Doc McStuffins The Glider Brothers – Owen Hicks

Lighter brothers and everything sandwich made of wood Breathe dragons, I was afraid of a little wind Chewie. It was just the blanket What do you say we take the picnic inside on a dock It was too windy outside so the toys and I decided to an Inside picnic. I like it. Sorry mom, we’re practicing for a super glider airshow later. Okay, okay I’ll be in my office. It was windier than a blizzard of butterflies out there. You do know it’s just air, right I’m doc doc McStuffins pleased to meet you. I’m Wilbur. Hey, I know about you too, don’t you do tricks? And Don’t he’s upstairs there’s an upstairs Tower this is Pogo jumper preparing for liftoff Hey Doc, I I thought I heard I was just saying I was oh, okay If the gliders keep going this fast they could crash We’ll work please slow down no one’s gonna get hurt Wilbur are you? All right? I Can’t fly without my propeller doc. You gotta help. We fly as a team not to worry Wilbur I promise I’ll do everything I can to put you back together first Let’s make sure there’s nothing else wrong with you hop up here. Okay? Looks like your rubber band snapped when you hit the wall now, I just need to find a rubber band. How did you Okay catching the rubberband I’d say you’re good to go tower preparing for takeoff Roger that we’re not You said my propeller was fixed. That means you’ve got something for the big book of boo, boo And that’s why you crashed in your propeller broke. You’re right. You are built to go fast Which is some toys are inside toys and some are outside toy. Oh, maybe I just made that up I’m not sure outside toys. Yep, and once you know that there you go There’s lots of space for you to fly around out there Where are my gliders inside, that would be awesome Donny you know so they don’t get hurt. I mean broken. Come on Carlos I’ll have some too t is very through there and we aren’t here where nothing can interrupt our tea time You

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    Doc McStuffins The Glider Brothers – Owen Hicks

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