so interesting, just really liked that he had this direction
that he really was passionate about. Becca and I both work from home. She teaches in one room and I’m in the next
room video editing or working on some documentary project and a lot of video editors work in
a dark room, grey walls, black walls and I just I can’t do that. I need a space that gives me inspiration. I need to be able to look out a window, I
need to see the trees changing or the leaves falling, and the house really gives us a place
to be creative, to give us inspiration, and not just the house but the community. We love that the tree-lined streets that encourage
us to go for walks and be outside meet our neighbors. It’s really well thought through. I keep telling Issac, this is my dream house. I don’t ever want to move, like, they are
going to have to like drag, like pry my hands off of it to make me leave.

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