Destination Wax Haul (long video)

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today I'm bringing to you a destination lacks preorder hall she did this pre-order in April and I don't think I have ever ordered a pre-order from destination wax I know I have ordered from her in the past and I have had some really special friends send me some in random act of kindness –is so this pre-order was inspired by a few different youtubers Lee Ann from Southern Comfort which is spelled sou th RT in comfort does a lot of calls from destination wax I believe that's like her number one vendor and she does a lot of reviews so I love watching those and kind of picking out since that sound like they would be something I would like and then also Ramona talked over in her channel at Ramona talk ta ulk also does a lot of destination wax hauls and reviews and talks about a couple of different scents which I will mention as we get to those as well as Danny or Danielle from Danny XO 21 she also does a lot of destination wax and that's where I've heard a lot about it from and a lot of these scents so the owner of destination wax is Rebecca Harris and she has a very kind compassionate awesome person she got right back with me when I you know sent her a message to ask for a question about something so customer service is a plus for sure they sends you this little paper instead of like a card or whatever and it gives you all your information here it tells you like from our most warmers we recommend using zero point seven five ounces of wax or more half of a shot cup or one block even better is to warmers per room and two warmers with wax split between them works better than a large amount of wax in one warmer so she kind of explains that she explains your wax cheer time they recommend two to four weeks here time is recommended some people like a longer cure time for certain sense she also has tips on how to remove wax from your warmers and then she also does soap so she talks about that so this is a really nice back well she here for anybody that needs to know those things and there's her logo so we're gonna get right on into this order this was probably the biggest order I think I've ever placed with a vendor I'm not sure but a really sweet friend of mine gave me a $25 gift code and I don't know she wants me to mention her name so I'm not going to do that and so I went in there and just ordered everything I've really felt that I wanted to try that I've been hearing a lot of talk about so thank you you know who you are and I greatly appreciate it and it really touched my heart so we're gonna get on with what she sent me four samples first one here and she sends in these little bundt cakes is that man which is leather tobacco musk teak wood cedar sandalwood and black pepper and I'm sorry about the Yankee Candle box back there but that is another order that I need to film so I'm just got my little sink cups sitting up there on that to pick them out over a little bit to show you all look how beautiful and I'm not big on leather since I don't know I just I don't like them but this one's not too bad because you get that sandalwood with that teak wood and that tobacco a must and all that blended together it's not too bad the leathers not real dominating it at all heavy so I think I might be able to handle that what I'm gonna melt it of course to see but thank you for that Rebecca for these samples always appreciate samples cuz a lot of times you will melt these and fun scents that you love and want to go back in and order more of which I have found a lot iced lemon biscotti which is rich lemon biscotti with a creamy lemon glaze I love that she puts her sit notes on her wax that way I don't have to label it because you know I'm lazy like that sometimes and I love this one this is one I definitely want to order it put it in the order for sometime you definitely get that lemon and that biscotti oh my gosh is so good it's like a really good lemon bakery it's almost like a women okay this one is so good so that's why I'm saying about the samples you just never know and then this one is like a tester melt I guess cuz it says destination wax the blending room one time experimental blend blue agave sugar so for those of you who have gotten these before because this is the first time I've gotten one do I melt this and like tell her what I think about it is that what these are for so she could get feedback from us because I don't want to not do you know that I want to definitely let her know so this is Blue Agave sugar and this is a beautiful aqua color if this video gets too long I may have to do it in two parts oh this smells wonderful love this very oceanic sweet clean fresh my kind of scent I love this one this guy's really good on one like it smells on cold oh yes that's gonna be beautiful okay so we're gonna get started with what I actually ordered I ordered I think 31 shot cups I believes what I counted and then I ordered one pack of these I think these are called mini cakes in vanilla snowflake creamy vanilla and wormwood sweetened with a dash of coconut and it's a bath and Bodyworks height and I hear a lot of people talking about this one so I wanted to give it a try I've never even smelt the bath and Bodyworks men and I'm not gonna take all these out because this video would be super long so I'll just take one out it's just like a little rosebud and this smells really good you get a lot of that vanilla with that little bit of a sweetening from the coconut and the warm woods is not like real strong and heavy which I'm glad because I'm kind of weird on those kind of scent sometimes so this one's really good I love this one I'm coast knit we'll set these here and I'm gonna start grabbing up here on top of my box the cent cups that I've got first one here is red pair which is juicy ripe red pair richer than Bartlett pear and yellow pear and this one is a pretty pink and this smells divine oh my goodness this smells just like you just cut into a pear oh my goodness I love this and I actually messaged to Susan Fitzpatrick because she loves pear cents and I was like have you tried this this is so good and she said yes she loves it and I asked her if she makes it with love spell because I knew that she when she watched my one video that I had done the weekly wax melts and empties it that I had that one cent shot that was from fat wax that someone sent me that was left spelling pear and so I told her I was like this will be really good with love spell and I think she said that she had already done that so I don't think I have any love spell I'd probably try it but this one smells so good and again she puts the sent notes and the pour date so in two to four weeks from that is what they recommend your time and I've got enough wax that I'm not gonna like dig into it right now anyway he's not made not the samples but okay next we have moon spice cookies sugar cookies coffee and Celtic moon spice this one was inspired because Ramona talk really likes this one and she really talks it up so I was a little bit scared of it because of the spice but she talks like it's really good sauce like I gotta try it and I have to tell you it smells really good on code I do get that a little bit of a spice no but it's not overpowering or heavy I mostly get to coffee with a sweetness I guess from the sugar cookie just like a creamy coffee with just a little bit of that spice note so we will see how that does on warm but on code I'm loving it the next one here is lemon leaves and mint and this is lemon leaves lemon oil lemon verbena and fresh spearmint that's a lot of lemon and this is pretty kind of a mint green is mint maybe you would call this oh this is really good you can get the women really dominant but then you get that little bit that fresh spearmint in the bathroom and it's definitely more like a like I was spearmint like a leaves of spearmint not really like the like coming out like a spearmint gum it's more of a fresh spearmint that's really good so go ahead pick that one up and the next one I have tried this before someone sent it to me I believe in a random act of kindness and it's a lavender Stardust which is lavender pink sugar peppermint and a touch of vanilla and I think that's one of my dog's hairs probably know thought it was it's just something in the label and it's a beautiful it's like a rosy pink and like I said I've tried this and it's so good I love this one for bedtime you get the pepper minutes very dominant but I can still get a little bit of that pink sugar and that creaminess from the vanilla but it is definitely very peppermint dominant so if you're not a big peppermint fan you may not like that one and I definitely won't be mounting that with my husband's hair because he would complain next we have Arctic sea coast which is a crisp ocean scent with fresh green seaweed in a good way and notes of ozone and Cologne kind of an aqua blue color oh this mmm this reminds me of like body carrier we're like a body wash a soap definitely yes definitely get that ocean scent with the with a Cologne you know all that smells really good like that would be something like a man would wear maybe like for a deodorants and or a body wash that smells really good next I did pick up her beach nights and I'm going to be doing what I'm gonna call a wax battle between this Beach nights I have a beach nights from case into belts I think and I have a little bit of Beach nights from British treasures and I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna mount all three of those and let y'all know my my thoughts on those and what when I prefer over the other and all that jazz so keep your eyes out for that video again this is beech nice and it's marshmallows beach fire and ocean breeze not smokey more marshmallow less ocean breeze than beach bonfire is really good you definitely get the marshmallow it's pretty dominant I don't get a ton of beach fire which I'm glad because I'm assuming beach fire would be kind of smoking I'm not big on smokey since this one just smells like a fresh kind of clean marshmallow scent sounds actually really good next I have here pink sari I think is how you say this and this is pink sugar combined with patchouli essential oil and I ordered two of these summer so when I come upon the other one we'll just I'll just show it to you real quick and past along we're not gonna talk about it again but let me tell you a little story about this scent I had this melting in my house one day and had to go to a dark women and I went and the girl that was the nurse was like what what is that smell her you nothing sensing in your home and I was like no I told her I said it's a it's vendor wax I ordered online I told her what it was I told her I got it for him I even had to give her the website because she wanted to go order some of it because she could smell it on me and she loved the smell of it and I love this one too it smells so good definitely on warm it changes and it smells so pretty mmm it's peach sugar and patchouli but it is just a beautiful scent and so I ordered two of those and I don't see the other one at this point so well I'll find it eventually next I ordered several of her lavenders because I needed some more that time melts so this is lavender Provence which is the scent of lavender blossoms this one's kind of cool-looking cuz it's got little speckles on the bottom and this one comes off as a little bit of a herbal type lavender but to me condos herbal medicinal so I may have to mix that one with a little bit of a vanilla or something to kind of tone it down because I'm not huge on herbal type scents the next lavender scent I got was lavender blackberry which is herbal lavender sweet blackberries bay leaf vetiver and cedar so I don't know if I've noticed that this was herbal when I ordered it but maybe because I had the other sense in it is why I was okay with it and really I do not smell that herbal I've endure in this scent I really don't I get the blackberry and the bay leaf the vetiver all that mixed together with this almost gives it a soapy kind of tone to it it smells really beautiful so I think I'm really gonna like that one we'll see what happens on warm there on the wand setting these over here and not out here where you all can see them you know how I know sometimes guys from or not from coast of sicily is the next thing I got lavender and violets mingled with the salty ocean breeze of the Sicilian coast this is another one of those little speckled guys and this just smells really clean and fresh mmm this one smells like it could be a soap as well I really like that one that smells so good how straight it's gonna look my camera always seems to look off on a la lavender pink sugar which is lavender pink sugar and I've had this and it's a beautiful lavender pink sugar combination oh yes it's just so soft creamy sweet so good love this one it's one of my favorite lavender pink sugar blends so I always reorder that when I haven't done it on warm so no it's awesome and this was a kind of inspired for me to get this from Sasha from Sasha isms because she talks up this and I'm probably gonna butcher the night Palo Santo Paulo sento sent all the time and I was like okay I've heard a lot about it so I gotta try it this is warm and mellow Palo Santo wood amber soft Musk the bath and Bodyworks tight and I actually messaged her yesterday and said I am in love because I did smell these ahead of time because I wanted to pop them out of the little scent cup so they'd be easier to get out and this is so sexy love this I'm liking of course I only got one but I mean I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it so and if this one is as good on warm as it is on coat oh my goodness it's just like a sexy man oh my gosh so good I love amber though so that is so good thank you so much for talking that one up Sasha I'm so glad I got blackberry ginger ale which is sweet tart blackberries and crisp refreshing ginger ale pretty lavender color oh you definitely get that refreshing ginger ale that's not so good and you get just a little bit of that black berry mixed in to sweeten it up this smells so good mmm yummy next one here is blueberry basket a basket full of ripe blueberries grapes and plums this is a rich sweet berry scent oh my gosh yes this is beautiful I get the blueberries and the plums slight grapes in but it's not too heavy mmm this smells so good it's so sweet yummy can't wait to mountain but I know I'm gonna cure him I'm gonna rush into it coconut milk fresh coconut milk with a bit of fresh pineapple this one's just white oh yes this smells like this almost smells like a pina colada oh my gosh this smells so good you get the pineapple but it's not real heavy and then you get that with that coconut in there it is so good mmm I love that very fruity tropical the next one here is Cape Cod Coast salty air crashing waves Myrtle leaves fresh cedar wood and marine algae oh gosh I'm not gonna say that it on a pro fume um awkward Esau type I don't know what that means I have no idea no clue aqua color oh this smells like this kind of reminds me of like a suntan lotion kind of Santa or like you just got out of the pool like how you smell Wow definitely yeah you get a lot of that salty air in the crashing waves boom that's not really good very oceanic the next one I have here is lavender black amber amber lavender tonka bean Egyptian must patchouli myrrh and Clary sage my bird is walking back there hearing and I get that oh my gosh I get the the amber right away which I love it gives it like a musky vibe I get the lavender smells a little herbal but mixed with all these together it's almost so good the must the tonka bean I get a little bit of chili oh man that's very manly but very good love that one and huckleberry muffin is also talked a lot about from Ramona talk so I had to get one to least try it and I know it's hard to get a lot of times it's sweet buttery muffins loaded with do you see huckleberries this one is a purple color and this smells so good it smell you get the muffin and scent and it's not just like your your berry scent you definitely get that sweet buttery muffin also oh my gosh and we're on about of a blueberry muffin but different that smells really good I'm gonna have to get more of that if I can get my hands on more of that I definitely want a load of that and the next one here is pistachio and rosewater cake cake with buttercream and scented with rosewater pistachio and elegant non Bakery scent I'm not big on pistachio but I wanted to give this one a try Lee Ann talks about this and a lot also I love the two-tone and it's so I'm assuming this is the rosewater on top maybe and this is the pistachio yes that's the way it smells I get the rose water on top it's a beautiful rose scent it's not heavy and a little bit of buttercream there as well and then on the bottom I get more of the pistachio but it's not it's not a pistachio that I can't can't hate or I can't hate it's not a pistachio that I don't like because I've met I've smelt some stashes and they just come off more of it like a nutty or like an almond d-type scent this one's really good I like that combination the next one is coconut dream and it's coconut flowers and peaches this is kind of a peachy creamy color this is beautiful you get that a little bit of that floral but it's not a heavy headache-inducing strong floral for those of you that don't like those type of florals like myself it's just like a light delicate soft floral and then you get that coconut coming in I don't know that I'm getting any peach maybe just a tiny tiny bit not much at all that's really pretty that's a really pretty soon that would be a good body care or body wash also and then we have cupcakes at Tiffany's which is another wax battle that I'm gonna do between this one and another vendors cupcake at Tiffany's this is chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and toffee bits and I'm not a big chocolate and wax type person but this smells so good oh my gosh it smells heavenly it smells like a chocolate cake and the vanilla buttercream frosting and a little bit of the toffee it smell so realistic to me instead of like a lot of chocolate since they're like artificial not that's why I don't like them that one is really good next is mountain meadow breeze which is green clover spring flowers and fresh mountain air similar to bath and Bodyworks green clover and aloes mmm this one's fresh and clean it's a green color very fresh clean green tight scent it's not Irish spring like that soap Irish spring it's not that it reminds me of a doubt so buffs not before like how they have the different scent smells really good though I like that one too so far I love everything which is a good thing we have lavender pink chiffon which is lavender and pink chiffon two more little speckles on the bottom it's pink ooh this smells really good it's way different than lavender pink sugar it's like lavender and then like a girly perfumey tight scent pink chiffon czar beautiful I don't know if I've done a lot of pink chiffon blends are since but I love that it's really pretty very feminine London rain which is a warm rainy day in a London Park rain citrus florals and would Jo Malone rain and Angelica seem those are the lush lush types like a sky blue hmm I definitely get the rain and a slight floral scent I'm not gonna I may be getting a little citrus but it's not real heavy citrus like what I would consider a citrus and just a very slight wood that's definitely a different unique type blend for me not something I would probably normally purchase but I'm excited to melt it and see how it works out black chamomile chamomile tonka bean a wild Lily and bergamot bath and Bodyworks type it's gray oh this is oh yes another sexy manly scent very masculine I get the tonka bean the bergamot and the chamomile and just a very light floral type scent that's really good love it I have tried black camel and other scent vendors blacks for there's the other pink sorry was the UH one that I bought to in because I had melted it and I loved it lavender mint invigorating herbal mint with a splash of lavender contains essential oils I like a white mint kind of green oh you definitely get a lot of mint with this one and it is an herbal tight mint and it like I don't know it's like you smelling us like it says invigorating I guess that's pretty much what it is oh it's so good I don't really get any lavender I just get mad but I really like this when it smells really good very good it'll be great for bedtime all right I have four left this is a long video guys oh I'm not gonna try put over trying to reach for them this is not good I gotta set a trap on backup things happen when you don't have a way to edit alright that wasn't too bad lavender rosemary which is a sweet blend of lavender sage and rosemary kind of a pale green looks gray on here but it's green definitely get the lavender and the rosemary beautiful blend a little bit of sage her rosemary is very pretty come there lavender Twilight which is sweet lavender lilac tonka bean and you leg and Lang compared to lunch Twilight I believe I have also mounted this one before purple ooh this is very pretty a little bit it says it's sweet lavender but I think the tonka bean and the a leg you length is what's giving a little bit of an early type vibe I'm gonna get any lilac and we have bonsai another one that Sasha talks about strong fresh green Sophie scent great for freshening up a bathroom it's a greenish color of course really you're not gonna pop out on SAP all the mount yesterday so it'd be easy to get out oh this smells really good very refreshing bright Sophie kind of note great for a bathroom that's probably where I melted and last one here plum tart warm baked tart with the jamieric filling of plums that weren't just cinnamon and vanilla the cinnamon kind of scares me in this one it's kind of a very pale lavender but a little bit of a grey tone but this smells so good oh my goodness I do get a slight cinnamon note in this so that kind of scares me because I don't know what's gonna do on warm but it definitely smells like a warm baked tart with a jam you know some Joe jammy like filling and I get the plum that weren't in the sin I don't really get any vanilla oh my gosh that smells so good so I will see about that cinnamon on warm how that comes out and I will let you all know thank you all so much for sticking with me for this long video I try not to do very long videos but I knew this was quite a large order so thank you all so much and I will see you guys in my next video bye bye

11 Replies to “Destination Wax Haul (long video)”

  1. First timer with ur channel….Just Subscribed. Great Job On Your descriptions, and you ran through your box pretty quick…๐Ÿ’ฅ

  2. Destination Wax is my fave vendor! Love the haul, enjoy! I got The same experimental blend and I love it! Loooove Moonspice Cookie! Canโ€™t wait to melt my new scents as well. Enjoy!

  3. Great haul! I just ordered my first DW and I am so looking forward to getting it. I ordered a Coffee Sampler and many scent shots – ordered on June 1st and it has been shipped! Enjoy all your goodies. I've heard only good things about this company. I also ordered Palo Santo which I have learned is a very sacred scent. They even sell the Palo Santo wood chips on Amazon to burn!

  4. Great haul!! You got a nice variety of different scents too. Palo Santo is such a sexy scent!! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your Melts!!

  5. GIRLLL I am so excited for you to melt some of that Palo Santo, and you know you can blend it with so many of the scents you ordered and hauled in the video too. I like Pink Sari believe it or not, but I did have to blend it later on tho when I melted it again. I love her Cape Cod Coast, its so darn good, I love it more than Cactus and Sea Salt for some reason, LOL! I'm so glad she's add Black Amber and Lavender, hers is nice and not as thick as the other ones, but so good. Great haul

  6. My favorite!!! DW never disappoints. I don't need to cure it, it works in my 12 Watts up to my 40Watts, and her blends are just perfect. I was so surprised it threw in my 12 watt warmers (lavender blends) as I haven't found a vendor that can do that. Lavender sugar cookie, orange chiffon cake, cafe brulee, fresh dirt and new mown grass, muget de bois, are some of my favs.

  7. DW is such an amazing vendor. Rebecca's customer service is awesome. Her coffee is really good. My favorites are Moonspice Cookie, Pink Sari, Lavender Twilight, Warung, London Calling, and Lady Grey. So much more but I would be here for hours. You have some good one. Mine got better as marinate for a little while. TFS.

  8. I have Pink Sari melting right now in my bedroom. I love love it. another great one is Warung. I like white sari but pink better. Her red pear is the bomb. another great one is pear salad. red pear mixed with fresh lettuce. bonsai is so nice and fresh but should come with a warning label that a little bit goes a long way lol what an awesome haul. looking forward to your empties.

  9. On me list to try! You and Sasha have me like this ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ trying to hold out I have some money saved

  10. I've never ordered from her either I need to she has some Awesome scents I also have gotten a few shots from her stuff in destash or raok tfs

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