36 Replies to “Did This Pilot Lack the Training to Land at Guantanamo Bay?”

  1. This wouldn’t have happened if that dumb rule about airspace didn’t exist. The immaturity of man to demand that not one wing enter HIS invisible little piece of airspace. Silly really, but the consequences of our petty little political fights cost lives.

  2. Since everyone has been saying the "It's Brighter Here" at the end joke when the clip is something horrible. They stopped doing it 🙁

  3. Given the military was left to rot for 8 years under the Obama administration, it's quite possible that he didn't have enough training.

  4. and…and?!?! What happened after the plane's final approach???
    Big fails, Smithsonian. Not the first time you've posted clickbait.

  5. Read the section about aviation in the book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. Mind blowing in its accuracy and terrifying simultaneously. Although it does say that American co-pilots and engineers are supposed to speak more directly and assertively to the captain, in this example that was clearly not the case. Calmly asking "You think we're gonna make it?" Deferent language and mitigated speech at a time where he must have been screaming inside

  6. Smithsonian channel
    You did a fail you need to read this inmeadely
    You did a video about american international airways flight 808
    Sooooo delete now

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